Antique rare maps of Atlases


1852 - A Series of Charts, with sailing directions, embracing surveys of the Farallones, entrance to the Bay of San Francisco. . . State of California

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The First Set of Published Charts Focusing on California This is the fourth edition of Cadwalader Ringgold's A Series of charts, and the second to include Ringgold's San Francisco Bay surveys. The work has the distinction of being the first set of...


1855 - A New Universal Atlas Containing Maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World With a special Map of each of the United States, plans of Cities, &c. Comprehended in seventy five sheets, and forming a series of One Hundred and Tw

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A handsome example of the 1855 Samuel August Mitchell New Universal Atlas, an important edition from one of the quintessential American atlas series of the 19th century. Despite being an atlas of the world, most of the atlas is concerned with the...


1857 - Atlas of the United States, British & Central America: by Prof. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston, 1857.

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The Rare and Classic Rogers & Johnston Atlas. With its Famous Maps of Utah and Nebraska Territories, Among Many Other Good American Maps. This is an example of one of the most important atlases of North America published just before the start of...


1858 - Atlas geográfico e histórico de la República.

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The First Edition of the First Great Scientific Atlas of All of Mexico. Antonio Garcia Cubas is regarded as "el fundador de nuestra geografia como ciencia" (Diec. Porrua). Glass, page 680 (citing the plates and commentary for Mapa Siguenza and Codice...


1864 - Schonberg's Standard Atlas of the World

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First Edition. One of the more attractive and differentiated American atlases of the 1860s. Schonberg favored heavy coloring, and in some cases loose cartography. The map of the West is interesting for its very large Idaho Territory, which at the...


1876 - Historical Atlas of the World Illustrated Giving Histories and Maps of all the Countries in Their Geographical Statistical and Commercial Aspects

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An interesting post-Civil War American atlas of the world, published by Higgins, Bros. & Co. in Chicago and authored by Charles H. Jones with the assistance Theodore F. Hamilton. This edition includes the rare L.W. Wight "New Section and Township...


1884 - Atlasz Grof Szechenyi Bela Kelet-Azsiai Utjahoz 1877-1880. Kreitner Gusztav cs. k. fohadnagynak, az exeditio tagjanak eredeti folvetele Foldrajzi Resz. 17 lap. Loczy Lajosnak az exeditio tagjanak, geologiai terkepe. 15 lap.

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The First Geological Atlas of Tibet Rare geographical atlas of the northern Tibetan Mountains, published in Vienna by the Military Geographical Institute, published to accompany Széchenyi's three-volume account of his travels. From 1877 to 1880...


1884 - Atlas des Ports Etrangers.. Premiere Livraison . . . M DCCC LXXXIV (Includng Charleston & Boston)

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Scarce French Atlas of "foreign" ports, published by the French Ministry of Public Works. The atlas consists of 20 mostly double page and folding maps, including: Hamburg Hamburg (piers and wharfs) Boston Charleston Rio de Janeiro Cardiff and...


1947 - Atlas Ziem Odzyskanych . . . Atlas of the Recovered Territories of Poland

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Rare Atlas of the Regions Recovered by Poland After World War II A rare and graphically sophisticated atlas that provides a multi-dimensional picture of the regions of Poland--then called the Recovered Territories--which were ceded back to Poland at...


1950 - (Hanoi Region) Bản đồ Hành-chính Các Tỉnh Trung-Châu Bac Viet Nam

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Wonderful 12-sheet Vietnamese-language color-lithographed map of the region around Hanoi in northern Vietnam. Bound as separate sheets in the original publisher's portfolio, along with a general map showing how the sheets combine. The twelve sheets...


1970 - (Apollo 13 Atlas) Lunar Orbit Scientific Visual Observation Graphics for Apollo Mission 13 April 11, 1970 Launch Date

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A Manual for Recording Scientific Observations while in Lunar Orbit An extremely rare Apollo 13 visualization guide for astronauts while they were in lunar orbit, detailing the lunar features they would see, and the scientific observations they should...


1971 - [Apollo 14 Atlas, Images of the Fra Mauro Region and Geologic Explanation]

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A Geological Field Guide for a Walk on the Moon An extremely rare Apollo 14 extravehicular activity [EVA] guide made for astronauts, detailing two EVAs for each of the three possible landing sites (one targeted, two contingency) in the Fra Mauro...


1971 - (Apollo 15 EVA Atlas) Hadley-Apennine Landing Site Apollo 15 - 1:12,500 and 1:25,000

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An Atlas for a Walk on the Moon. An extremely rare Apollo 15 extravehicular activity (EVA) atlas, detailing the projected routes of Apollo 15's three EVAs. The atlas consists of a key sheet and 24 maps. The ephemeral nature of the atlas (loose sheets...


1571 - (Atlas) Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

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The First Modern Atlas of the World [39] preliminary text leaves (including engraved title), 53 hand-colored double-page engraved maps, all mounted on original guards. Antwerp: Gielis Coppens van Diest, 1571. Folio (16.25 x 11.5 inches),...


1579 - (Atlas) Theatrum orbis terrarum [with] Parergon [and] Nomenclator Ptolemaicus

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First Printing of the First Plantin Edition of the "First Modern Atlas", and the First Edition with the Parergon. Folio, handsome contemporary full calf tooled in blind (almost entirely unsophisticated but for artful reinforcement of the head and foot...


1603 - Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

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"This is the most advanced Latin edition of the Theatrum published by Vrients." - Koeman (Ort 36) [A6, including engraved title page], [B6], [C6], [D4], and 118 double-page engraved maps all of which with Latin text on verso. This copy is complete...