Antique rare maps of Philippines


1598 - [The Spice Map] Insulae Moluccae celeberrimae sunt ob Maximam aromatum copiam quam totu terrarum orbem mittunt harum praecipue sunt Ternate, Tidoris, Motir Machion et Bachion, his quidam adiungunt Gilolum, Celebiam, Borneonem, Amboinum et Bandam, Ex Insu

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The Spice Map—Rare, Striking Map of Southeast Asia Rare English edition of Petrus Plancius's "Spice Map," first published in 1594, covering the Philippines and Maritime Southeast Asia, including the famed Spice Islands. Plancius based his map on...


1610 - Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae, In quibus Moluccae celeberrime sunt

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Fine Example of Decorative Map of the East Indies from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas This map showcases European knowledge of the East Indies, an area of increasing importance to Europe from the early-sixteenth century onwards. The focus is on the...


1630 - Indiae Orientalis Nova Descriptio

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Important early map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines as well as a landmark map in the mapping of Australia, first published by Jan Jansson in 1630. The detail in the Philippines and Southeast Asia is excellent for the period. The map is perhaps...


1630 - Insulae Indiae Orientalis

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Fine example of Jansson's new map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, which appeared in his Atlas Minor, first issued in 1628. Jansson has revised and significantly improved this regional map, which had been previously issued by Hondius in 1607,...


1682 - A Chart of ye Eastermost part of the East Indies by Iohn Seller

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Extremely rare English map of the East Indies and Australia, oriented with the East at top of the map. The map covers the East Indies from India to Japan in the north and New Guinea and Australia in the south. Australia is named Hollandia Nova and...


1683 - Isole Dell'India cioe le Molucche la Filippine e della Sonda Parte de Paesi di nuova scoperta e l'Isole de Ladri ne Mare del Zud . . .1683

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Scarce first state of this decorative map of Southeast Asia and the North Coast of Australia by Cantelli da Vignola and published in Rome by Rossi. Detailed and highly decorative 17th-century Italian map of northern Australia and the islands of...


1702 - Les Isles Philippines et celles Des Larrons ou de Marianes Les Isles Moluquest et de La Sonde, avec, La Presqu'isle De L'Inde De La Gange ou Orientale . . . 1702

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Striking map of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, showing excellent detail throughout. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux. Nice wide margins and decorative cartouche.


1710 - Insulae Indicae Cum Terris Circumvicinis

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Striking example of Scherer's map of Southeast Asia and the Northern part of Australia. Nova Guinea is still tenatively attached to Nova Hollandia. The coastline shows Van Arnham's Land, Van Der Lin, C. Diemen and C. Van Diemen's Land. A narrow strait...


1725 - [Untitled Map of Southeast Asia & The Philippines]

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Extremely rare map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, based upon the 1596 map of Southeast Asia by de Bry/Commelin/Lodewijckszn. Includes a large inset of Bottoni. Narrow upper left margin, as issued. The map is very rare.


1740 - Nuova et Accurata Carta dell' Isole Filippine, Ladrones, a Moluccos o Isole della Speziarie come anco Celebes &c.

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Scare map of Southeast Asia, from the Second Italian edition of Thomas Salmon's, Modern History: or, the present state of all Nations. . . entitled Lo Stato Presente... published in Venice from 1740-1762. The maps are attributed to Tirion in...


1755 - Archipel Des Indes Orientales, qui comprend Les Isles De La Sonde, Moluques et Philippines, tirees des Cartes du Neptune Oriental . . .

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Striking and highly detailed map of the region from Sumatra and Malacca and Southern China to the Philippines, New Guinea and Northern Australia, centered on Borneo. Includes a large inset of the Marianas. Wonderful early detail, derived from the...


1770 - A Map of the East India Islands, agreeable to the most approved Maps and Charts . . .

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Scarce map of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, published for Millar's New Complete & Universal System of Geography. The map is centered on the Philippines and Brunei, and includes a decorative cartouche.


1770 - Carte Des Isles Philippines Celebes et Moluques

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Detailed map of the Philippines and islands to the south, including the Moluques, part of the New Guinea, Gilolo, Timor and parts of Borneo and Java. From a Dutch edition of Bellin's Atlas.


1788 - [Untitled Map of the Spice Islands--Celebes, Gilolo, etc.] [Published in Manila!]

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Extremely rare map of part of the Spice Islands (Sulawesi and Halmahera), published by Cipriano Bagay in Manila, one of the few maps published in the Philippines in the 18th Century. The map extends from an area called "Allias Buen-Fin" in the north...


1794 - An Accurate Map of the Islands and Channels between China and New Holland

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Highly detailed map of Southeast Asia, covering the region between Formosa and Hainan islands in the North and Australia in the South. Excellent detail in the Philippines and South East Asia. Robert Wilkinson was active in London as a cartographic...


1801 - A New Map of the East India Isles, From The Latest Authorities . . . 1801

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Large detailed map of Southeast Asia, from John Cary's atlas. Extends from Mergui Archipelago, Straits of Malacca and Sumatra to Papua New Guinea, Pelew Islands, and part of Formosa. Extremely detailed.