Antique rare maps of Curiosities


1497 - Secuda etas mundi

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Rare miniature example of the Latin edition of Harmann Schedel's map of the World, published by Hans Schönsperger in Augsburg. This miniature edition is much rarer than the original edition. Schedel's map is one of the earliest obtainable world maps,...


1700 - [Title Page - Backwards World Map! / California as an Island]

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Curious world map on title page, with the world projected backwards!


1727 - Geography Epitomiz'd. Of The Stars And Planets. Of The Sun And Moon. Of the Air and Meteors. The Terms of Geography Explain'd.

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Interesting broadside chart, consisting of a compass rose at the center and ringed with information on the earth and the solar system. As noted below, we have attributed this example to A.G. Dusauzet, who seems to have been the original creator,...


1729 - Sphaerum Artificialium Typica Repraesentatio

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Decorative map from a scarce A.F. Zurner atlas. Full original color. Decorative armillary sphere with unique representations of the world below. A very unusual image, which we have never previously seen. A scarce decorative map.


1766 - Suite de la Planche precedente

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Interesting astronomical chart from Buy De Mornas' famous Atlas Methodique et Elementaire… Shows observations regarding the Climatic Zones, Longitude, Latitude, the Antipodes and has a decorative vignette at the bottom. Minor soiling.


1893 - Geographical Portfolio

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Fine color chromolithograph title page for Yaggy's Geographical Portfolio. Originally issued as an educational aid, Yaggy's charts are among the most distinctive and stunning comparative charts ever published. Unlike the smaller, simpler and more...


1983 - [Signed Political Satire Artwork] Vietnam ... Vietnam ... Vietnam ...

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Signed Artwork By Famed Political Cartoonist Bob Gorrell Original cartoon artwork on paper by world renowned political cartoonist Bob Gorrell. Original cartoon was drawn for the Richmond News Leader in 1983, showing Uncle Sam being shown various...


1959 - Carte Des Lignes -- Compagnie Generale Transatlantique French Line

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A Large Promotional Map for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique. Decorative map of the Atlantic Ocean, highlighting the routes taken by the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, French Line between Europe and the Americas. The company was founded...


1583 - (Sir Francis Drake) Franciscus Draeck Nobilissimus Eques Angliae Ano. Aet. Sue 43.

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Rare contemporary portait of Sir Francis Drake, celebrating his circumnavigation of the World, engraved by Jodocus Hondius during his residency in London and later finished by George Vertue in the early 18th Century. This marvelous engraving is...


1623 - [The Second Map of California as an Island!] Zwoelffter Theil der Newen Welt...

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The Beginning of the Myth -- The Second Map To Show the Island of California Beautiful engraved title page for the 1623 German-language edition of Herrera, published as the twelfth part of Theodore de Bry's Grand Voyages. This title page follows the...


1756 - [The First Maps in a la poupée Printed Color] Cartes en Couleur des Lieux Sujets aux tremblements de Terre Dans toutes les parties du Monde Selon le Sisteme de l’impulsion Solaire

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The First a la poupée Color Printed Maps in A Rare Pamphlet On The Relationship Between The Sun and Earthquakes Extremely rare separately published pamphlet by Jean Fabien Gautier D'Agoty, containing a complete set of his maps from his Observations...


1781 - [Atlantis?] Ristretto Delle Carte presentate all' Academia delle Scienze di Parigi negli anni 1737 e 1752 dal Sig di Buache

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The First Americans Came To America via the Lost Continent of Atlantis?—Rare Italian Map from Work on the Origins of Americans Utilizing The Theories of Philippe Buache Very rare, Italian example of Buache’s theoretical geographic ideas on...


1805 - A Geographical Chart: or, A Scheme, Comprehending The Most Important Particulars Relative To The Geography of North and South-America. : Designed to be an Auxiliary to the Student. Carefully Compiled from the Best authorities, by Amos Bingham [Copy-Right

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Rare American Geographical Chart & Teaching Aid Extremely rare broadside "Geographical Chart," published in Albany by the Albany Register in 1805. The chart provides a marvelous multi-column presentation of information concerning America, the...


1817 - Franz Dracke (Francis Drake)

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Rare early lithographic portait of the 16th Century explorer, Sir Francis Drake, celebrating his discovery of the Potato, which he brought from America to Europe in 1544. Smaller copies of the 1817 lithographica edition are noted in the Hampton L....


1778 - [Martin Behaim Globe / Book] Pars Globi terrestris Ao. 1492 a Martino Behaim Equite Lusitano Norimbergae confecti Delineavit Christoph. Theoph de Murr 1778 (bound with:)  Diplomatische Geschichte des Portugesischen berühmten Ritters Martin Behaims

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Behaim's Discovery of America -- Engraved Map Depicting a Section of Martin Behaim's Globe of 1492, Oldest Globe in the World -- Bound With Book on Martin Behaim Extremely rare map illustrating the "western" section of Martin Behaim's globe of 1492,...


1980 - USS Independence CV-62 Battle Group Lant-Indian Ocean Transit Nov / Dec 1980

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Whimsical map depicting the route of the USS Independence, from Norfolk to the Arabian Sea. On November 19, 1980, the USS Independence deployed to the Indian Ocean along with the Harry E. Yarnell (CG-17) and was on watch along with the Ranger on...