Antique rare maps of Indonesia


1818 - (Straits of Sunda and Western Java -- Batavia Roads) To Captain Krusenstern, of the Imperial Russian Navy As A Tribute For His Laudable Exertions to benefit Navigation and Maritime Science, This Chart of the Strait of Sunda Is Inscribed by His Faithful

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Detailed sea chart showing the Straits of Sunda, with a large inset Plan of Batavia Road and the Adjacent Channels and two smaller inset maps. This chart was published in numerous editions. The present map appears to be the earliest; we are aware of...


1819 - (Gaspar and Banca Straits) To The Honble The Court of Directors of the United East India Company This Chart, Intended as an Accompaniment to the Book of Directions for Navigating to, from and in the East Indies Is Inscribed by Their Faithful and obliged

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"IN ALL THESE STRAITS Piratical Proas usually Lurk" An extremely detailed navigational map showing the Strait of Bangka and the surrounding Java Sea. The map includes exhaustive soundings, shoal locations, reference points, and much more. In addition,...


1846 - Carte Particuliere Du Detroit De La Sonde reduite d'apres les travaux hydrographiques executes en 1840 et 1841, par M.M. J.A.G. Rietveld, E.H. Boom et J. Grol . . . . 1846

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Fine early sea chart of the strait between Java and Sumatra, published by the Depot De La Marine in 1846. The chart includes 7 recognition profile views, soundings, sailing directions, and other important details. The routes to Batavia and China...


1848 - Carte De L'Ile De Sumatra Par Le Baron P Melvill De Carnbee. 1848 (includes Singapore and Straits of Malacca)

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Nice example of this rare chart of Sumatra and the Straits of Malacca, based upon the surveys of Baron Melvill, which appeared in the Moniteur des Indes. Pieter, Baron Melvill van Carnbee (1816,-1856, Batavia), was a Dutch naval officer and...


1920 - Map of the Government Railways of the Neth. East Indies.

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Detailed map of the Dutch East Indies, focusing on the Railroad Maps and other transportation routes in and around the islands. The map is ringed by photographs of points of interest in and around the islands, along with a profile view of the island...


1943 - New Guinea

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Anti-Nazi Propaganda Broadside of New Guinea Published in the British Empire Fascinating WWII broadside propaganda map illustrating the Theater of War during the New Guinea, published in India, in order to keep the local populous informed about the...


1956 - Approaches to Djakarta From The Indonesian Goverment Chart of 1951. . . .

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Fine large format map of the approaches to the Harbor of Jakarta, published by the British Admiralty, based on an Indonesian Chart published in 1956. Includes a large inset map of Haven Tandjung Priok.