Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Antique rare maps of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam


1983 - [Signed Political Satire Artwork] Vietnam ... Vietnam ... Vietnam ...

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Signed Artwork By Famed Political Cartoonist Bob Gorrell Original cartoon artwork on paper by world renowned political cartoonist Bob Gorrell. Original cartoon was drawn for the Richmond News Leader in 1983, showing Uncle Sam being shown various...


1950 - (Hanoi Region) Bản đồ Hành-chính Các Tỉnh Trung-Châu Bac Viet Nam

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Wonderful 12-sheet Vietnamese-language color-lithographed map of the region around Hanoi in northern Vietnam. Bound as separate sheets in the original publisher's portfolio, along with a general map showing how the sheets combine. The twelve sheets...


1478 - Undecima Asiae Tabula (Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, India etc.)

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of Southeast Asia, India, etc. Important early map of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, first published in the 1478 Rome edition of Ptolemy's Geography, Claudii Ptholomei Alexandrini. Cosmographia..., created under the...


1654 - Partie Meridionale De L'Inde En deux Presqu'Isles l'une deca et l'autre Gange . . .1654

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Nice example of this important early map of India and Southeast Asia from Pierre Du Val, the main rival to Nicolas Sanson among French mapmakers of the 17th century. First published in 1654 and issued separately, then included in Sanson's Atlas Les...


1775 - Carte Reduite du Golfe de Bengale, depuis L'Isle de Ceyland jusqu'au Golfe de Siam avec la partie Septnetrionale du Detroit de Malac

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Fine sea chart from Mannevillette's Le Neptune Oriental, first published in 1775. Important early sea chart showing the coastlines of India, Ceylan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Cambodia and Vietnam. Jean Baptiste Nicolas Denis D'Apres de...


1666 - Carte du Voyage de Mr. l'Evesque de Beryte, Vicaire Apostolique au Royaume de la Cochin-chine &c. les annees 1660, 1661, 1662, & c.

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Antique engraved map showing the route of French missionaries to Siam. The map apparently appeared in Bourges's "Relation du voyage de Monseigneur l’évêque de Beryte Vicaire apostolique du royaume de la Cochinchine, Par la Turquie, la Perse, les...


1845 - South Eastern Asia Birmah - China - Japan [and Philippines]

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Interesting regional map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Hong Kong Island is noted, as is Singapore and a separate Malacca. Nice detail in the Philippines.


1482 - Tabula Decima De Asia

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The First Printed Map Based Upon the Projections of the Ancient Greek Geographer, Marinus of Tyre Nice example of Francesco Berlingheri's map Cyprus, the Holy Land and Middle East, from his Septe Giornate della Geographia di Francesco Berlinghieri...


1667 - A General Mapp of the East Indies Comprehending the Estats or Kingdoms of the Great Mogol, the Kingdoms & Estats of Decan, Golconde, Bisnagar, Malabar & in the Peninsula of India with out the Ganges. & the Kingdoms Isles Pegu, Sian, Malacca, Cochinchina

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Old color example of the first state of Richard Blome's scarce map of India and Southeast Asia, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England. While Speed's atlas was published prior to Blome, Speed's plates were engraved and...


1705 - Les Vrays Indes dits Grands Indes ou Indes Orientales

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Striking map of India and the Malaysian Peninsula, showing excellent detail throughout. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux. Nice wide margins and decorative cartouche.


1721 - Les Indes Orientales sous le Nom de queles est compris L'Empire du Grand Mogol, Les Deux Presqu'Isles Deca et de la Le Gange, Les Maldives, et L'Isle de Ceylan . . . 1721

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Second edition of De Fer's rare map of the region extending from Hong Kong and Macao in the east to the Indus River and Maldives in the west, bearing the imprint of his son-in-law and successor, Guillaume Danet. This fascinating map includes...


1740 - India di la del Fiume Ganges overo di Malacca Siam Cambodia Chiampa Kochinkina Laos Pegu Ava &c.

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Scarce map of Southeast Asia and India, extending from the Gulf of Bengal to Canton province, from the Italian edition of Thomas Salmon's , Modern History: or, the present state of all Nations. . . entitled Lo Stato Presente... published in Venice,...


1751 - Les Indes Orientales, ou sont distingues les Empires et Royaumes . . . 1751

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Interesting regional map extending from India, the Ganges and the Maldive Islands to Hai-nan, Cochinchina, the Straits of Malacca and Sumatra, from DeVaugondy's Atlas Universel. Includes islands, towns, mountains, rivers, lakes and a host of other...


1784 - Le Indie Orientali E Il Loro Arcipelago . . . 1784 (shows the Philippines)

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Early edition of Zatta's map of the Philippines, Indian and Southeast Asia. Striking regional map of Southeast Asia, extending from the Philippines and Moluccas to India and the Maldives, and north to Tibet. Decorative scroll title cartouche. This...


1836 - [Map of East India] Карта Остъ-Индіи

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language India, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and Malaysia, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. The key along the bottom of the map notes possessions of the imperial powers, from left to right: England, France, Portugal,...


1857 - Carte Generale Des Indes Orientales Indiquant Les Possessions Anglaises…. 1857

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Detailed regional map of India and Southeast Asia, extending from the Gulf of Kambaye to the Gulf of Tonquin and from Sumatra and Ceylon to Tibet and the Himalayas. Shows towns mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, bays, etc. An excellent mid 19th...