Antique rare maps of Indonesia


1860 - The Indian Archipelago

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Highly detailed map of the Indian Archipelago, from the Philippines to Java to Sumatra and Pegu. 'The Weekly Dispatch' newspaper between the years 1856 and 1862 included in each edition a map of a part of the world. During this period a total of 118...


1692 - Insulae Sonde (Straits of Malacca, Java and Borneo)

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Scarce map of Malaysia, Sumatra, Singapore, Java and Borneo, published by Muller. The maps are based upon a series of miniature maps first published in Paris, by Du Val. Many other interesting features. From one of the rarest and most coveted of all...


1720 - l'Ile de Sumatra . . . [shows Singapore]

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Detailed map of Sumatra, Singapore Straits (Straet van Sincapura), Bintan Island (P. Panjang) and the contiguous coastline of Malaysia. Malacca is named, with some coastal and river details around Kuala Lumpur (P. Perach, R. Perang, Songi Borros)....


1746 - Isles de la Sonde

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Interesting map of Singapore, Malaca, Java and Borneo from Le Rouge's Nouvel Atlas Portatif.


1760 - A Chart of the Seas between the Straits of Banca and Po. Timon: with Eastern Part of the Straits of Malacca

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Extremely rare English sea chart centered on Singapore nd the Straits of Malacca. First state of the William Herbert’s chart of the Malacca-Singapore navigation, the first broadly accurate British sea chart of Asia’s busiest shipping lane,...


1785 - Regni D'Aracan Del Pegu Di Siam Di Camboge E Di Laos . . . 1785

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Striking map of the region from the Gulf of Bengal to Hainan, centered on the Malay Peninsula, Straits of Malacca and most of Sumatra. The map was issued in Zatta's Atlante Novissimo, a monumental 4 volume work and one of the last great decorative...


1794 - Plan of the Port of Rhio on the Island of Bintang in the Straits of Sincapore . . .

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A fine large format 18th-century sea chart of Bintan and Batam Islands, Indonesia, located on the Singapore Straits, published by the firm of Laurie & Whittle. Bintan Island (formerly known as Bintang) and the adjacent island of Batam (Bataam) are...


1806 - A Plan of the Soundings from Pulo Aor to the Southward and outside of the Reef off Point Romania towards the entrance of Sincapour Strait. with the Land adjacent and the relative positions of the Hills, &c. . . . 1818

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Horsburgh & Ross's Chart of Eastern Part of Singapore Strait Rare early sea chart of the Easternmost part of Singapore Strait, showing the area between Singapore, the southwestern tip of Malaysia, Bintan Island and Batam Island, published in...


1862 - Carte Du Detroit De Malacca (Partie Sud) Depuis Les North Sands Jusqu'a Singapour; d'apres M.M. Wm. Rose, Roberts Moresby et C.Y. Ward . . . 1862

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A rare large-format 1860s sea chart of the southern part of the Straits of Malacca, including Singapore Island, published by the French Dépôt de la Marine. This highly detailed sea chart embraces the Straits of Malacca from a point just north of...


1864 - [Singapore & Malaca Strait] Carta Esferica Del Mar de China Comprendido Entre La Isla De Borneo y La Peninsula De Malaca, segun os trabajos mas modernos ingelese y holandeses . . . 1864

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Spanish Sea Chart of the Malacca Strait and Environs -- Singapore Fine Spanish nautical chart, illustrating the Straits of Malacca and northwestern Borneo, published by the Spanish Hydrographical Office in 1864. The map credits the work of modern...


1898 - Malacca Strait with part of the East Coast of the Malay Peninsula

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Detailed sea chart of the Malaya Peninsula and the northeast coast of Sumatra, featuring Singapore and the surrounding area. The chart was published by the British Admiralty first in 1898, and then as a new edition in 1922. This example has been...


1924 - Residentie Riouw en Onderhoorigheden . . . Bewerkt door het Encylopaedisch Bureau 1922

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Jakarta Imprint -- Residency of Riau and Dependencies Rare map of the the Riau Residency of Indonesia, extending north to Singapore, published in Batavia (Jakarta). The map covers the area south of Singapore and the Malacca and Singapore Strait,...


1556 - Sumatra / Taprobana

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Fine Map of Sumatra, the First to be Based on Actual Observations Nice example of Giovanni Battista Ramusio's important early map of Sumatra, from his famed Navigationi et Viaggi. This is the first map focused solely on an Indonesian island to be...


1612 - Moluccae insulae

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Nice example of this early state of Barent Langenes, map of the Moluccas, which first appeared in the 1598 edition of Langenes Caert-Thresoor, published in Middelburg. The present map is one of the earliest obtainable maps of the Moluccas. Langenes's...


1612 - Solor (Sunda Islands)

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Early view of the Island of Solor in the Sunda Islands of Indonesia, from De Bry's Grand Voyages, an illustrated collection of accounts of the Americas which defined the early European picture of the New World. Around 1570, Theodorus de Bry, a...


1622 - Tabula exhibens Papouarum seu Nova Guineae Regiones prout illas Iac. le Maire cum easdem Ao. 1616 legert detexit (with titles repeated in Dutch and French)

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Nice example of this rare chart showing the route of Schoten and Le Maire north of New Guinea and the Moluccas. Willem Cornelisz Schouten (1567-1625) was a navigator for the Dutch East India Company. He was the first to sail the Cape Horn route to the...