Southeast Asia

Antique rare maps of Southeast Asia


1819 - Plan of the Channel between Sumatra and Lucepara Island Surveyed by D. Ross Commander in the H.C. Marine. 1818. Drawn by M. Houghton. Engraved by John Bateman

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One of the Earliest Maps Lithographed in India -- From the "Father of the Indian Surveys" Extremely rare chart of the area between Sumatra and Lucepara Island, as surveyed by Captain Daniel Ross, one of the most prolific chart makers of his time....


1822 - Carte de l'ile de Ceylan.

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Rare French map of Ceylon, from the Celebrated Nouvelles Annales des Voyages . Engraved folding map from volume XVI of the Nouvelles Annales des Voyages, an important French serial issued throughout the first half of the 19th century, describing...


1836 - [Map of East India] Карта Остъ-Индіи

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language India, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and Malaysia, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. The key along the bottom of the map notes possessions of the imperial powers, from left to right: England, France, Portugal,...


1841 - [Maldives] Carte Des Iles Maldives Levee en 1835, Par M.M. R. Moresby et. F.T. Powell, Officiers de la Marine de la Compagnie des Indes . . . 1841.

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First French Edition of Moresby's Chart of the Maldives One of the earliest obtainable maps to focus on the Maldive Islands, based upon the surveys conducted by Robert Moresby in 1835. Morseby's surveys of the Maldives were the first modern survey...


1850 - India (with insets of India Ptolemaei and Dachinabades et Taprobane

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Interesting map of India and Southeast Asia, with large insets of the regions in Ancient times. From Spruner's Historisch-Geographischer Atlas Antiquus.


1851 - Islands in the Indian Ocean

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Striking full color example of this marvelous map of the Indian Ocean, including Madagascar, Ceylon and a large inset of Mauritius. Showing vignettes of Point De Gall, Ceylon, Port Louis Mauritius with Inset of Island of Mauritius. Engraved for R....


1856 - Carte du Golfe du Bengale et des Cotes de L'Hindoustan Dressee d'apres les Travaux les plus recents par Robiquet Hydrographe . . . 1855.

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Scarce French sea chart of India and the west coast of Malaysia, etc., published in Paris by Robiquet. Includes large inset maps of: Bombay Amerst Akiab (Sittwe, Myanmar) Includes pencil annotations showing a voyage of the coast of Coromandel...


1857 - Carte Generale Des Indes Orientales Indiquant Les Possessions Anglaises…. 1857

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Detailed regional map of India and Southeast Asia, extending from the Gulf of Kambaye to the Gulf of Tonquin and from Sumatra and Ceylon to Tibet and the Himalayas. Shows towns mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, bays, etc. An excellent mid 19th...


1864 - Map of Hindoostan, Farther India, China and Tibet

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Nice mid-19th century map of India and Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Siam, Burmah, Tonquin, Cochin China, and British Tenasserim. Shows roads, towns, rivers, mountains, etc. Decorative border.


1880 - Carte Des Vicariats Apostoliques de L'Inde e de L'Indo-Chine

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Rare and highly detailed map of Southeast Asia and India, divided into the regions established by the Catholic Missionaries. An extensive key at the bottom of the map identifies the various missions and branches of the Church which were overseeing...


1890 - Burma and Adjacent Countries

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Published in Calcutta Finely executed map of Burma, compiled by Colonel Henry Ravenshaw Thullier and published by the Survey of India Office. One of the most accurate maps of Burma for of the period, derived from a host of contemporary sources...


1873 - Carte D'Une Partie Des Cotes De Chine et de Cochinchine (Golfe du Tonquin et Detroit d'Hainan) Dressee d'Apres les Travaux Francais et Anglais les plus recents . . . 1860 (with extensive Manuscript Additions around Hai Phong)

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Detailed coastal chart of the Southern Coastline of China and the Coast of Vietnam, south to the Da Nang area, published in Paris by the French Depot de la Marine. The chart was apparently used in the 1870s, shortly after French obtained Territorial...


1522 - [Southeast Asia] Tabu. Mo. In. Orig. (First Modern Map of Southeast Asia -- Old Color)

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Old color gold heightened (on verso) example of the rare 1522 edition of the first printed map to focus on the Southeast Asian islands and indeed, the only map to focus on this area in the first half of the 16th Century. Fries map was a significant...


1535 - India Orientalis

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Early Antique Map of Southeast Asia Finely colored example of the first printed map to focus on Southeast Asia and the only map to focus on this area in the first half of the 16th century. Fries' map was a significant milestone in the Mapping of...


1598 - [The Spice Map] Insulae Moluccae celeberrimae sunt ob Maximam aromatum copiam quam totu terrarum orbem mittunt harum praecipue sunt Ternate, Tidoris, Motir Machion et Bachion, his quidam adiungunt Gilolum, Celebiam, Borneonem, Amboinum et Bandam, Ex Insu

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The Spice Map—Rare, Striking Map of Southeast Asia Rare English edition of Petrus Plancius's "Spice Map," first published in 1594, covering the Philippines and Maritime Southeast Asia, including the famed Spice Islands. Plancius based his map on...


1598 - Nova Tabula Insularum Iavae, Sumatrae, Borneonis et Aliarum Mallaccam usquae delineata in insula Iava . . .

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Theodore De Bry's Edition of The Most Important Map of the Straits of Malacca and Vicinity published in the 16th Century Fine example of Willem Lodewijcksz's suppressed map of the region centered on the Straits of Malacca, from Part II of Theodor De...