Sri Lanka

Antique rare maps of Sri Lanka


1486 - [Taprobana] Duodecima Asie Tabula

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Sri Lanka, As Known To The Greeks Fine old color example of this remarkable early map of Taprobana (Sri Lanka), from the 1486 Ulm edition of Ptolemy's Geographia. The map is drawn from the work of Nicolas Germanicus, whose manuscript maps were...


1620 - Ins. Ceilan quae incolis Tenarisin dictur

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Finely colored example of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), from an early edition of the Mercator Hondius Atlas. The map is oriented with east at the top and includes elephants, gazelles and other animals, sailing ships, compass roses and 3 cartouches. The map...


1625 - Ceilan insula

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Striking early map of Ceylan with decorative cartouche. From the 1625-26 edition of Purchas His Pilgrims, one of the seminal early 17th Century English Language travel works. On a 13 x 9 inch sheet with English text, front and back.


1640 - Ins. Ceilan quae incolis Tenarisin dictur

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Nice example of Hondius's double-page engraved map of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), from the Mercator Hondius Atlas. The map is oriented with east at the top and includes elephants, gazelles and other animals, sailing ships, compass roses and 3 cartouches. A...


1650 - [Sri Lanka] Insula Zeilan olim Taprobana nunc incolis Tenarisim

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Decorative map of Sri Lanka, published in the later editions of Jansson's atlas. A striking image, with a decorative title cartouche and scale of miles held aloft by mer-cherubs.


1685 - Insula Ceilon et Madura Exactsissime delineata et nuperrime edita per Ioannem de Ram

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Fine Original Color Rare Johannes de Ram map of Ceilon, one of the most decorative large format maps of Ceilon of the period. The island is shown in remarkable detail, along with the contiguous coast of India. Two large allegorical cartouches. The...


1690 - Penisola Dell'Indo Di Qua Del Gange E L'Isola Di Ceilan Nell'Indie Orientali . . .

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Striking example of Coronelli's detailed map of the Indian Peninsula, from Guzarate to the Ganges. Fine large format map, with detailed topographical features. The map shows India below the Tropic of Cancer, with an insets of Ceylon and Trincomalee.


1718 - Insula Ceylon ex delineatione Philippi Baldaei et Hadr. Relandi . . .

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Rare modern map of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), published by Weigel in Nuremberg. The map credits Philips Baelde and Adrian Reland. Philips Baelde or Father Philippus Baldaeus was a Dutch minister. He went to Jaffna during the Dutch period in Ceylon with an...


1724 - Punto de Galle

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Fine early view of Colombo, Sri Lanka, including a number of buildings along the coast and the Indian Ocean teeming with vessels. Francois Valentijn Francois Valentijn was born in 1666 in Dordrecht, Holland, but spent significant time in the tropics,...


1744 - Karte von der Dessawanay Colombo

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Detailed map of the Colombo region of Sri Lanka, from Heydt's Allerneuester Geographisch- und Topographischer Schau-Platz von Africa und Ost-Indie.


1750 - Nieuwe Kaart van t Eiland Ceilon . . .

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Striking example of Issak Tirion's map of Sri Lanka. Excellent and highly detailed map for the period.


1752 - Suite de la Carte de L'Inde en deca du Gange IIe. Feuille . . .

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Interesting regional map of Southern India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). A wonderfully detailed map. Includes a large decorative title cartouche. One of the maps produced by Nichlas Bellin for Prevost d'Exiles influential travel book, L'Histoire Generale...


1792 - Partie De La Nouvelle Grande Carte Des Indes Orientales, Contenant Les Isles Maldives……Par Ian B. Elwe 1792

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Finely detailed regional map depicting Singapore, Ceylon, the Maldive Islands, Sumatra, Southern Malaysia, etc. Remarkably detailed this map is highly decorative as well.


1798 - The Coast of India From Mount Dilly To Pondicherry, Including the Coasts of Malabar, Madura and Part of Coromandel; From the Daughts, Remarks, and Observations. of Lieut. George Lewis, Superintt. and Commander of the Prudence Armed Ordnance Store Ship, i

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A Rare English Sea Chart of Ceylon and Southern India Fine East India Company Sea Chart, covering the southern part of India and the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), published in London by Laurie & Whittle. The chart was published separately and in...


1822 - Carte de l'ile de Ceylan.

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Rare French map of Ceylon, from the Celebrated Nouvelles Annales des Voyages . Engraved folding map from volume XVI of the Nouvelles Annales des Voyages, an important French serial issued throughout the first half of the 19th century, describing...


1863 - (Sri Lanka) Ile De Ceylan Et Ses Environs Levee par M.M. Powell, T.H. Twynam et James Steuart avect Additions & Corrections par W.J.S. Pullen, G.F. McDougall, H.R. Harris et les Officiers Cyclops Paris. 1863.

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A Rare Large Chart of Sri Lanka Scarce large format sea chart of Sri Lanka and the adjacent coast of India with inset maps of the harbors at Colombo and Galle. Detail is confined to the coastlines, and includes soundings, navigational hazards and...