Antique rare maps of Atlases


1683 - L'Europe en Plusierus Cartes Nouvelles et Exactes [bound with] L'Asie en Plusieurs Cartes Nouvelles et Exactes [and] L'Afrique en Plusieurs Cartes Nouvelles et Exactses [and] L'Amerique en Plusieurs Nouvelles et Exactes

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All Maps in Original Outline Hand-Color. A handsome example of the 1683 Dutch pirated edition of Nicholas Sanson's four continental atlases, of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. These are the books with which Nicholas Sanson started his career...


1700 - Description de tout L'Univers en plusieurs cartes, & en divers traitez de Geographie et d'Histoire ... par Mrs Sanson Pere & Fils.

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A beautiful miniature Halma edition of a Sanson gentleman's pocket atlas in exquisite full contemporary Dutch color. The volume includes Sanson's pocket atlas, with Bion's useful work on globes. Although this atlas is always listed under Nicolas...


1705 - Introduction à la géographie en plusieurs cartes avec leur explication.

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Moullart-Sanson's Very Rare Elementary Atlas with Many Maps of the World, Its Hemispheres, Poles, Etc. in Different Projections. Quarto (10 x 7.75 inches). Contemporary calf, spine richly gilt (somewhat rubbed and worn, head of spine chipped, rear...


1724 - Atlas Manualis Scholasticus et Itinerarius Complectens Novae Geographiae Tabulas XXX cum Gratia et Pprivilegio Sacreae Caesareae Maiestatis Excusas a Christophoro Weigelio Sculptore et Cive Norimbergensi

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A good example of German historian David Koehler's popular early 18th-century atlas by Nuremberg mapmaker Christopher Weigel, with maps based on models by Homann, Moll, and Goos. Includes a map of the world and continents and 25 regional maps,...


1729 - Atlas Coelestis

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First Edition of the Most Important Celestial Atlas of the 18th Century, with the Engraved Portrait of Flamsteed. Engraved portrait of Flamsteed, title, dedication to George II, 9 pages of text, 1 page "A LIST of the SUBRIBERS." [sic], and 27 engraved...


1730 - Orbis Antiqui Tabulae Geographicae Secundum Cl. Ptolemaeum, cum Indice Philologico absolutissimo...

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Nice example of the last edition of the Mercator/Ptolemy atlas, with engraved frontispiece, and 28 double-page engraved maps. "All maps, except the world map, have a graticule and the matching letters in the border added. For one map (Europe 7)...


1742 - [Celestial Atlas] Atlas Coelestis | Atlas Novus Coelestis in Quo Mundus Spectabilis, et in Eodem tam Errantium Quam Inerrantium Stellarum Phoenomena Notabilia, Crica Ipsarum Lumen...

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A Superb Example with Rich Original Hand-Coloring. Engraved allegorical additional title by J.C. Reinsperger after J.J. Preisler, title printed in red and black with engraved vignette, letterpress index, 30 double-page engraved plates all of which in...


1752 - A Complete Atlas Or Distinct View of the Known World; Exhibited in Sixty-Eight Maps... In Which The Latitude and Longitude of the Principal Places in different Countries are laid down, according to the Latest Discoveries.

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A wonderful example of this mid-18th century English atlas featuring a wide range of maps by Emanuel Bowen, published by him in London in 1752. Most of the maps feature Bowen's characteristic English Rococo cartouches and careful engraving. Perhaps...


1761 - A new General, and Universal Atlas Containing Forty five Maps By Andrew Dury.

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A little gem of an 18th-century English atlas, being the 1761 edition of Dury's New General and Universal Atlas. Rumsey (3004) says that the map of Canada is double-page in the 1763 edition but not in the 1761. The 1763 having been changed to reflect...


1767 - James Hunter his Book of Draughts of his Lands Surveyed Part Pattented & the Remainder on Warranty Orders -- 1767.

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The Real Estate Journal of An Important Philadelphia Colonial Merchant Fascinating small archive, consisting of: James Hunter's Book of Land Draughts (1767 to 1789), consisting of approximately 60 written entries, most of which are finely executed...


1770 - The Present State of the European Settlements on the Missisippi; with A Geographical Description of that River. Illustrated by Plans and Draughts.

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8 engraved maps (including the three sheets of the "Draught of the River Missisippi"). viii (including title and half-title), 99 pages. (Complete.) Quarto. Half red leather over contemporary boards, rebacked and recornered. An Exceptional Example of...


1771 - [World Atlas]

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A Fine Example of D'Anville's General Atlas A complete set of D'Anville's maps as catalogued in his Cartes Geographique de M. D'Anville, in an original green binding. The atlas consists of 30 maps on 36 folding sheets, bound in a tall original binding...


1777 - (Revolutionary War Atlas) Atlante Dell'America

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First Separate Edition of this Atlas of the Americas, issued on the Advent of the American Revolution. The maps and text in this atlas were first published during the French and Indian War, in Il Gazzettiere Americano, published by M. Coltenllini in...


1779 - [Sea Atlas] Great-Britain's Coasting Pilot: Being a New Exact Survey of the Sea-Coast of England and Scotland From the River of Thames to the Westward and Northward; with the Islands of Scilly, And from Thence to Carlisle; Likewise The Islands of Orkney

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A nice example of probably the most famous chartbook for the British Isles, by Greenville Collins, who was a Royal Navy officer and prominent hydrographer during the 17th century. Collins's Coasting Pilot was the first comprehensive survey of the...


1789 - The English Pilot. Describing the West-India Navigation, from Hudson's Bay to the River Amazones. [Fourth Book]

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"The First Significant Collection of Charts Exclusively of the American Coasts to be Published in England" - Cumming An attractive example of the largest edition of the definitive 18th-century English chartbook of North America. This is a rare late...


1790 - [Sea Atlas -- Coasts of Asia] Supplement au Neptune Oriental.

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From the Library of the Baron Reille. Including Charts of Jeddah, Saigon, and Manilla. A rare collection of charts from the Neptune Oriental, including maps of the Middle East and South East Asia. The volume comprises the following charts: Carte...