Antique rare maps of Singapore


1864 - [Singapore & Malaca Strait] Carta Esferica Del Mar de China Comprendido Entre La Isla De Borneo y La Peninsula De Malaca, segun os trabajos mas modernos ingelese y holandeses . . . 1864

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Spanish Sea Chart of the Malacca Strait and Environs -- Singapore Fine Spanish nautical chart, illustrating the Straits of Malacca and northwestern Borneo, published by the Spanish Hydrographical Office in 1864. The map credits the work of modern...


1898 - Malacca Strait with part of the East Coast of the Malay Peninsula

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Detailed sea chart of the Malaya Peninsula and the northeast coast of Sumatra, featuring Singapore and the surrounding area. The chart was published by the British Admiralty first in 1898, and then as a new edition in 1922. This example has been...


1920 - Map of Singapore Island Copyrighted by the Methodist Publishing House, Singapore

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Rare variant edition of this scarce map of Singapore, published by the Methodist Publishing House, Singapore. The map would seem to pre-date the appearance of this map as a two sided promotional guide map, with advertising printed around the outside...


1921 - Eastern Portion of Johore Strait (Singapore Old Strait) Uulau Ubin to Sungei Kranji Surveyed By Commander J.A. Edgell O.B.E. R.N. & The Officers of the Surveying Ship Merlin 1921.

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Fine large sea chart centered on the Johor Strait, published in London by the British Admiralty. Drafted from surveys by the H.M.S. Merlin conducted in 1921, the map includes hundreds of soundings and an exceptionally detailed treatment of the...


1924 - Residentie Riouw en Onderhoorigheden . . . Bewerkt door het Encylopaedisch Bureau 1922

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Jakarta Imprint -- Residency of Riau and Dependencies Rare map of the the Riau Residency of Indonesia, extending north to Singapore, published in Batavia (Jakarta). The map covers the area south of Singapore and the Malacca and Singapore Strait,...