Antique rare maps of Oceania


1700 - Atlantis Insula

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Fascinating map of America, published by Mortier and based upon a map by Nicolas Sanson, purporting to show the Western Hemisphere about 200,000 years ago before the earliest human civilizations. The map reflects the populating of the lost continent...


1710 - L'Amerique, Dressee sur les Observations . . . 1710

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Scarce map of America with a fascinating treatment of the Northwest Coast of America. The map shows a very unusual "est fort Inconu" and "Terre de Jesso," a curious marriage between the treatment of the region from the mid-17th century and more...


1823 - Carte D'Amerique divisee en ses Principaux Etats, Avec les Nouvelles Decouvertes faites au Nord Et dans La Mer du Sud Par les plus celebres Navigateurs . . . 1823

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A fascinating early 19th Century reissue by the French firm of Chez Jean of the 1787 Clouet, revised to include the first voyage of Captain Cook. Gone is the Bay of the West, although the Northwest Coast still hints at some sort of inland sea. The...


1778 - [Martin Behaim Globe / Book] Pars Globi terrestris Ao. 1492 a Martino Behaim Equite Lusitano Norimbergae confecti Delineavit Christoph. Theoph de Murr 1778 (bound with:)  Diplomatische Geschichte des Portugesischen berühmten Ritters Martin Behaims

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Behaim's Discovery of America -- Engraved Map Depicting a Section of Martin Behaim's Globe of 1492, Oldest Globe in the World -- Bound With Book on Martin Behaim Extremely rare map illustrating the "western" section of Martin Behaim's globe of 1492,...


0 - Indiae Orientalis Insularumque Adiacientium Typus

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Ortelius' Map of Southeast Asia, from the World's First Atlas Nice example of Ortelius' map of Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Philippines, etc., including a small section of the west coast of California. The map featured in Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis...


1579 - Asiae Nova Descriptio

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Nice old color example of Ortelius' map of Asia, from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern world atlas. A marvelous misprojection of Japan and Southeast Asia. Very distinct Northeast Passage. Includes sailing ships and other...


1675 - Magnum Mare del Zur cum Insula California

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Fine old colored example of first state of De Wit's map of the Pacific Ocean, featuring California as an Island and important early projections of Australia and New Zealand. The finely engraved sea chart was first published in De Wit's Orbis Maritimus...


1691 - Mare Del Sud Detto Altrimente Mare Pacifico

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Striking Coronelli Map of the South Seas Showing the Latest Dutch Discoveries Nice example of Coronelli's map of the Pacific Ocean, published in Venice. The map depicts the west-coast of America south to Tierra del Fuego. To the east, it shows...


1756 - Carte Reduite Des Mers Comprises Entre L'Asie et L'Amerique Apelees par les Navigateurs Mer Du Sud ou Pacifique . . . 1742 Cette Carte a ete Corrigee en 1756.

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French Chart of the Pacific Ocean on the Eve of the Great Voyages of Discoveries Fascinating sea chart, depicting the Pacific Ocean immediately before the wave of exploration that occurred from the 1760s to the 1790s. This fine chart, issued by the...


1776 - Nuove Scoperte Fatte nel 1765, 67 e 69 nel Mare Del Sud . . . . 1776

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Cook's First Tracks In The South Pacific First edition of the first decorative map to show Cook's tracks in the Pacific, one of the most sought after early maps to depict Cook's Voyage to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. The map records...


1785 - Emisfero Australe

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Rare map of the south polar regions, published in Italian, The map shows the Southern Hemisphere prior to the first discoveries in Antarctica, but shortly after the Voyages of Captain James Cook established a more accurately known coastline for New...


1789 - Polynesien (Inselwelt) oder der Funfte Welttheil Versasst von Herrn Daniel Djurberg . . MDCCLXXXIX

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Rare map of the South Pacific, from Australia (Ulimaroa) to Hawaii. The map is one of the only maps to refer to Australia by its native name (Ulimaroa) and is also noteworthy for its fine treatment of New Zealand and extensive depiction of the routes...


1795 - Karte von der Inselwelt, Polynesien oder dem Funften Welttheile Nach Djurberg und Roberts Neu verzeichnet herausgegeben . . . (shows Ulimaroa)

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Detailed map of Oceania, published by Von Reilly in Vienna. The map provides the tracks of a number of early explorers, including Tasman, Cook, Surville, Marshall, Schoten, Quiros, Mendana, Bougainville, Magellan, Mulgrave, Byron, Roggeveen and...


1802 - Australien (Sudland) auch Polynesien oder Inselwelt, insgemein der funfte Welltheil . . . 1802 (Sea of Korea)

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Exquisitely-Detailed Map of Australasia and the South Pacific -- Sea of Korea Fine example of Walch's map of the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, first published in Augsburg in 1802. It celebrates the routes and encounters of the recent European...


1807 - Carte Generale de la Nouvelle Hollande et des Archipels Du Grand Ocean, qui sont au norde et a l'est de cette terre; Dressee, en 1807, Pour servir au Voyage du Contre-Amiral Bruny Dentrecasteaux, fait, Par Ordre du Gouvernement, en 1791, 1792 et 1793; P

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Rare Separately Issued Example of the Entrecasteaux-eautemps-Beaupre Chart of Australia, New Zealand, etc. Remarkable sea chart of Australia, New Zealand and contiguous regions, extending to Borneo, Mindanao and the Straits of Malacca. Unlike most...


1808 - Carte Generale de la Polijnesie Australe ou Des Iles Eparses de La Mer Pacifique . . . chez Mortier Covens & Fils

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Scarce chart of the Western Pacific Ocean, published by Mortier, Covens & Fils. The map is based on Johann Matthias Christoph Reinecke's 1801 map of the region, which was the first German map to depict Tasmania as a separate island. The Mortier...