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Antique rare maps of Title Pages


1700 - [Title Page - Backwards World Map! / California as an Island]

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Curious world map on title page, with the world projected backwards!


1623 - [The Second Map of California as an Island!] Zwoelffter Theil der Newen Welt...

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The Beginning of the Myth -- The Second Map To Show the Island of California Beautiful engraved title page for the 1623 German-language edition of Herrera, published as the twelfth part of Theodore de Bry's Grand Voyages. This title page follows the...


1805 - A Geographical Chart: or, A Scheme, Comprehending The Most Important Particulars Relative To The Geography of North and South-America. : Designed to be an Auxiliary to the Student. Carefully Compiled from the Best authorities, by Amos Bingham [Copy-Right

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Rare American Geographical Chart & Teaching Aid Extremely rare broadside "Geographical Chart," published in Albany by the Albany Register in 1805. The chart provides a marvelous multi-column presentation of information concerning America, the...


1690 - [Decorative Title Page--Table Des Cartes . . . ]

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Decorative contents page from a Mortier atlas. The map includes several iconic images of the period, including Atlas holding the globe on his shoulders and the great library scene across the bottom of the image. Fine old color example, with clean...


1770 - [Title Page] Atlas Moderne ou Collection de Cartes sur toutes les partier du Globe Terrestre . . .

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Decorative title page from Janvier's Atlas Moderne, engraved by Monnet in 1762 and thereafter used for the next 20 years as the title page for this highly successful atlas.


1844 - Peter Force letter to Fielding Lucas regarding publication of Exploring Expedition

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Letter of introduction from Peter Force to Fielding Lucas Jr., concerning the prospective publication of the Reports of the United States Exploring Expedition (Wilkes Expedition). Force had previously published a short summary of Charles Wilkes' 5...


1619 - [Untitled Map -- Double Hemisphere Map with Portraits of Magellan, Schoten, Drake, Von Noort, Cavendish, and Speilbergen

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Double hemisphere map of the World, accompanied by portraits of a number of the most important 16th and early 17th Century explorers, which was included in Willem J. Schouten's America Pars Undecima . . . , first published by De Bry in 161. The map...


1710 - [Title Page] Atlas Novus Terrarum Orbis Imperia Regna et Status exactis Tabulis Geographice demonstrans . . .

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Highly decorative title page, from Homann's Atlas Novus. Includes an allegorical image of Atlas holding the World aloft, along with images of Triton, Mercury and a number of other gods, overlooking a projection of the Globe showing Africa and Europe....


1549 - [Early French Engaving: Title Page] Repertorium in Lecturas Iasonis. Index Ordinae Elementario Digesus in Commentaria Iasonis Mayni Mediolanesis . . . M.D. XLIX.

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Finely illustrated title page from this early French book on the commentaries of Giasone del Maino, published in Lyon, by Jean Pullon in 1549. The title page is printed in red and black within a woodcut border, and with a woodcut of Maino with his...


1610 - Gerardus Mercator . . . [and] . . . Iudocus Hondius . . .

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Striking image showing Mercator and Hondius in their idealized workshop. This famous portrait of two of the most important mapmakers during the Golden Age of Dutch cartography was engraved by Coletta Hondius, as a tribute to her late husband, shortly...


1619 - [Title Page] Italiae Sclavoniae, Et Graeciae tabula geographice, Per Gerardum Mercatorem . . .

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Finely colored example of this decorative title page from the first complete edition of Mercator's Atlas Sive Cosmographia . . .


1636 - [Title Page] Des Niewen Atlas Aenhang. . . 1644

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Striking old color example of the title page from Jansson's Atas Novus, first published in 1636. Marvelous ornate coat of arms. Title pages are increasing collected. Noteworthy cartographic historians, including R.V. Tooley, collected 16th-18th...


1640 - [Title Page] Niewen Atlas . . . (Heightened in Gold!)

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Lavishily Gold Leaf Heightened example of a German language title page from Jansson's Atas Novus, first published in 1636. Marvelous ornate coat of arms. Title pages increasing are collected. Noteworthy cartographic historians including R.V. Tooley...


1642 - [Title Page] Toonneel Des Aerdrycx, oft Nieuwe Atlas, uytgegeven door Wilhelm en Johan Blaeu

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Striking old color example of the title page from Blaeu's Atas Novus, first published in 1634. Marvelous ornated coat of arms and beautifully engraved figures. Title pages are increasingly collected. Noteworthy cartographic historians including R.V....


1642 - [Title Page] Novus Atlas . . . (Heightened in Gold)

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Striking old color example of the title page for Blaeu's Novus Atlas.