Antique rare maps of Europe


1576 - Europae (with Ottoman and Persian Empires -- Section From Unknown Wall Map?)

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A True Cartographic Rarity -- Europe, Persia and Middle East Map Section, Likely From A Lost 16th Century Wall Map of the World Exceptionally rare separately published map of Europe, the Middle East, Persian Empire and the Tartar Regions of Russia,...


1600 - [Eastern Hemisphere Globe Gores] (Nova et integra universi Orbis descriptio)

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Extremely rare set of 6 globe gores, comprising the Eastern Hemisphere of Johann Oterschaden's rare work. The gores depict the world based upon the cartographic details prevailing in about 1540 to 1550. Among the more noteworthy features of the gores...


1983 - [Signed Political Satire Artwork] Vietnam ... Vietnam ... Vietnam ...

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Signed Artwork By Famed Political Cartoonist Bob Gorrell Original cartoon artwork on paper by world renowned political cartoonist Bob Gorrell. Original cartoon was drawn for the Richmond News Leader in 1983, showing Uncle Sam being shown various...


1756 - [The First Maps in a la poupée Printed Color] Cartes en Couleur des Lieux Sujets aux tremblements de Terre Dans toutes les parties du Monde Selon le Sisteme de l’impulsion Solaire

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The First a la poupée Color Printed Maps in A Rare Pamphlet On The Relationship Between The Sun and Earthquakes Extremely rare separately published pamphlet by Jean Fabien Gautier D'Agoty, containing a complete set of his maps from his Observations...


1570 - Russiae, Moscoviae et Tartariae Descriptio Auctore Antonio Ienkensono Anglo edita Londini 1562 & dedicata illustriss D. Henrico Sydneo Wallie presidi.

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One of the Earliest Modern Maps of Russia Striking map of Russia, based upon Anthony Jenkinson's rare map of Russia drawn in 1562. The map covers the region from the Gulf of Finland, Lithuania and the Black Sea to the Sur River, Tashkent, the...


1585 - [Europe, Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Persian Empire]

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Fascinating early map of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and part of Persia. The map utilizes a stippled style of oceans most commonly used at the end of the 16th Century by Dutch mapmakers, such as Jodocus Hondius. Unusual projection of the...


1608 - Germaniae Typus

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Striking map of the German Empire, including the Low Countries, Switzerland, Austria, and part of the Balkans prepared by Johan Baptiste Vrients for the very late editions of Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The...


1626 - Europ, and the cheife Cities contained therein, described with the habits of most Kingdoms now in use . . . 1626

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Speed’s Stylish, Striking Map of Europe Fine, decorative example of the 1626 George Humble edition of Speed's notable map of Europe. This map was featured in the first atlas of the world published by an Englishman, Prospect of the Most Famous Parts...


1635 - Territorium Abbatiæ Heresfeldensis, 't Stift Hirszfeldt

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Decorative map of the region around Hirschfelt, along the Fuld River and environs. Nice full color.


1647 - Rugia Insula ac Ducatus accuratissime descripta ab E. Lubino. . . .

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Nice example of Blaeu's map of Rugia, including large decorative cartouche, compass rose, sailing ships, sea monster and 30 coats of arms.


1668 - L'Europe Corigee et augmentee dessus toutes les aultres cy devant faicte A Paris Chez H. Ialliot

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Rare map of Europe, one of the earliest maps to bear the imprint of Alexis Hubert Jaillot. The map also bears the name of Jaillot's predecessor, Nicolas Berey, in the dedicatory cartouche.


1683 - Hongrois

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Attractive portrait of natives in traditional dress.


1695 - West Indische PASKAERT waerin de graden der breedde over weder zijden vande middelijn wassende soo vergrooten dat die geproportioneert sijn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden der lengde; Vertonen (behalven Europaes zuydelijcste) alle de Zeekusten van Africa

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"A scientific and artistic document of the first order" -- One of the most important sea charts of the 17th century. Exceptionally rare Johannes Loots issue of Guillaume Blaeu's landmark sea chart of the Atlantic Ocean, America and Africa, printed on...


1696 - L'Europe divisee suivant l'esendue des ses principaux Estats... | L'Europe Distinguee Suivant L'Estendue de ses Principales Parties...

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Superb Original Hand-Color Example. Striking large format map of Europe, by Jaillot, published in Amsterdam circa 1696 by Pierre Mortier. The map extends as far east as Ural Mountains and west to Iceland. Interestingly, the prime meridian is shown...


1700 - L'Europe divisee suivant l'estendue de ses principaux Estats subdivises en leurs principales Provinces . . .

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Handsome hand-colored map of Europe, based on the geography of the French master cartographer Nicolas Sanson. The map comes from the Atlas Contractus sive Mapparum Geographicarum Sansoniarum, a semi-stable composite atlas published by Valk &...


1712 - A New Map of Europe according to its Ancient General Divisions and Names…Capital Cities, Chief Rivers, Mountains &c...Dedicated to His Highness William Duke of Glocester

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Prepared To Educate A Future King Decorative map of Europe at the beginning of the 18th Century. This map was part of an atlas dedicated to the Duke of Glocester, who was then attending school in Oxford.