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Antique rare maps of Other Islands


1885 - Kaart van Midden-Sumatra Gouvernt. Sumatra's Westkust, Zuid Ged. d.R. Sumatra's Oostkust, Afd. Lingga, v.d. Res. Riouwen Onderh. en het Rijk Djambi

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Detailed map of the central part of the Island of Sumatra, Stemfoort's Atlas der Nederlandsche bezittingen in Oost-Indië naar de nieuwste bronnen samengesteld en aan de regering opgedragen. The map extends from Sibolga on the west coast of Sumatra in...


1657 - Les Isles Philippines (and) Islas de Los Ladrones ou Isle Des Larrons

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Highly detailed map of the Philippines on the left side, with a map of the Ladrones on the right side of the map, from Sanson's L'Asie en plusieurs cartes nouvelles, et exactes & en divers traittés de Géographie, et d'Histoire, first published in...


1612 - Moluccae insulae

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Nice example of this early state of Barent Langenes, map of the Moluccas, which first appeared in the 1598 edition of Langenes Caert-Thresoor, published in Middelburg. The present map is one of the earliest obtainable maps of the Moluccas. Langenes's...


1622 - Tabula exhibens Papouarum seu Nova Guineae Regiones prout illas Iac. le Maire cum easdem Ao. 1616 legert detexit (with titles repeated in Dutch and French)

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Nice example of this rare chart showing the route of Schoten and Le Maire north of New Guinea and the Moluccas. Willem Cornelisz Schouten (1567-1625) was a navigator for the Dutch East India Company. He was the first to sail the Cape Horn route to the...


1640 - Moluccae Insulae Celeberrimae

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Finely colored example of Blaeu's important and highly decorative map of the Spice Islands. Wonderful, highly decorative cartouche, which many collectors will recognize as the thematic logo for the Miami International Map Fair. The map features a...


1650 - Insula Borneo et occidentalis pars Celebis cum adjacentibus Insulis

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Nice example of Jansson's chart of Borneo, the earliest large format map to focus on the Island.


1660 - Insularum Moluccarum Nova Descriptio

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Old color example of Jansson's important and highly decorative map of the Spice Islands. The map features a Moluccan couple in the lower right corner in Europeanized native dress. Indicative of the area's commercial importance, Jansson has filled the...


1681 - The Molucca Isles

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The First English Map of the the Moluccas Rare English map of the Moluccas, published by Jonas Moore in London. The map appeared in Moore's A New Geography. Many of the plates in the work were engraved by Herman Moll, who had moved to London in 1678...


1726 - De Talautse Eylanden

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A fascinating map of part of the Moluccas, published by Valentijn. Francois Valentijn was an prominent historian of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) who is best known for Oud en Nieuw Oost Indien, which was published by Joannes van Braam and Gerard...


1798 - [Papua New Guinea, etc.] A New Chart of the Straits to the Westward of New Guinea; Comprehending The Straits of New Guinea, Revenge's or Galewo Straits, Pitt's or Sagewin Straits, Dampier's or Gamen Straits, with Bougainville's Passage . . . Captn. M. Hog

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Rare sea chart of West Papua, New Guinea, Waigeo, Pulau Raja, Pulau Sanjang, Pulau Aju, etc., published by Laurie & Whittle in London, based upon the surveys under the command of Captain Robert Williams aboard the Thames (1796 - 1797) and Captain...


1612 - Reges Hierusalem et Cyrpi . . .

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Decorative family tree showing the geneology, beginning with Eustachius, with the City of Jerusalem in the background.


1612 - Solor (Sunda Islands)

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Early view of the Island of Solor in the Sunda Islands of Indonesia, from De Bry's Grand Voyages, an illustrated collection of accounts of the Americas which defined the early European picture of the New World. Around 1570, Theodorus de Bry, a...


1612 - Macjan (and) Ins:Baetjan (Moluccas)

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Early view of two islands in the Moluccas, from De Bry's Grand Voyages, an illustrated collection of accounts of the Americas which defined the early European picture of the New World. Around 1570, Theodorus de Bry, a Protestant, fled religious...


1745 - A Map of the Discoveries made by Captn. Willm. Dampier in the Roebuck in 1699

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Detailed map of New Guinea as seen by William Dampier, first man to circumnavigate the world three times and first naturalist afloat This is a map of William Dampier's tracts aboard the Roebuck in 1699, included in the re-issue of John Harris'...


1719 - Carte des Indes, de la Chine & des Iles de Sumatra, Java &c. ...

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Names the Sea of Korea A large and very detailed map of East Asia, from India and the Indian Ocean in the west to Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. Place names are extensive on this map, both on land and at sea. French text at the bottom describes...