New Zealand

Antique rare maps of New Zealand


1714 - Hemisphere Meridional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Australes . . . 1714

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First edition of De L'Isle's important map of the Southern Hemisphere, first published in 1714. De L'Isle's map is an important early map of the South Polar regions, which would become the standard base map for French and Dutch map makers for much of...


1740 - Hemisphere Meridional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Australes par Guillaume De L'Isle Onse voyent les Nouvelles decouvertes faites en 1739 au Sud du Cap de Bonne Esperance Par les Ordres de Mrs. de la Compagnie des Indes . . . (with additional t

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A Rare Ottens map of the Southern Hemisphere, with an additional text panels Southern Hemisphere This fascinating map captures the entire Southern Hemisphere from a polar projection. This rare variant example includes an additional text panel...


1740 - Hemisphere Meridional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Australes par Guillaume De L'Isle Onse voyent les Nouvelles decouvertes faites en 1739 au Sud du Cap de Bonne Esperance Par les Ordres de Mrs. de la Compagnie des Indes

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A Rare Pair of Ottens Maps of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, made especially to commemorate Lozier Bouvet's 1738-9 voyage. Fine pair of maps of the northern and southern hemispheres, originally by Guillaume Delisle and here re-issued by...


1808 - New South Wales, New Zealand, New Hebrides and the Islands Adjacent, comprising the Discoveries of Mendana, Qurios, Carteret, Bougainville, Surveille, Cook, Shortland, &c . . . 1808

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Interesting regional map of Eastern Australia and New Zealand, published by Robert Wilkinson. The map extends from the Solomon and Queen Charlotte Island in the North to New South Wales and New Zealand. Includes large insets of L. Howes and Norfolk...


1812 - Oceanique Oriente.

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Decorative antique engraved map of the Eastern Pacific, from the Carolines, Eastern Australia, and Tasmania to the Marquesas, including all of New Zealand. Malte Brun's maps were extremely well researched, utilizing the most up to date information....


1845 - Chart of the Antarctic Continent Shewing the Icy Barrier Attached to it . . . 1840

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A good example of the Wilkes map of the Antarctic Regions, which accompanied the official account of Wilkes Expedition. The map includes the tracks of Wilkes' expedition, 5 profile views and an outline map of New Zealand and the Southern Tip of...


1739 - Carte des Terres Australes Comprises entre le Tropique du Capricorne et le Pole Antarctique . . .

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Rare First State / Overview of South Polar Exploration and Conjecture in the First Half of the 18th Century! Remarkable map of the Southern Hemisphere, the foundational map the work of noted French mapmaker Philippe Buache. This map is Buache's...


1778 - La Nuova Zelanda trascorsa nel 1769 e 1770 d'al Cook Comandante dell' Endeavour Vascello di S. M. Britannica . . . 1778

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The First Decorative Map of New Zealand -- Drawn From Cook's Official Account Nice hand-colored example of Zatta's map of New Zealand, one of the most decorative and highly sought after editions of Cook's mapping of New Zealand and one of the largest...


1787 - Carte De La Nouvelle Zeelande . . .

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Marvelous detailed map of New Zealand showing cook's daily tracks around the Island, with 4 insets showing Mercure Bay, Cooks' Strait, Baye des Isles and Baye de Tolaga. Full color example of the fine detail appearing in Bonne's Atlas Supplement,...


1795 - Schets van de DonkereBaai in Nieuw Zeeland 1773.

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Dutch Edition of Cook's Chart of Donkere Bay, Resolution Island and environs on the southwest coast of the South Island of New Zealand.


1835 - Carte de la Nouvelle-Zelande pour Servir au Voyage Pittoresque autour du Monde . . . 1835

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Detailed early map of New Zealand, including a separate Stewart Island. Rear Admiral Jules Sébastien César Dumont d'Urville (1790-1842) was a French explorer and naval officer, who explored the south and western Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and...


1841 - The Islands of New Zealand from the Admiralty Surveys of the English and French Marine From The Observations of Its Officers of the New Zealand Compnay and From Private Surveys & Sketches Compiled By James Wyld Geographer to the Queen and H.R. H. Prince A

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One of The Most Important Early Maps of New Zealand – With Significant Annotations Finely executed map of New Zealand, the most important printed map of the islands in this period. This example has been extensively annotated with notes showing both...


1842 - Plan of the City of Wellington Port Nicholson The First & Principal Settlement of the New Zealand Company by Felton Mathew Esqre. Survr. Genl. 1841.

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of Wellington, New Zealand Early plan of Wellington, the Capital of Museum, based upon the manuscript survey map drafted in 1840, under the direction of Felton Mathew, the first Surveyor General of New Zealand. The map is...


1842 - Auckland

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of Auckland, New Zealand Early plan of Auckland, New Zealand, from the Correspondence respecting the Colony of New Zealand, published by the House of Commons in London. The map shows allotments in the area between Albert...


1843 - Plan of the Country Sections in the Districts of Manawatu and Horowenua. January 4th, 1843.

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Promoting Emigration and Selling Land on the North Island -- Made for the New Zealand Company Fine, rare map of the Manawatu and Horowhenua Districts in the Manawatū-Whanganui region of the North Island, published for the New Zealand Company, one of...


1850 - Ports Lyttelton (Tewhaka) and Levy (Koko-Rarat) and Pigeon (Wakaroa) Survey By Captain J.L. Stokes R.N. 1849

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Finely executed chart showing Port Lyttelton and environs, extending north to Christchurch. The chart extends the area from north of the Avon and Heathcote Estuary down to beyond Pigeon Bay, showing the soundings in fathoms from the Estuary outlet to...