Southeast Asia

Antique rare maps of Southeast Asia


1690 - [Includes the Isle of Luzon or Manila!] Quantung, e Fokien, Provincie della China . . .

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Fine Map of Coastal China with the Island of Luzon or Manila Fine example of Coronelli's map of the provinces of Guandong, Guangxi Fujian and Jiangxi, including Hainan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Taiwan from Coronelli's rare Corso Geografico...


1697 - Indiae Orientalis et Insularum Adiacentum Antiqua et Nova Descriptio

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Decorative map of Southeast Asia, China, Philippines and India, which was included in Cluverius' Introductionis in Universam Geographiam, tam Veterem quam Novam. Shows an oddly positioned New Guinea ("Pars Nova Guinea") and also China, India, Malacca,...


1705 - Carte Des Indes et de la Chine Dressee sur plusieurs Relations particulieres Rectifees par quelques Observations Par Guillaume De L'Isle de l'Academie Royale des Sciences . . . 1705

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De L’Isle’s Detailed Map of Eastern Asia Updated example this noteworthy map of East Asia and the Indian subcontinent published by France’s foremost eighteenth-century cartographer, Guillaume De L’Isle. The map was foundational; it was...


1720 - Carte Des Indes et de la Chine Dressee sur plusieurs Relations particulieres Rectifees par quelques Observations Par Guillaume De L'Isle de l'Academie Royale des Sciences . . .

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Fine, Detailed Map of Eastern Asia Notable example of this meticulously-drawn map of East Asia and the Indian subcontinent published in Amsterdam. The map is based upon the earlier work of the famed geographer Guillaume De L'Isle. It covers much of...


1752 - Neue Vorstellung von Indien und China zur Erkarung der altesten Reise geschichten

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Rare regional map, extending from Korea and the Philippines to India and the Maldives. The map is apparently quite rare, as we can find no records for the map or its maker.


1759 - [China Sea / Luzon / Hong Kong / Canton / Formosa] Bogt Toncqin

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Manuscript Sea Chart of the Coasts of China, Luzon and Vietnam Drawn by the Chief Mapmaker of the Dutch East India Company in Batavia (Jakarta) Striking and unique survival in the hand of Gerrit de Haan, the chief mapmaker of the Dutch East India...


1770 - East Indies Drawn from the latest and best Authorities, By Thos Kitchin Hydrographer to his Majesty

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Decorative map of China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and India, published in Guthrie's New Geographical Grammar.


1778 - A General Chart of the China Sea, Drawn from the Journals of the European Navigators, particularly from those Collected by Capt. Hayter. Ascertained by Astronomical Observations.

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Stunning Original Hand-Color. Rare English sea chart of the South China Sea, published in London by Robert Sayer for an early edition of his The Oriental pilot, or, A select collection of charts and plans ... for the navigation of the country trade in...


1786 - Zweiter Theil der Karte von Asien, welcher China, Einen Theil der Tartarei, Indien Jenseits des Ganges, die Inseln Sumatra, Iava, Borneo, Moluken, Philippinen, und Iapon enthaelt. . . MDCCLXXXVI

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Detailed map of East Asia, extending from China and Korea to Java, published in Vienna in 1786. The map is centered on the Philippine Islands and provides a nice detailed overview of the region.


1802 - [Greek Map of Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, etc.] Πίναξ γεώγραφικος της Ασιας (Pinax geographikos tis Asias)

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The present map is one sheet of a 4 sheet Greek language map of Asia, published in Vienna by Anthimos Gazi in 1802. The map is one of at least 4 maps created by Gazis in Vienna, as part of an effort to educate the Greek populous. Other maps include 4...


1817 - Tartary

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Detailed large format map of Tartary, extending from China, Japan and the Northeastern Russian Regions of Asia to Hindoostan and Beloochistan. One of the most detailed and interesting large format maps of the early 19th Century. A fine example with...


1823 - China Sea Sheet II . . . 1823 (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, etc)

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First State of Horsburgh's Second and Substantially Improved Chart of the Coast of China, Philippines and Cochinchina etc. Finely executed general chart of the South China Sea from Na Trang to Tonkin, Taiwan and Mindoro, with a number of approach...


1845 - South Eastern Asia Birmah - China - Japan [and Philippines]

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Interesting regional map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Hong Kong Island is noted, as is Singapore and a separate Malacca. Nice detail in the Philippines.


1955 - Political Map of Asiatic Coastal Area (verso maps) Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia (and) New Map of Europe

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Projecting Power in the Nuclear Age Colorful Map of Southeast Asia, the Philippine Islands and China, ringed by images of American military assets. At the top left is an image of a mushroom cloud from the first atomic artillery shell. Other...


1710 - Les Isles Philippines Molucques et de La Sonde [Japan inset]

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Detailed map of part of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, with a large inset of Japan.


1482 - Tabula Decima De Asia

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The First Printed Map Based Upon the Projections of the Ancient Greek Geographer, Marinus of Tyre Nice example of Francesco Berlingheri's map Cyprus, the Holy Land and Middle East, from his Septe Giornate della Geographia di Francesco Berlinghieri...