Antique rare maps of Philippines


1790 - Plan de Manila, su Bahia y Puerto de Cavite; segun su Estado en el Año de 1787

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The Duque de Almodovar's Map of Manila Bay Rare large map of the Bay of Manila, by the Duque de Almodovar, published in Manila. The map is based upon the cartography of Father Pedro Murillo Velarde's Carta Hydrographica y Chorographica de las Islas...


1799 - [Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore]

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Decorative map of the Southern Philippines, Indonesia, southern Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, etc, published by Zatta. The map is bottom left sheet of a 4 sheet map of the region, but was issued as a separate sheet in Zatta's atlas. Antonio Zatta was...


1806 - The Islands of the East Indies with the Channels between India, China & New Holland . . .

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Highly detailed map of Southeast Asia, covering the region between Formosa and Hainan islands in the North and Australia in the South. Excellent detail in the Philippines, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Johor is named, but not Singapore. Robert...


1808 - [Manila] Baie de Manille par M. de Malespina

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A Diplomatic Exchange of Cartographic Information in the Far East Rare map of Manilla Bay, based upon the work of Alessandro Malapina, perhaps earliest example of Malaspina's mapping of Philippines to appear in print. The map is drawn from...


1821 - China Sea Sheet 1 (Singapore, Siam, Cambodia, Mindanao, Borneo)

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First State! Detailed sea chart of the region extending from Singapore, Gulf of Siam, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mindanao and Borneo, first published by the East India Company in 1821. Extremely detailed chart of the region, with a number of coastal...


1828 - (Philippines / Manila Bay) Eastern Passages To China Sheet III

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Rare Early Philippine Sea Chart Detailed sea chart showing most of the Philippines, with a large inset map of Manila Bay, including an extensive set of Explanatory Remarks. The need for more accurate charts was forcibly brought home to James...


1849 - [3 Part Map of the Philippines]: Islas Filipinas Primera Hoja Central [and] Islas Filipinas Segunda Hoja Central [and] Islas Filipinas Posesiones de Oceania. Media Hoja Superior. Media Hoya Inferior

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Good example of Francisco Coello's Islas Filipinas, the most important general map of the Philippines of the 19th-century and the first modern topographical map of the Philippines based on Scientific Surveys. The present map is the most important...


1855 - Colton's East Indies

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Very detailed map of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, with inset map of the Strait of Singapore. Color key shows the Dutch, British, Spanish and Portuguese Possession. A marvelously detailed map. Decorative border. A terrific regional map...


1860 - Sketch of the Dutch Possessions, in the Indian Archipelago

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Nice map of Southeast Asia, centered on Borneo. Extends from Siam, Sumatra and the Malaysian Peninsula to Papua or New Guinea and the Philippines.


1860 - The Indian Archipelago

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Highly detailed map of the Indian Archipelago, from the Philippines to Java to Sumatra and Pegu. 'The Weekly Dispatch' newspaper between the years 1856 and 1862 included in each edition a map of a part of the world. During this period a total of 118...


1866 - Luzon Island -- Manila Bay Surveyed by the Spanish Philippine Hydr. Commission under the direction of Captain Claudio Montero 1861 with Corrections & Additions to 1885

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One of the Largest Obtainable English Language Maps of Manila Bay Highly detailed chart of the Bay of Manila, published by the British Hydrographical Survey. The map is a remarkably detailed work, based upon the Spanish Philippine Hydrographical...


1873 - Reisen In Den Philippinen / Karte Des Sudlichen Theiles Von Luzon Und Benachbarter Inseln . . . 1872

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First edition of this classic book on the Philippines Fedor Jagor was perhaps the most meticulous observer of Philippine life and customs. Jagor was a German ethnologist, naturalist and explorer who traveled throughout Asia in the second half of the...


1878 - [Philippine Islands] East India Archipelago [Eastern Passage to China and Japan] [Chart No. 6] . . . 1878

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Nice example of James Imray's large sea chart of the Philippine Islands, published in London in 1878. The map treats the vast majority of the islands with fine detail, lacking only the northernmost part of Luzon and some of the southernmost islands....


1898 - Map of Manila Harbor Compiled From the Latest Government Surveys

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Scarce map of Manila Harbor, published by Rand McNally in 1898.


1898 - Map of the Operations Against Manila August 13 1898. Compiled and drawn under supervision of Lieut - Col. R.E. Thompson, C.S.O. By J.H. Watkins Sert. Vol. Signal Corps. October, 1898

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Detailed military map of the area between Malate and Pasai, to the south of Manila, published by American Army Signal Corps in October 1898. The map notes the position of various American Troops during the the Naval bombardment of Manila, before the...


1899 - Luzon (with Volcan Mayon vignette)

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Fine map of part of Luzon published under the direction of Jose Algue and the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1899. The map appeared in Atlas de Filipinas: Colleccion de 30 mapas trabajados por delineantes filipinos bajo la direccion del P....