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Antique rare maps of Celestial_&_Space


1727 - Geography Epitomiz'd. Of The Stars And Planets. Of The Sun And Moon. Of the Air and Meteors. The Terms of Geography Explain'd.

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Interesting broadside chart, consisting of a compass rose at the center and ringed with information on the earth and the solar system. As noted below, we have attributed this example to A.G. Dusauzet, who seems to have been the original creator,...


1729 - Sphaerum Artificialium Typica Repraesentatio

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Decorative map from a scarce A.F. Zurner atlas. Full original color. Decorative armillary sphere with unique representations of the world below. A very unusual image, which we have never previously seen. A scarce decorative map.


1766 - Suite de la Planche precedente

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Interesting astronomical chart from Buy De Mornas' famous Atlas Methodique et Elementaire… Shows observations regarding the Climatic Zones, Longitude, Latitude, the Antipodes and has a decorative vignette at the bottom. Minor soiling.


1770 - Globe Terrestre [and] Globe Celeste

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Attractive pair of engraved globes, illustrating the Terrestrial World and Celestial World. The Terrestrial Globe is oriented to show the Eastern Hemisphere, including a wild mid-18th Century illustarion of Australia. The Celestial Globe is oriented...


1774 - Globus Terrestris ad sphaeram obliquam delineatus / Globus Coelestis cum Astrodictico artificiali iunctus

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Finely engraved celestial and terrestrial globe, published in Augsburg by T.C. Lotter in 1774. Each of the spheres is described below the image in both Latin an German.


1756 - [The First Maps in a la poupée Printed Color] Cartes en Couleur des Lieux Sujets aux tremblements de Terre Dans toutes les parties du Monde Selon le Sisteme de l’impulsion Solaire

  • $14.99

The First a la poupée Color Printed Maps in A Rare Pamphlet On The Relationship Between The Sun and Earthquakes Extremely rare separately published pamphlet by Jean Fabien Gautier D'Agoty, containing a complete set of his maps from his Observations...


1650 - Pronostico Perpettuo Di Gioseppe Rosaccio Dottore In Filosofia et Medicina Cavato Da Segni Del SOle della Luna et delle Stele qual Serve Inntutte le Parte Del Mondo

  • $14.99

Rare Astrological Broadside The image shows a series of 12 astrological signs, with a dedication to Francesco Maria Zambeccari, a member of an important noble family in Bologna. Giuseppe Rosaccio was born in Pordenone around 1530. He graduated in...


1660 - Scenographia Compagis Mundanae Brahea . . .

  • $14.99

Fine example of Cellarius's chart illustrating Tycho Brahe's unique geo-heliocentric model of the universe, first published by Jan Jansson in 1660 and re-issued in 1708 by Schenk & Vallk. In the late 16th century, Tycho Brahe, an important Danish...


1666 - Carte Generalles de tous les Vens et les noms diceux en six lengue suivant les mers et riviere

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A Rare Chart of Winds Rare separately published chart illustrating a 22 point compass, along with the names of 32 different wind directions, given in 6 different languages. The 32 winds are showing in six languages including: Dutch French...


1701 - The Frontispiece of a Curiouse Clock which will inform Gentlemen & Others in all the Usefull Things Contain'd in Almanack's for the Year 1701. beside other Curiosityes for Ever. Invented by Iohn Carte Watchmaker near ye Fountain in ye Temple, London

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With an Early Depiction of Global Time Zones Superb separately-issued engraved broadside with Hermes at the center and a series of concentric rings emanating outward, allowing the calculation things as diverse as astronomical phenomena, phases of the...


1711 - Sphaera Armillaris Copernicana [Rare Broadside of the Leiden Sphere]

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Fine broadside illustrating the so-called "Leiden Sphere," engraved by Pieter Vander Aa, in Leiden. The Leiden Sphere, a mechanical armillary sphere or orrery, was built around 1670 by the clockmaker Steven Tracy, for the mayor of Rotterdam. It is...


1739 - Systema Mundi

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Finely colored example of Zurner's models of the Solar System. A fascinating pair of maps of the solar system, based upon the models of Copernicus and Tycho Brahe.


1739 - Figurae Pro Geographica Mathematica

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Interesting set of 12 models, ilustrating the construction of celestial and terrestrial models of the globe and solar system, from an anonymous source. An interesting set of images.


1747 - [Solar Eclipse of July 25, 1748] Die versinsterte Erdkugel d. i. Geographische Vorstellung der Sonnen od Erd-Finsternis den 25ten. Iulii Ao. 1748 . . . | le Monde Eclipse ou Representation Geographique de L'Eclipse de la Terre ou du Soleil qui arrivera

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Fascinating set of maps and projections illustrating the predicted path of a solar eclipse on July 25, 1748, based on calculations by Leonhard Euler, a renowned mathematician and astronomer. The map sheet includes three hemisphere projections...


1751 - [Tycho Brahe Celestial Model & Time Clock]

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A Celestial / Scientific Rarity Fascinating illustration showing a model of the Solar System, based upon Tycho Brahe's theories on the face of a clock, engraved in Prague in 1751. The image consists of an astronomical clock depicting a Tychonic solar...


1753 - Schematismus Geographiae Mathematicae, id est repraesentatio figurarum in quantum ad aliqualem globi terraquei et mapparum intelligentiam . . . 1753

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An interesting series of twenty-two figures describing celestial motion and globular projections. These include a celestial globe (Figure 1), a projection of Asia (Figure 7), a rendition of a spherical astrolabe (Figure X) and a climatic model of the...