Antique rare maps of Philippines


1807 - Australien nach den Neuesten Astronomischen Bestimungen und Entdeckungs Reisen . . . 1807

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Fine early map of Oceana and Southeast Asia, published in Vienna by Tranquillo Mollo. Mollo's map includes a marvelous early depiction of Neu Holland vormals Ulimaroa. The coastline of Australia is still incomplete andther is no detail in the...


1808 - Chart of the East India Islands

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Detailed map of the Philippine Islands and Southeast Asia, published in London in 1805. The map is centered on the China Sea, with a fine detailed presentation of the Philippines. The Straits of Sincapore is noted, as is the Dutch Factory on the...


1809 - East India Isles

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Detailed map of SE Asia, centered on Borneo. Extends from the Gulf of Tonquin and the southern tip of Formosa to Papua or New Guinea, Mimor, Java and Sumatra. Excellent detail. Shows towns, rivers, mountains, islands, etc. From Smith's General Atlas....


1812 - Oceanique Occidentale (Southeast Asia & Philippines)

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Decorative map of the region bounded by Taiwan, Pegu and Northern Australia, centered on the Philippines and Borneo. Malte Brun's maps were very up to date and well researched, meaning that this map includes the most recent discoveries in the Pacific.


1813 - East India Isles

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Gorgeous map of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, from John Pinkerton's scarce world atlas. The map extends from Burma, Java and Sumatra to Papua New Guinea, Pelew, the Philippines and Hainan. The map is an absolute masterpiece of fine copperplate...


1821 - China Sea Sheet 1 (Singapore, Siam, Cambodia, Mindanao, Borneo)

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Detailed sea chart of the region extending from Singapore, Gulf of Siam, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mindanao and Borneo, first published by the East India Company in 1821. Extremely detailed chart of the region, with a number of coastal profiles. The present...


1825 - East India Islands

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Scarce and highly detailed map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, published by Lizars. The map extends from Hainan and the Gulf of Tonkin to Pegu and the Bay of Bengal, in the North and showing all of the Philippines, Papual New Guinea, Timor,...


1828 - Hinter Indien nebst den Hinterindischen Inseln entwrfen und Gezeichnet von C.F. Weiland . . . 1828

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Scarce and highly detailed map of Southeast Asia, including southern China, the Philippines, the Malaysian Peninsula and extending south to Java, Timor and the northern tip of Australia. Includes rivers, some early roads, towns, topographical details,...


1832 - Asiatic Archipelago [Early Singapore Inset]

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First State! Nice example of John Arrowsmith's map of the Asiatic Archipelago, including a large inset map of Singapore. Centered on the Philippines and Borneo, the map shows a number of different seasonal passages through the region to Hong Kong and...


1834 - East India Isles

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Nice wash color example of David Burr's map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines Burr's Atlas was perhaps the most elegant American commercially published atlas of its time, utilizing wonderful wash colors and elegant engraving style. Burr studied...


1839 - Carte Des Iles Sumatra, Java et Borneo et Des Mers Environnates . . . 1856 (includes Singapore)

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Scarce French sea chart of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes and environs, published by the Depot General de la Marine. The map extends from the Straits of Malacca in the West to Borneo and south to Sandal Wood (Pulau Sumba), southwest of Java and Bali....


1843 - Carte de la Malaisie

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Fine lithographed map of South East Asia by A Vuillemin. Includes Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Java.


1858 - Asiatic Archipelago [Early Singapore Inset]

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Nice example of John Arrowsmith's map of the Asiatic Archipelago, including a large inset map of Singapore. Centered on the Philippines and Borneo, the map shows a number of different seasonal passages through the region to Hong Kong and Macao. The...


1619 - [Manila - Luzon] Typus Freti Manilensis. Die Straet vande Manilles

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One of the Earliest Obtainable Maps of Manila / Luzon / Northern Philippines Nice example of Joris van Spilbergen's rare regional map / sea chart of Southern Luzon, Mindoro and Samar Islands, published in Amsterdam in 1619. The map provides a...


1657 - Les Isles Philippines (and) Islas de Los Ladrones ou Isle Des Larrons

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Highly detailed map of the Philippines on the left side, with a map of the Ladrones on the right side of the map, from Sanson's L'Asie en plusieurs cartes nouvelles, et exactes & en divers traittés de Géographie, et d'Histoire, first published in...


1676 - Isles Philippines dites autrement de Manilhe

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A Philippine Islands Rarity Detailed map of the Philippines, published in Paris by Du Val. An uncommon map of the Philippines, including parts of China and Borneo, depicting major towns and topographical features. The fictitious island of San Juan...