British Isles

Antique rare maps of British Isles


1702 - Les Isles Britanniques ou sont le Rme. d'Angleterre tire de Sped celuy d'Ecosse tire de Th. Pont &c. et celuy d'Irlande tire de Petti Le tout rectifie par diverses Observations . . . 1702

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Nice example of De L'Isle's map of the British Isles, bearing the scarce imprint of "Quai de Horloge a l'Aigle d'Or." (the Golden Eagle). The source for the map are John Speed (England & Wales), Timothy Pont (Scotland) and William Petty...


1706 - Novissima Prae Caeteris aliis Accuratissima Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae Tabula . . . 1706

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Finely colored example of this rare edition of Schenk's map of the British Isles, on double thick paper. The present example is Shirley's state 2, with the date, which is rarely seen on the market, especially in such exceptional condition.


1708 - A Plan of London, Westmr. and Southwark wth ye Rivr Thames as they were survey’d and publish’t by Authority toward ye latter end of ye Reign of Queen Elizabeth; or about ye year of our Lord 1600 . . .

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Fine full color example of the Edward Hatton edition of Braun & Hogenberg's view of London, first published in 1572. Hatton's view is based upon Braun & Hogenberg's 16th Century plan of the city, with a new title added in English.


1710 - Magna Britannia complectens Angliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae Regna in suas Provincias et Comitatus divisa . . . (with Portrait of Ann)

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Striking example of this decorative map of the British Isles, with spectacular large format cartouche, coat of arms and portait of Queen Anne and an allegorical representation of Europe resting on a globe. From Homann's Atlas Novus Terrarum. Gorgeous...


1715 - Carte des Royaumes d'Ecosse et d'Irlande avec Les Costes Maritimes de France, Pais-Bas, d'Allemagne, Danemarck et Norvege, qui environment la Mer du Nord, ou song marquez les Bancs et les Sondes &c. . . . 1715

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Rare large format map of the British Isles and the contiguous coastline of Europe from Brittany and the Channel Islands east to Norway and Denmark, with the seas marked with rhumb lines. Originally published by Inselin c.1713, this separate-issue map...


1719 - Nouvelle Carte Du Gouvernement Civil D'Angleterre Et de Celuy De La Ville De Londres [London Town Plan, etc]

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Striking plan of London, with map of England and two large allegorical views. A finely engraved map from Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique, one of the most famous and prolific works of the early 18th Century.


1719 - Carte Du Gouvernement Militaire D'Angleterre Ou L'On Represente L'Etat Des Officiers De Guerre Et Celui Des Forces De Terre Et De Mer

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Decorative map of the British Isles with idyllic scenes showing councils of the various military officers of the British Isles. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1719 - Carte Du Gouvernement Ecclesiastique D'Angleterre: Lordre De Cette Assemblee, Accomagne De Trophees A la Gloire Des Savans . . .

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Fascinating series of scenes, which include scenes from both Cambridge and Oxford and nearly 20 different coats of arms, along with portraits of great scholars. Very decorative. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1720 - Carte pour l'Introduction a l'Histoire d'Angleterre ou l'on Voit son Premier Gouvernement et l'Etat Abrege de cette Monarchie sous les Empereurs Romains, et sous les Rois Saxons

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Fantastic early map of the British Isles, surrounded by the portraits of the Saxon Kings and Queens of England, from Egbert in 801 to Queen Anne in 1701. Central map of the British Isles under Roman occupation. Smaller map defining the Anglo-Saxon...


1728 - The River Tyne From Tinmouth to Newcastle (with) A Draught of the River Humber (with) A Draught of Yarmouth Roads (with) A Draught of Harwich (with) A Draught of Burlington Bay and Pier (with) The Road and Pier to Hartlepool

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Striking Set of Charts from an Influential Atlas Fine set of charts of various ports in and around the United Kingdom. The charts include (from left to right) Yarmouth Roads, Harwich, the Humber, Hartlepool, Scarbrough, Burlington Bay and Pier, and...


1728 - A Draught of the Bristol Channel from the Holmes to King Road, including the River Avon. Taken from Capt. Holliday's Survey of the Said River ketp in ye. Merchants Hall at Bristol.

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Scarce Sea Chart of the Bristol Channel from an Influential Atlas A fascinating detailed chart of the approaches to Bristol. The Somerset shore is detailed from "Brint"(Brean) to north of the mouth of the Avon. The town of "Weston Supermare" is also...


1728 - A Draught of the Northern Navigation according to Mercators Projection.

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Fine Chart of the Far North Atlantic from an Influential Atlas Scarce sea chart of the north Atlantic covering the British Isles, North Sea, Scandinavia, Iceland (here "Iseland"), the German coast, and the Baltic. This chart is on a Mercator...


1728 - Milford Haven Accurately Surveyed

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Scarce Sea Chart of Welsh and English Features From an Influential Atlas A fascinating and detailed chart of Milford Haven, in Wales, as well as the mouth of the Severn, also in Wales. The third chart is of the Scilly Islands, off Cornwall. Atlas...


1730 - Nieuwe en Seer nette Caart van de Baay en Stadt Gibraltar, Geteekent door Wel Ede: Hr: H. Leysnslager . . .

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Rare chart of the Bay and Harbor at Gibraltar, based upon a contemporary survey by Captain Hendrik Lynslager, who held the title of Vice-Admiral van Holland en Vest-Friesland. The chart provides a detailed profile of Gibraltar and the surrounding...


1730 - A Map of Kineton-Hundred Reduced from an Actual Survey made in the Year 1725 by Henry Beighton of Griffin Warwickshire E.R.S. 1730

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Engraved map of part of Warwickshire from William Dugdale's The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated…beautified with maps, prospects and portraitures.


1730 - Les Isles Britanniques ou sont le Royaumes d'Angleterre Tire de Sped Celuy D'Ecosse Tire de Th. Pont et Celuy D'Irlande Tire de Petti Le tout Rectifie Par Diverses Observations.

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Covens and Mortier's attractive double-page engraved map of the British Isles, based on the 1702 De L'Isle map. This example has a pleasing contemporary outline hand color. The map features a large cartouche in the upper left comprised of numerous...