Antique rare maps of Pacific


1851 - Australien und die Ostindischen Inseln von F. Fried . . . 1851

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Rare regional map of Oceana, published in Vienna. The map identifies the various colonial possessions of the French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese and Danish in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.


1851 - Polynesia, or Islands In the Pacific Ocean

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Nice full color example of John Tallis' map of the South Pacific. The map includes large vignettes of Kalakakooa Sandwich Islands, Otaheite, the Harbour of Dory in New Guinea and Resolution Bay, Marquesas. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's...


1855 - Oceania Mappa D'Insieme

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Interesting map of Oceana and the South Pacific, from Marmocchi's scarce Geografia Commerciale. The south polar of Antarctic is just beginning to be discovered. A very unique map.


1950 - American President Lines

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A San Francisco native, Macouillard was an accomplished artist, having studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts and the Art Students League of New York. He became Art Director of the Velvetone Poster Company in San Francisco and designed...


1798 - (Vancouver Atlas and Text) A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World; in Which the Coast of North-West America Has Been Carefully Examined and Accurately Surveyed.

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First Edition of Vancouver's Voyage of Discovery with Atlas, Containing Influential Charts of Hawai’i and the Pacific Northwest Fine, complete four-volume set of Vancouver’s A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World...


1935 - Economy of the Pacific

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Smaller version of Miguel Covarrubias's iconic map from his Pageant of the Pacific series. This well regarded stylized map by the Mexican painter, illustrator, filmmaker and anthropologist Miguel Covarrubias, often called Mexico's Renaissance Man....


0 - [Musselini Celebrates Pearl Harbor] Grande Carta Del Pacifico

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Musselini Celebrates The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor -- Provoked by A Democratic Despot Issued 4 days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, this message from Musselini, celebrates the attack and speaking in fiery nationalistic rhetoric in...


1750 - Carte de la Mer du Sud ou Mer Pacifique entre l'Equateur et le 39 1/2 de Latitude Septentrionale

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Impressive Chart of the Pacific Ocean Depicting a Thrilling Circumnavigation Dynamic chart of the mid-Pacific Ocean from the French-edition of Anson’s bestselling voyage account. It includes voyage tracks of Anson’s Centurion and the ship he...


1782 - Hemisphere Occidental Dresse pour l'usage particulier du Roy . . . Revu, Corrige et Augmente des Nouvelles Decouvertes et des Voyages Capitaine Cook, de ce Celebre Navigaterur avec les Routes . . . 1782

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Scarce late state of Guillaume De L'Isle's map of the Western Hemisphere, updated to include the 3 voyages of Captain James Cook. Dezauche also shows the route of the voyages of Abel Tasman (1642), Quiros, Magellan (1520), Le Maire (1616), Mendana...


1714 - Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Arctiques . . . 1714

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First Edition of De L’Isle’s Influential Map of the Northern Hemisphere Fine example of the first state of De L’Isle’s polar projection, focused on the Arctic. This map would become the prototype for a number of other eighteenth-century maps...


1730 - Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Arctiques . . .

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Fine Map of the Northern Hemisphere Rare Henri de Leth edition of Guillaume De L'Isle's map of the Northern Hemisphere, originally published by De L'Isle in 1714. The map shows the entire Northern Hemisphere. The projection has the opposite effect of...


1775 - A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia. (Northern Sheets)

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One of the Most Detailed and Important Map of the Americas made by a Scandalous Geographer This is a nice example of the northernmost sheets of 1775 edition of this important six sheet chart of North and South America, originally compiled by John...


1619 - [Straits of Le Maire, Nova Guinea, South Pacific]

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The Earliest Printed Map of Le Maire's Voyage Around Cape Horn and Across The Pacific Nice example of Joris van Spilbergen's rendering of Willem Schouten and Jacob Le Maire's map / sea chart of a portion of his circumnavigation of the world, showing...


1660 - Pascaerte van Nova Hispania Peru en Chili . . .

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Rare Golden Age Dutch Sea Chart of the Island of California and Western Pacific Rare Johannes Van Loon sea chart of the Western Pacific. The map appeared in the first edition of Van Loon's Zee Atlas. It derives from Doncker's map of the Western...


1747 - Representation du Cours ordinaire des Vents de Traverse qui regnent les Cotes dans la grande Mer Du Sud [California as an Island]

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Interesting map charging the course of the trade winds in the Pacific Ocean, published by Bellin in the Histoire Generale de Voyages, based upon the obseravations of Dampier. California is shown as an island. An odd piece of the southern hemisphere...


1803 - General Charte von Australien Nach ne neuesten Entdeckungs Reisen und astronischen Bestimungen…1803

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Nice example of Reinecke's map of the Western Pacific Ocean, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. Neu Holland vormals Ulimaroa is named, along with an New South Wales. The coastline of Australia is incomplete. New Zealand is shown as two islands. Hawaii...