Antique rare maps of Atlases


1662 - [Blaeu Atlas of America] America, Quae Est Geographiae Blavianae Pars Quinta Liber Unus Volumen Undecimum

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A Beautiful, Clean Example in the Publisher's Gilt-Vellum Binding. Johannes Blaeu's atlas of the Americas is an attractive and important atlas that deftly blended contemporary geographical knowledge with rich decorative imagery. Blaeu's maps set the...


1662 - L'Afrique en Plusieurs Cartes Nouvelles, et Exactes; &. En Divers Traictes de Geographie, et D'Histoire.

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A beautiful example of the second edition of Sanson's atlas of Africa, one of the best atlases dedicated to the continent from the 17th century. The first edition of this atlas was published in 1656 as the third volume in Sanson's series of four...


1547 - Isolario Di Benedetto Bordone . . .

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The Most Important Isolario of the First Half of the 16th Century. 6 double-page woodcut maps and 108 smaller woodcut maps in the text. Small Folio. Nineteenth-century "forged" binding, by the famed Louis Hague of Belgium. The whole binding with...


1571 - [Early Montanus World Map in Volume Eight of the Plantin Polyglot Bible]

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"This rare map has a special place in the early cartography of Australia" -- Schilder %5BClick+here+for+an+image+of+the+world+map.%5D Fascinating double-page engraved world map, featuring a large landmass in the approximate place and shape of the...


1574 - (Atlas) Theatrum Orbis Terrarum [with] Addiamentum

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1574 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum with 1584 Addiamentum and Several Extra Maps! Theatrum: [A6], [B4]; 70 double-page engraved maps; [a-h6]. Complete. The name Andreas Donelli appears on the title page of the Theatrum. This is likely a member of the...


1589 - Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae. Das ist: Ein Reisebuch, Uber die gantze heilige Schrifft, in zwey Bücher geteilet... Zuvor gemehret mit einem Büchlein De monetis et mensuris... Insonderheit aber mit einer feinen nützlichen Erklerung des Buchs Josua... Mit

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With Bünting's Clover Leaf World, Pegasus as Asia, Europe as a Queen, and Africa. Small quarto (12.5 x 8 inches). Very attractive contemporary blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards, contemporary metal clasps with images of the Crucifixion (leather...


1598 - Geographische und historische Beschreibung der uberauss grosser Landtschafft America, welche auch West India und ihrer grösse halben die New Welt genennet wirt. Gar artig und nach der Kunst in XX… Mappen oder Landtaffeln verfasset und jetzt newlich in Kup

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A Rare American Atlas, Bound With A Rare Suite of Maps of 13 Europe Geographische und historische Beschreibung der uberauss grosser Landtschafft America, welche auch West India und ihrer grösse halben die New Welt genennet wirt. Gar artig und nach...


1598 - La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino, Tradotta di Greco nell'Idioma Volgare Italiano da Girolamo Russcelli

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1598 Edition of Ptolemy's Geography An excellent example of Rosaccio's improvement on Ruscelli's Ptolemy, adding contemporaneous knowledge and interpretations and extensively reworking the copperplate-engraved maps with decorative sea monsters and...


1598 - Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

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Exceptionally Rare Dutch Edition of the Theatrum Published in Amsterdam by Cornelis Claesz. A superb, full original hand-color, Dutch-language Ortelius atlas published by Cornelis Claesz, Amsterdam's "great motive force behind publications in the...


1600 - Geographisch Handtbuch

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Quad's First Atlas of the Whole World; First Edition with this Title, Early Variant. Small folio (10.75 x 7.75 inches). 20th-century calf antique, spine gilt (very slightly rubbed). Engraved title and 82 double-page engraved maps (3 hand-colored)...


1606 - Theatrum orbis terrarum... The Theatre of the Whole World

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The First and Only English Edition of Ortelius's Magnum Opus. A Fine, Tall Example with Dark Impressions of this Extremely Rare Atlas. The First English-Language Folio Atlas of the World. The 1606 edition of Ortelius's Theatrum is the both the most...


1625 - Mikrokosmos: A Little Description of the Great World [extra illustrated with maps]

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A Well-Titled Travel Guide to the World This is a great example of Heylyn's scarce Mikrokosmos, with added late 17th century maps. The text is fantastic and detailed, detailing not only the geographies of the various places described, but also their...


1639 - Uranometria, omnium asterismorum continens schemata, nova methodo delineata, aeris laminis expressa. [bound with:] Explicatio characterum aeneis uranometrias imaginum, tabulis, insculptorum, addita, & commodiore hac forma tertium redintegrata.

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Second Edition in Early Vellum, Bound With the Extremely Rare Text. First published in Augsburg in 1609, Bayer's Uranometria was one of the great celestial atlases of the 17th century, a veritable golden age for start chart production. This is the...


1655 - (China Atlas) Novus Atlas Sinensis, A Matino Matinio... Seste Deel van de Nieuwe Atlas, oft Toonneel des Aerdrijck, Uytgegeven door Joan Blaeu.

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First Dutch Edition of the First European Atlas of China. 17 engraved maps in original hand-color, and engraved title pages in original hand-color, heightened in gold. [6], 213, [19], xviii, 40 pages of text in Dutch. A Handsome Example of the First...


1668 - A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World.

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Rare Miniature Speed Atlas of the World. A wonderful miniature John Speed atlas of the world, first issued by William Humble, son of George Humble, in 1646. This edition published by Roger Rea in 1668. The elder Humble was the original publisher of...


1680 - Geography Rectified: or, a Description of the World, In all its Kingdoms, Provinces, Countries, Islands, Cities, Towns, Seas, Rivers, Bayes, Capes, Ports; Their Antient and Present Names, Inhabitants, Situations, Histories, Customs, Governments, &c. . .

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Rare First Edition of Morden's Geography Rectified This is an example of the rare first edition of Morden's important pocket world atlas, containing an extensive selection of Morden's maps of the world and its regions. The information Morden provides...