Antique rare maps of Atlases


1796 - Carey's General Atlas

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First Edition of the Second World Atlas Published in America. A landmark atlas from the American school of mapmaking. Carey's General Atlas is the second edition of Carey's 1795 General Atlas For Carey's Edition Of Guthrie's Geography, which was the...


1798 - (Vancouver Atlas and Text) A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World; in Which the Coast of North-West America Has Been Carefully Examined and Accurately Surveyed.

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First Edition of Vancouver's Voyage of Discovery with Atlas, Containing Influential Charts of Hawai’i and the Pacific Northwest Fine, complete four-volume set of Vancouver’s A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World...


1803 - Neuer Indemnisations- und Grenz-Atlas von Teutschland : in 12 speciellen illuminirten Blättern, welche die neuen Besitzungen der Chur- und Fürstlichen Häuser und der Reichsstädte, nebst den Entschädigungen nach dem definitiven Reichs-Deputations-Schlusse

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Restructuring Germany Two rare German regional atlases, published by J.C. Lange in Leipzig in 1803 and 1804. The collation of the first work is very difficult. The title calls for 12 maps, but only 11 map sheets are present. All but the first map...


1804 - A New Universal Atlas; Intended as a Companion to the Geography for Children, and other Introductory Works on That Subject.

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Beautiful example of John Cooke's unusual and rare miniature atlas for children, with its complement of circle-framed maps copper-engraved maps. Cooke chose to diverge from almost all other mapmakers of the time in framing all of his maps in circular...


1815 - (Danish North Sea Atlas) Samling af Efterretninger for de Söefarende, henhörende til det voxende Kaart over Nord-Söen, straekkende sig fra 50o - 55' til 58o 5' Norder Brede, indeholdende Beskrivelsen over Kysterne, Fyhrene, og Söemaerkene, samt bankerne,

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A Dane Eyes the East Coast of Britain. First edition of this very rare Danish atlas of the North Sea. Paul de Löwenörn (1751-1826) was a Danish mariner, later Adjutant-General, Captain-Lieutenant, and Director of the Royal Danish Marine Archives,...


1817 - Carey's General Atlas

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Rare Edition in Handsome Original Outline Hand-Color. A beautiful example of this very rare edition of Carey's General Atlas, published in Philadelphia in 1817, one year before the final edition of 1818. This is the 58-map version of the atlas; there...


1818 - Portulano de los Estados Unidos

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José Joaquín de Ferrer y Cafranga's sea atlas, the 'Portulano de los Estados Unidos', published in Madrid in 1818. Nice example of the 1818 edition of José Joaquín de Ferrer y Cafranga's Portulano de los Estados Unidos. Ferrer's sea atlas...


1825 - Atlas of the State of South Carolina, Made Under The Authority of The Legislature; Prepared With A Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of the State . . . .

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The First Atlas of an American State With An Important South Carolina Provenance First edition. Small folio. 29 maps, comprising a map of the state and 28 maps of districts, many folding. The map bears the ownership inscription of John Rutledge Abney...


1827 - A Complete, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas. . . 1827

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An indispensable American atlas, representing the beginning of the hand-colored commercial atlas business in the United States. Includes Stephen H. Long's seminal map of the American West. Unusually clean and bright throughout. A truly handsome...


1832 - A New General Atlas, Exhibiting the Five Great Divisions of the Globe . . .

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A nice early American atlas in the Malte-Brun vein, containing 40 engaged maps in original hand-color. 14 of the maps relate to the Americas, 4 to Africa, 9 to Asia, and the rest to Europe and the World.


1835 - (First Atlas Published in India) School Atlas

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The First Atlas Printed In India. Rare early school atlas, lithographically printed in Calcutta by pioneer mapmaker Jean-Baptiste Tassin. The School Atlas was likely created in part due to the demand for educational material created by the General...


1838 - Tallis's London Street Views, Exhibiting Upwards of One Hundred Buildings in Each Number, Elegantly Engraved on Steel; The Whole Forming a Complete Stranger's Guide Through London, to all the Public Buildings, Places of Amusement, Tradesman's Shops, Name

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A Nice Set of Tallis's London Views That We Can Find Having Come to the Market. An impressive run of 47 parts (of 88) of John Tallis's fantastic project to provide a view of every major street in London during the late 1830s. This set includes views...


1842 - A New Universal Atlas, Comprising Separate Maps Of all the Principal Empires, Kingdoms & States Throughout The World and Forming a Distinct Atlas of the United States. . . .

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Including Maps of the Republic of Texas and Oregon Territory An important and elegantly colored American Atlas, published by Jeremiah Greenleaf in Brattleboro, Vermont. Jeremiah Greenleaf's Universal Atlas is the continuation of the work of David...


1842 - Lizars' Edinburgh Geographical General Atlas: containing Maps of every Empire, State, and Kingdom; with a tabular view of the heights of the Great Mountain chains, and a very copious and comprehensive consulting index.

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"Republic of Texas" Edition. A nice example of the 1842 edition of Lizars's Edinburgh Geographical General Atlas, with two maps labeling the "Republic of Texas" within the map image. Almost all maps from the Republic of Texas period simply label the...


1843 - The Cerographic Atlas of the United States (Unique Colored Example!)

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Unique Stencil Color Example of Morse & Breese's Cerographic Atlas of the United States, bound with Morse's Cerographic Bible Atlas. The Cerographic Atlas of the United States was the first printed atlas to employ the use of cerography, a printing...


1843 - [French Composite Sea Atlas Focusing on Colonization in Southeast Asia]

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Composite Atlas of French Sea Charts Chronicling Jean-Baptiste Cecille’s Attempts to Extend the French Empire in Asia. 35 engraved or lithographed charts mounted on tabs, all but one double-page. Large folio (26x20 inches). Contemporary...