British Counties

Antique rare maps of British Counties


1910 - England-South Coast Dover Harbour . . . .1910

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Highly detailed map of the Port of Dover, published in 1910. The finely detailed chart reflects the revisions of the Admiralty over a number of years. The Military Prison, Castle, Harbor Works, Citadel and docks are plainly illustrated, along with a...


1948 - Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Rare pictorial map of Stratford-upon-Avon, the ancestral home of William Shakespeare. In the center, a map of the town is shown, naming streets, famous buildings, churches, parks, Inns, etc. The homes of famous locals are noted, with some William...


1572 - Oxonium nobile Anglie oppidum Septenrionalem . . . [with] Vindesorium celeberrimum Anglia castrum locus amoenißimus aedificia magnifica . . .

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Decorative pair view of Oxford and Windsor Castle, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Theatrum, the most famous atlas of city views published in the 16th Century. Fine full color example with wide clean margins.


1658 - Ancien Royaume de Northumberland aujourdhuy Provinces de Nort ou sont les Comtes de Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Westmorland Lancaster, et Yorck.

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Nicolas Sanson's double-page engraved map of northern England, focusing on Northumberland. The map was published in Paris in 1658. The map features an impressive cartouche of horses and putti.


1710 - Carte Particuliere D'Une Partie D'Angleterre . . . (Sandwich, Dover, Canterbury, etc)

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Fine example of Mortier's regional map of the British Coastline from the Isle of Shepy to the region just south of Dover. Larger cities shown include Canterbury, Margae, Dover, Folkstone and Ashford. The map is drawn from the map of Henry Frix.


1798 - (Oxford) Merton College from the Fields. The Oxford Almanack For the Year of our Lord God MDCCXCVIII

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Scarce broadside Oxford Almanac for the year 1798. Appears quite rare with only 2 other examples, one at the British Library (on OCLC) and a second at the British Museum. Issued in 1798 by Dayes. The example at the British Museum is blank in the...


1818 - Plan of an Estate called Mill Hill and New Lockers with Oak Farm in the Parish of Great Bursted and County of Essex belonging to John Ward Esqr.

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A Hand Drawn Survey Map on Vellum -- Great Bursted Township, Essex County Detailed cadastral survey map of New Lockers, Mill Hill and Oak Farm, "Surveyed by J and W. Newton, Chancery Lane, 1818." Very attractive example of the mapmaker’s art from...


1822 - Oldham

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Detailed map of Oldham, with a key locating 11 points of interest.


1824 - Ashton under Line

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Detailed map of the town of Ashton under Line, in Lancashire, just east of Manchester.


1824 - Rochdale

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Detailed map of the town of Rochdale in Lancashire, north of Manchester.


1836 - Liverpool

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Detailed plan of Liverpool, with inset views from the Harbor and Black Rock Lighthouse, along with a profile showing the 15 major buildings and churches and a small plan of Liverpol in 1729. Marvelous town plan.


1930 - A Chart of the Aintree Race Course [Liverpool, England]

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Rare pictorial map of the famed Aintree Race Course, home to the Grand National, drawn by pictorial artist George Annand, The two mile course boasts 30 fences, individually numbered, the race consists of two laps. Ditches and water features provide...


1947 - Historic York

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Finely executed pictorial map of the City of York, published in York by by Ben Johnson & Co. The map is the work of York's own commercial illustrator Estra Clark. The map shows buildings, landmarks, sites of significant events, the city wall,...


1948 - Cambridge This immense & glorious work of fine intellegence...

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An attractive pictorial map of the idyllic and historical university town of Cambridge. The twenty-one constituent colleges of the university are all listed and shown around the map, save for Selwyn, Newnham, and Girton. The city is portrayed in...


1575 - Cantii, Southsexiae, Surriae et Middelsexiae comitat, Una cum suis Undique confinibus, Oppidis, pagis, Villis, et Fluminibus, in eisdem vera descriptio. Ano. Din 1575 et D. Elizabethe Regine ao. 17.

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The First Printed Map of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Middlesex, drawn from Christopher Saxton's 16th Century Survey of England. Fine example of Christopher Saxton's map of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Middlesex, dated 1575, the 17th year of the Reign of...


1576 - Essexiae Comitat' Nova vera ac absaluta descriptio

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The First Printed Map of Essex A fabulous Saxton map of Essex, showing the county at a time when it nearly reached the City of London. The detail on the map is fabulous, with many cities and townships displayed. Parts of adjacent counties, including...