British Counties

Antique rare maps of British Counties


1676 - Suffolke described and divided into Hundreds, The Situation of the fayre towne Ipswich Shewed, with the Armes of the most noble families that have bene either Dukes, or Earles both of that Countie as also of Clare . . .

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Attractive full color example of Speed's map of the county of Suffolk, from the 1676 edition of Speed's Theatre of Great Britain. Includes multiple coats of arms and a large inset plan of the town of Ipswich. British historian John Speed is perhaps...


1676 - Montgomery Shire

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A nice full color example of Speed's map of the County of Montgomery, including coats of arms and detailed town plans of Bangor and Montgomery. Speed's Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain… was first published in 1612, employing maps which Speed...


1676 - Leicester both Countye and Citie described, The Honorable Families that have had the titles of Earle thereof, With other accidents therein observed.

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A nice example of this decorative double-page engraved county map of Leicester by John Speed. Includes insets of Leicester, eight coats of arms, plus a large English coat of arms, battle scenes, etc.


1676 - The West Ridinge of Yorkeshyre with The most famous and fayre Citie Yorke described 1610

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A nice example of this decorative county map by John Speed, covering the West Riding of Yorkshire. Includes inset of Yorke, along with seven coats of arms.


1676 - Kent with her Cities and Earles Described and observed

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Decorative map of Kent based on the work of Philip Symonson, from Speed's Atlas. Insets of the cathedral cities of Canterbury and Rochester, and seven coats of arms. Due to Kent's extensive coastline, and proximity to France and the Netherlands, it...


1676 - The Countie Pallatine of Lancaster Described and Divided Into Hundreds 1610

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John Speed's highly decorative double-page engraved map of Lancaster. The map features the portraits of Henry IIII, Henry V, Henry VI, and Henry VII under the heading "Blessed are, the Peace-Makers." It also shows Edward IIII, Edward V, Richard III,...


1695 - Comitatus Rotelandiae Tabula Nova & Aucta

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A detailed county map of Rutland prepared by Robert Morden in 1695 and most likely printed as part of the 1722 edition of Camden's Britannia. The map of this small county is attractively designed, with forests, lakes, and towns all shown, and larger...


1705 - L'Isle De Wight, Dressee sur les Derniers Memoirs . . .

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Detailed map of the Isle of Wight and contiguous coastline, from Portsmouth and Southampton to Swynghills and Havre de Rey (Kings Harbor). Shows a very detailed treatment of the island, both coastal and interior, with rhumb lines. Inset of Tor Bay and...


1720 - The Shire of Kincairden or Mears With the South Part of Aberdeen Shire &c. H, Moll Geographer

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Small engraved map of the region around Aberdeen, Scotland, by Herman Moll. Shows the old shires Kincairden or Mears and part of Aberdeenshire.


1730 - A Map of Knightlow Hundred Reduced From an Actual Survey made in the Year 1725 by Henry Beighton Fellow of ye Royal Society, 1729 . . .

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Engraved map of a part of Warwickshire from William Dugdale's The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated…beautified with maps, prospects and portraitures. The map includes Coventry.


1730 - A Map of Barlichway Hundred. Reduc'd from an Actual Survey made in the Year 1725 by Hen. Beighton Fellow of the Royal Society 1729

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Engraved map of part of Warwickshire from William Dugdale's The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated…beautified with maps, prospects and portraitures.


1765 - A Map of the County of Devon, with the City & County of Exeter . . .

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Fine example of Benjamin Donn's 12-sheet map of Devon, the first map to win the Royal Society of Arts award for the best 1 inch to a mile survey of an English county, and the first large-scale printed map of Devon. Engraved and published by Thomas...


1767 - To the Most Noble Thomas Holles Pelham Duke of Newcastle . . . This Map of the County of Middlesex is Dedicated by his Grace's most humble Servant . . .

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Fine large format map of the County of Middlesex, with London in the lower right corner. Includes 92 small coats of arms of the Free Companies in the county, and two larger decorative cartouches. A large and decorative 18th century map of Middlesex...


1779 - Provincia de Surrey

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Antique map of the Surrey and adjoining Home Counties. In the 18th century layout of the county, the northern border is marked by the River Thames, and Surrey includes parts of London, though Westminster and the Isle of Dogs form part of Middlesex....


1779 - Provincia di Essex di nuova Projezione . . . .1779

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Antique map of the Provinces of Essex, published by Antonio Zatta in Venice.


1779 - Provincia de Kent . . . 1779

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Antique map of the County of Kent and vicinity, published in Venice by Antonio Zatta.