Antique rare maps of Jamaica


1719 - [British Colonies in North America] Carte Qui Contient Une Description Des Iles & Terres Que Les Anglois . . .[Chesapeake, Carolinas, New England, Bermuda, Gulf Coast, Jamaica, Barbadoes & Canada]

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Highly sought after group of maps from Chatelain's 7 Volume Atlas Historique. Includes 8 maps, each of which would be highly coveted as a separate map. The maps include 1) a map of the Carolinas, 2) a map of the Chesapeake, 3) Canada and New England,...


1801 - Carte de la Partie Occidentale des Iles Antilles comprenant St. Domingue, la Jamaique, Cuba et les Iles et Bancs de Bahama avec les Debouquemens de toutes ces Iles . . . 1801

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Detailed sea chart of South Florida, the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Santa Domingo and the part of the Yucatan Peninsula, published by the Depot De La Marine 1801. The chart is one of the most detailed maps of the region and...


1619 - Cuba Insula [with] Hispaniola Insula [with] Insula Jamaica [with] Ins. S. Ioannis [with] I.S. Margareta Cum Confiniis

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Nice old color example of the Mercator-Hondius maps of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Jamaica, with inset of Havana. A highly decorative map of the islands, embellished with sea monsters and sailing ships.


1696 - The Principall Islands in America belonging to the English Empire viz Iamaica, Barbados, Antegoa, St. Christophers & Bermudos

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A Caribbean Rarity in Brilliant Original Color Fine original color example of Phillip Lea's rare antique map of the British Possessions in the Caribbean, published in London in 1689. The map includes detailed treatments of Bermuda, Antigua, St....


1755 - A New Map of Jamaica. In which the Several Towns, Forts, and Settlements are Accurately laid down as well as ye situations & depts of yet most noted Harbours & Anchoring Places, with the limits & boundarys . . . Made by Mr. Shefield and others from the Y

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The true first state of the first large format Map of Jamaica. Fine 2-sheet map of Jamaica, published in London in 1755, engraved by J. Bayly. The present example is the first state of the "The first large-scale map of Jamaica." This large, dramatic...


1768 - Jamaica

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One of the Rarest Jamaican Maps of the 18th Century Rare map of Jamaica, which appeared in Thomas Jefferys', A general topography of North America and the West Indies. Being a collection of all the maps, charts, plans, and particular surveys, that...


1779 - L'Isle de la Jamaique. par M. T. J. Ingenieur Anglois a Paris, 1779

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Rare French Map of Jamaica, published by Jean Lattre in Paris. The map provides remarkable topographical details, including mountains, rivers, islands, and other coastal features. Towns, Roads, Plantations, Churches and other features are also shown....


1794 - Plan of Lucia Harbour and Mantega Bay in Jamaica

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Rare early plan of Lucia Harbor and Mantega, published by Sayer & Bennett, one of the earliest obtainable English Plans of the harbor. Includes a detailed charting of the harbor and Bay, with soundings and anchorages, and place names.


1823 - Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Jamaica

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Nice detailed map of Jamaica from the second edition of Carey & Lea's Atlas. One of the most detailed maps of the Bahama Islands to appear in a commercial atlas. Lengthy narrative text below includes details about the islands, climates, towns,...


1899 - Map of the Island of Jamaica

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Attractive and highly detailed map of Jamaica, issued in Cram's scarce American Railway Atlas.


1775 - The Island of Jamaica and Cape Gracias a Dios with the Banks

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Detailed map of the Island of Jamaica and the Mosquito Coast, with the islands and shoals between, from Jefferys West India Atlas.


1745 - (Bermuda, Jamaica St. Kitts, Antigua & Barbados) Dominia Anglorum in praecipuis Insulis Americae ut sunt Insula S. Christopheri, Antegoa, Iamaica, Barbados nec non Insula Bermudes vel Sommers . . .

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Interesting set of 5 maps on a single sheet, showing St. Kitts, Antigua, Bermuda, Barbados, and Jamaica, each in excellent detail. The maps area drawn from separate maps made by Herman Moll in 1729. Each is finely engraved and meticulously detailed...


1746 - La Jamaique… [with] La Bermude…

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Delightful map of Bermuda and Jamaica in outline color, showing parishes, cities, forts, and the various types of plantations on Jamaica.


1750 - The Island of Jamaica

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Late state of Mount & Page's sea chart of Jamaica, from the Fourth Book of the English Pilot. The chart was perhaps the single most widely utilized English sea chart of Jamaica during the first half of the 18th Century, as the success of the...


1753 - Carte Reduite De L'Isle De La Jamaique pour servir aux Vaisseaux Français . . . 1753

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Detailed Depot De La Marine's sea chart of the region centered on Jamaica, with the southern part of Cuba and western end of Hispaniola. This detailed map of Jamaica, shown divided into parishes, includes strong topographical details with many...


1758 - Carte Particuliere De L'Isle De La Jamaique Dressee au Depost des Cartes Plans et Journaux de la Marine . . . M. DCC LVIII

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Locates Caberets and Taverns! Detailed Depot De La Marine's sea chart of Jamaica, first published in 1758. This detailed sea chart of Jamaica, shown divided into parishes, includes strong topographical details with many coastal toponyms. Sugar...