Antique rare maps of Malaysia


1513 - Tabula Moderna Indiae

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The Earliest Modern Map of India and Southeast Asia A striking example of Waldseemuller's modern map of the Indian Ocean, India, Southeast Asia and contiguous regions, from the 1513 edition of Waldseemuller's Geographia. Waldseemuller's modern map...


1522 - Tabula nova utriusque Indiae

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Nice full color example of the 1541 edition of Fries' map of India and Southeast Asia, focusing on Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean. Fries' map is a reduced size version of Waldeseemuller's 1513 map, the earliest modern map to...


1654 - Partie Meridionale De L'Inde En deux Presqu'Isles l'une deca et l'autre Gange . . .1654

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Nice example of this important early map of India and Southeast Asia from Pierre Du Val, the main rival to Nicolas Sanson among French mapmakers of the 17th century. First published in 1654 and issued separately, then included in Sanson's Atlas Les...


1775 - Carte Reduite du Golfe de Bengale, depuis L'Isle de Ceyland jusqu'au Golfe de Siam avec la partie Septnetrionale du Detroit de Malac

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Fine sea chart from Mannevillette's Le Neptune Oriental, first published in 1775. Important early sea chart showing the coastlines of India, Ceylan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Cambodia and Vietnam. Jean Baptiste Nicolas Denis D'Apres de...


1561 - Il Disegno Della Terza Parte Dell' Asia

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First State of the Most Influential Map of Eastern Asia Published in the Sixteenth Century Rare and highly influential map of India, China, and Southeast Asia by Giacomo Gastaldi, one of the most celebrated Italian cartographers of the sixteenth...


1596 - Exacta & Accurata Delineatio cum Orarum Maritimarum tum etjam locorum terrestrium quae in Regionibus China, Cauchinchina, Camboja sive Champa, Syao, Malacca, Arracan & Pegu . . .

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Linschoten's Important Regional Map of China and Southeast Asia Splendid, ornate, sixteenth-century map of China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, the Straits of Malacca, Borneo, Java, and Beach, engraved by Henricus Van Langren for...


1786 - Zweiter Theil der Karte von Asien, welcher China, Einen Theil der Tartarei, Indien Jenseits des Ganges, die Inseln Sumatra, Iava, Borneo, Moluken, Philippinen, und Iapon enthaelt. . . MDCCLXXXVI

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Detailed map of East Asia, extending from China and Korea to Java, published in Vienna in 1786. The map is centered on the Philippine Islands and provides a nice detailed overview of the region.


1802 - [Greek Map of Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, etc.] Πίναξ γεώγραφικος της Ασιας (Pinax geographikos tis Asias)

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The present map is one sheet of a 4 sheet Greek language map of Asia, published in Vienna by Anthimos Gazi in 1802. The map is one of at least 4 maps created by Gazis in Vienna, as part of an effort to educate the Greek populous. Other maps include 4...


1845 - South Eastern Asia Birmah - China - Japan [and Philippines]

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Interesting regional map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Hong Kong Island is noted, as is Singapore and a separate Malacca. Nice detail in the Philippines.


1542 - Tabula Asiae XI [Southeast Asia]

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Rare early example of Munster's map of the Indian Ocean and contiguous regions, extending from Southeast Asia to the Ganges River and north to the Himalayas. The map is based upon the writings of Ptolemy and does not show a passage to the Pacific....


1667 - A General Mapp of the East Indies Comprehending the Estats or Kingdoms of the Great Mogol, the Kingdoms & Estats of Decan, Golconde, Bisnagar, Malabar & in the Peninsula of India with out the Ganges. & the Kingdoms Isles Pegu, Sian, Malacca, Cochinchina

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Old color example of the first state of Richard Blome's scarce map of India and Southeast Asia, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England. While Speed's atlas was published prior to Blome, Speed's plates were engraved and...


1705 - Les Vrays Indes dits Grands Indes ou Indes Orientales

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Striking map of India and the Malaysian Peninsula, showing excellent detail throughout. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux. Nice wide margins and decorative cartouche.


1706 - de Eilanden Maldives of Voormuur vanIndien met der slever tussen-gelegen Zeen

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Interesting early map of the Maldives, Ceylon and parts of Malaysia and Sumatra, illustrating the travels of Diego Lopez de Sequeira. In the early 18th Century, Vander Aa reproduced a number of rare manuscript and printed accounts of 16th Century...


1721 - Les Indes Orientales sous le Nom de queles est compris L'Empire du Grand Mogol, Les Deux Presqu'Isles Deca et de la Le Gange, Les Maldives, et L'Isle de Ceylan . . . 1721

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Second edition of De Fer's rare map of the region extending from Hong Kong and Macao in the east to the Indus River and Maldives in the west, bearing the imprint of his son-in-law and successor, Guillaume Danet. This fascinating map includes...


1728 - A Chart of the East Indian Ocean from the Islands of Maldivy to Cambodia

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Fine Chart of the Indian Ocean in an Influential Atlas Scarce sea chart of the Straits of Singapore, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, the southern part of India and the Maldives, from the Atlas Maritimus & Commercialis, published in London in 1728....


1744 - An Accurate Map of the East Indies Exhibiting the Course of the European Trade both on the Continent and Islands . . .

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A decorative and highly detailed map, extending from Australia, the Philippines and the Carolines in the east to India, the Maldives and Afghanistan in the west. Includes information regarding the course of the flow of the Ocean in the Indian Ocean...