Antique rare maps of Indonesia


1746 - Isles de la Sonde

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Interesting map of Singapore, the Molucques, Java and Borneo, from Le Rouge's Nouvel Atlas Portatif.


1749 - Les Isles De Sonde. . . 1749

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Attractive map of the Straits of Singapore, Sumatra, Java, Malaca, Borneo and neighboring islands, showing towns, harbours, bays, and other details. The map appeared in De Vaugondy's Atlas Portatif.


1755 - Archipel Des Indes Orientales, qui comprend Les Isles De La Sonde, Moluques et Philippines, tirees des Cartes du Neptune Oriental . . .

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Striking and highly detailed map of the region from Sumatra and Malacca and Southern China to the Philippines, New Guinea and Northern Australia, centered on Borneo. Includes a large inset of the Marianas. Wonderful early detail, derived from the...


1764 - Carte Particuliere Des Isles Moluques

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Finely engraved map of Moluccas, from Jacques Nicolas Bellin's Le Petit Atlas Maritime Recueti de Cartes et Plans des Quatre Parlies du Monde en Cinq Volumes, first published in Paris in 1764. Jacques Nicolas Bellin Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772)...


1764 - Carte Des Isles De Java, Sumatra, Borneo &.a Les Detroits de la Sonde Malaca et Banca &c.

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Finely engraved map of the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, the Celebes, etc., from Jacques Nicolas Bellin's, Le Petit Atlas Maritime Recueti de Cartes et Plans des Quatre Parlies du Monde en Cinq Volumes, first published in Paris in 1764.


1770 - Carte Des Isles Philippines Celebes et Moluques

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Detailed map of the Philippines and islands to the south, including the Moluques, part of the New Guinea, Gilolo, Timor and parts of Borneo and Java. From a Dutch edition of Bellin's Atlas.


1775 - Nouvelle Carte des Mer entre Comprises Le Detroit de Banca et Po. Timon, avec la partie Orientale du Detroit de Malac

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A rare sea chart, including a map of Singapore and the Straits of Malacca and Banca, which appeared only in the second and enlarged edition of Mannevillette's Le Neptune Oriental. Important early chart of the East Coast of Sumatra, the eastern portion...


1794 - A New Plan of the Straits, Situated to the East of Java and Madura Commonly Called the Straits of Bali and of Pondi and Resondi . .

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Scarce sea chart of the Straits of Bali and part of Madura, with a large inset of the Bay of Ballambouang, showing the narrow channel between the Isand of Bali and East Java. Includes extensive details and soundings. The northeastern part of Borneo is...


1794 - An Accurate Map of the Islands and Channels between China and New Holland

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Highly detailed map of Southeast Asia, covering the region between Formosa and Hainan islands in the North and Australia in the South. Excellent detail in the Philippines and South East Asia. Robert Wilkinson was active in London as a cartographic...


1799 - A New Chart of The Java Sea, within the Isles of Sunda with its Straits and the Adjacent Seas . . . 1799

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Detailed sea chart of the region from the southern part of Borneo, Sumatra and Pulau Bangka to Java, Bali and the islands to the east, published in London by Laurie & Whittle. The chart includes sailing direction, numeous profile views of the...


1801 - A New Map of the East India Isles, From The Latest Authorities . . . 1801

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Large detailed map of Southeast Asia, from John Cary's atlas. Extends from Mergui Archipelago, Straits of Malacca and Sumatra to Papua New Guinea, Pelew Islands, and part of Formosa. Extremely detailed.


1808 - Chart of the East India Islands

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Detailed map of the Philippine Islands and Southeast Asia, published in London in 1805. The map is centered on the China Sea, with a fine detailed presentation of the Philippines. The Straits of Sincapore is noted, as is the Dutch Factory on the...


1812 - Oceanique Occidentale (Southeast Asia & Philippines)

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Decorative map of the region bounded by Taiwan, Pegu and Northern Australia, centered on the Philippines and Borneo. Malte Brun's maps were very up to date and well researched, meaning that this map includes the most recent discoveries in the Pacific.


1813 - East India Isles

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Gorgeous map of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, from John Pinkerton's scarce world atlas. The map extends from Burma, Java and Sumatra to Papua New Guinea, Pelew, the Philippines and Hainan. The map is an absolute masterpiece of fine copperplate...


1821 - China Sea Sheet 1 (Singapore, Siam, Cambodia, Mindanao, Borneo)

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Detailed sea chart of the region extending from Singapore, Gulf of Siam, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mindanao and Borneo, first published by the East India Company in 1821. Extremely detailed chart of the region, with a number of coastal profiles. The present...


1825 - East India Islands

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Scarce and highly detailed map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, published by Lizars. The map extends from Hainan and the Gulf of Tonkin to Pegu and the Bay of Bengal, in the North and showing all of the Philippines, Papual New Guinea, Timor,...