Bosnia & Herzegovina

Antique rare maps of Bosnia & Herzegovina


1788 - Neueste Karte der Koenigreiche Bosnien Servien Croatien und Slavonien Samt den angraenzenden Provinzen Temeswar, Dalmatien, Herzegowina, Ragusa, Steyermark, Kaernthen, Krain, Friaul, Gradiska, und Istrien . . . 1788

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Extremely rare separately published map of the region bounded by Adriatic in the south and centered on the course of the Donau (Danube) River. The map is drawn from larger maps published General Bauer and F. Schmid, with credits for this map given to...


1690 - Corso Del Danubio da Vienna Sina a Nicopoli, e Paesi Adiacenti . . . .

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Monumental Six Sheet Map of the Danube Region Nice example of Vincenzo Maria Coronell's magnificent 6-sheet map of the course of the Danube River from Vienna to Nikopolje, published in Venice. The map is a remarkable compendium of information...


1703 - Carte de la Hongrie et des Pays qui en dependoient autresois dressée sur un grand nombre de memoire. . . 1703

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Detailed map of Southern Europe published by Guillaume De L'Isle. Shows Hungary, along with part of Dalmatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Constantinople, the Black Sea, Crimea, the Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Transylvania, Moravia, Moldovia, the...


1740 - Nuova Carta del Regno di Ungheria e della Transilvania secondo l'ultime Osservazioni . . .

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Scare map of Hungary, Slovenia, Transylvania, and parts of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, from an Italian edition of Thomas Salmon's , Modern History: or, the present state of all Nations. . . entitled Lo Stato Presente... published in...


1814 - Turkey in Europe

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An excellent detailed regional map of the Balkans, Turkey and Greece, showing towns, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, and other items of interest. Hand colored by regions.


1943 - Balkans Defence Preparations

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Balkans Related Anti-Nazi Propaganda Broadside Published in the British Empire Fascinating WWII broadside propaganda map, published in India, in order to keep the local populous informed about the War. The map describes Hitler's overtures to Tzar...


1548 - Dalmacia Nova Tabula

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Nice example of Gastaldi's modern map of the coastal parts of Dalmatia, including parts of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hezegovina, Montenegro, and Albania, along with portions of Venice and Istria.and the Adriatic Coast. The map is one of the...


1574 - Schlavoniae, Croatiae, Carniae, Istriae, Bosniae, Finitimarumque Regionum Nova Descriptio . . . (Unrecorded Variant Edition!)

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An Unrecorded Issue! Nice full color example of Ortelius' map of the region centered on the Drag and Sava Rivers, extending south to the Adriatic, near Zara, and east to the Danube and west to Triest, Meron, Villach and Karlsberg. The present...


1592 - Sclavonia Croatia, Bosnia & Dalmatiae Pars Maior

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Scarce early map of the region from Slovenia to Serbia, engraved by Johann Bussemacher and published by Quad. The map is centered on Croatia and Bosnia Herzogovina, extending south to Split on the coastline and east to Belgrade. Includes a large...


1640 - Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosnia, cum Dalmatiae cum Dalmatiae Parte . . .

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Nice example of Blaeu's decorative early map of the Balkans and the Gulf of Venice, with a large decorative cartouche. Includes Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Includes 3 coats of arms and a sailing ship.


1695 - Carta Maritima del Golfo di Venetia In quale si Contiene tutte le Coste et Isole di quello

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Fine chart of the Gulf of Venice and Northern Part of the Adriatic Sea, which appeared in Volume 1 of Coronelli's Corso Geographico, published in Venice. The sea chart would appear to be the chart originally issued in 1663 by Francesco Maria Levanto...


1740 - Le Royaume de Bosnie, dans son entier, dedie a son Exellence Monseigr. le feld Marechal Comte de Khewenhüller..

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Rare map of of the Kingdom of Bosnia by Etienne Briffuant and published in Vienna. The map extends from Varazdin and Zagreb (Agram) and Senj (Zeng) in the west, to Belgrade in the east, following the course of the Danube and Sava Rivers, encompassing...


1985 - jugoslavia . . . yugoslavia . . . jugoslawien . . .

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Pictorial map printed on linen in the former Yugoslavia.


1592 - Illyricum

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Nice old color example of Ortelius' map of the region from Triest and Villach in the west, to Brod in the east, along the course of the Sava, centered on Zagreb and Novograd. Includes nice detail along the Dalmatian Coast, including Zara, Alt Zara and...


1782 - La Croazia, Bosnia, e Servia Di nuova Projezione . . . 1782

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Detailed map of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzagovenia and Serbia, published in Venice by Zatta. Excellent coastal detail.