Antique rare maps of Bermuda


1625 - Nova Anglia, Novum Belgium et Virginia

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Quite Possibly The Most Important Map of the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Published in the First Half of the 17th Century. Johannes De Laet's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America is a cartographic landmark, depicting the region...


1719 - [British Colonies in North America] Carte Qui Contient Une Description Des Iles & Terres Que Les Anglois . . .[Chesapeake, Carolinas, New England, Bermuda, Gulf Coast, Jamaica, Barbadoes & Canada]

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Highly sought after group of maps from Chatelain's 7 Volume Atlas Historique. Includes 8 maps, each of which would be highly coveted as a separate map. The maps include 1) a map of the Carolinas, 2) a map of the Chesapeake, 3) Canada and New England,...


1825 - Amer. Sep. No. 57(bis) Partie De Etats Unis [North Carolina & Bermuda]

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Scarce map of a part of North Carolina, showing Albermarle Sound, Pamlico Sound, Tyrrel County, Hyde County, Martin Coutny, Caretare County and areas just to the West, including towns such as Columbia, Tarborao, Greenville, Newberne, Washington,...


1696 - The Principall Islands in America belonging to the English Empire viz Iamaica, Barbados, Antegoa, St. Christophers & Bermudos

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A Caribbean Rarity in Brilliant Original Color Fine original color example of Phillip Lea's rare antique map of the British Possessions in the Caribbean, published in London in 1689. The map includes detailed treatments of Bermuda, Antigua, St....


1875 - West Indies and Central America [Bermuda inset]

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Detailed map of Central America and the Caribbean, hand colored by islands. Includes inset of Bermuda.


1745 - (Bermuda, Jamaica St. Kitts, Antigua & Barbados) Dominia Anglorum in praecipuis Insulis Americae ut sunt Insula S. Christopheri, Antegoa, Iamaica, Barbados nec non Insula Bermudes vel Sommers . . .

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Interesting set of 5 maps on a single sheet, showing St. Kitts, Antigua, Bermuda, Barbados, and Jamaica, each in excellent detail. The maps area drawn from separate maps made by Herman Moll in 1729. Each is finely engraved and meticulously detailed...


1746 - La Jamaique… [with] La Bermude…

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Delightful map of Bermuda and Jamaica in outline color, showing parishes, cities, forts, and the various types of plantations on Jamaica.


1729 - The Island of Bermudos, Divided into its Tribes, with the Castles, Forts &c. . . . (with) Part of Providence Island -- (Bahamas)

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Striking full color example of this Moll's map of Bermuda and the North Coast of Providence Island, with Hog Island, Long Island, Salt Key, etc. The Bermuda map includes significant details, including Tribes, towns, bays, islands, sounds, and other...


1635 - Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Alias Barmudas

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Blaeu’s Fine Double Map of Bermuda Fine example of Blaeu's highly sought-after map of Bermuda. It is actually a double map, as it shows a detailed survey of the islands, as well as a map relating Bermuda to mainland North America. The map includes...


1635 - Mappa Aestivarum Insularum alias Barmudas dictarum . . .

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Nice example of Hondius' map of Bermuda, with decorative cartouche, compass rose, and other embellishments. The map is based upon John Norwood's survey of 1618, as first published by John Speed in 1626-27. The text at the bottom includes a division...


1682 - Pas Kaart van I. La Barmuda Anders Sommer Ilands int Groot door C.J. Vooght

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The Most Decorative Sea Chart of Bermuda published in the 17th Century. Striking early sea chart of Bermuda, published by Johannes Van Keulen. The chart includes remarkable early detail, including the fortifications in Southampton Harbor. As noted...


1755 - [Bermuda]

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Scarce map of Bermuda from the English Pilot, Fourth Book. Shows islands, bays and inlets, forts, navigational hazards, and a "Flemish Wreck." Includes wonderful text in English on the front and back, which includes a description of Bermudas or the...


1779 - Les Bermudes Levees par Lampriere Determinees Astronomiquement a Londres en 1775. Traduit de l'Anglois . . . 1779

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Rare French map of Bermuda, incorporating the surveys of Captain Clement Lempriere (Lempriere's name being spelled incorrectly in the title). Clement Lempriere (1683-1746) published his map of Bermuda in 1738, the first significant cartographic...


1851 - Islands in the Atlantic [Bermuda, Madeira, Canaries, Azores and Cape Verde Islands]

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Terrific map of the various islands in the Atlantic, including Bermuda, the Azores, Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands, with 5 large profile views. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great...


1881 - Bermuda Islands Compiled From The Most Recent Admiralty Surveys 1876 . . . 1881 (St. George Harbour and Environs Inset)

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Finely detailed separately issued sea chart of Bermuda, with a large inset plan of St. George Harbour, first published by the British Admiralty in London in 1877. The inset of St. George's Harbour is of particular note, one of the largest and most...


1888 - Bermuda -- Approach to Grassy Bay and Ireland Island compiled from various Admiralty Surveys to 1887

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Detailed sea chart showing the approaches to Grassy Bay, Spanish Point, and Ireland Island in the Great Sound of Bermuda. The chart covers what is essentially the entrance to the "hook" of Bermuda, the Great Sound. Considerable detail is shown around...