Antique rare maps of Austria


1581 - Ungariae Loca Praecipua Recens Emendata . . .

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Nice full color example of Ortelius' map of Hungary and surrounding regions. Highly detailed regional map with decorative cartouche, coat of arms and migratory animals in the middle of the map. The map appeared in Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum,...


1584 - Hungariae Descriptio, Wolfgango Lazio Auct.

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Striking full color example of Ortelius' map of Hungary and surrounding regions, which appeared in Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the World. Highly detailed regional map with decorative cartouche, coat of arms and...


1587 - Rhetiae alpestris descriptio in qua hodie Tirolis Comitatus [with] Goritiae, Karstii, Chaczeolae, Carniolae, Histriae, et Windorum Marchae Descrip.

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A nice full color example of these two regional maps by Ortelius. The Tirolian map extends from Mantua, Verona and Vincenza to Furstenfeld, Mildorf and Wasserburg and is centered on Innsburck. Salzburg also appears. The second map extends from the...


1587 - Austriae Ducatus Chorographia Wolfgango Lazio Auctore

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Decorative regional map of Austria and Hungary, following the Danube from Lintz to Bratislava and extending north to the Teya and south to the Dranus. A nice full color example with wide margins. From the 1587 French edition of Ortelius' Theatrum...


1592 - Salisburgensis Jurisdictionis locorumque vicinorum vera descriptio Auctore Marco Secznagel Salisburgense . . . 1590

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Detailed map of Saltzburg, based upon an earlier map by Markus Setznagel. Setznagel was the son of an official and member of the external council of the city Salzburg, Michael Setznagel. His most important work was the first general map of Salzburg,...


1593 - Austriae Ducatus Seu Pannoniae Superioris Chorographia Germana Summa Fide Ac Industria Elaborata a Wolfgang Lazio.

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De Jode's edition of Wolfgang Lazius' map of Austria. Fine 16th Century map of Austria, extending from Lintz in the west to Gratz and Volkmarkt in the south, Bratislava and the Neusiedler See in the east. The map is drawn from Wolfgang Lazius' Typi...


1594 - Linsum Austraiae vulgo Lintz Anno 1594

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Decorative early view of Braun & Hogenberg's view of Lintz, from an elevated viewpoint, looking south from Across the Danube. The map is based upon a landscape painting by Lukas van Valckenborch, engraved by Georg Hoefnagel in 1594. The text on...


1595 - Austria Archiducatus

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Old color example of the Mercator's map of Austria from his Atlas Sive Cosmographia. The map is centered on the Danube River from the Bavarian border to Pressburg.


1600 - Hungariae Loca Precipua Recens Emendata, Atque Edita Pera Ioannem Sambucum Pannonium . . . 1592

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Detailed map of the the region bounded by Vienna in the West and following the course of the Danube to Belgrade. Decorative early region map, centered on Hungary.


1600 - Austria archiducatus . . . 1593

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Detailed map of Austria, published in Cologne by Quad and Bussemacher. Matthaus Quad was a German cartographer based in Cologne. The map was engraved by Johannes Bussemacher and appeared in several Geographical works published by Quad and Bussemacher...


1620 - Stiria

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Detailed map of Stiria, centered on the course of the Dranus River and the Mura River. Decorative cartouche with coat of arms.


1625 - Stiria

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Fine map of Stiria, from the 1625-26 edition of Purchas His Pilgrims, one of the seminal early 17th Century English Language travel works. On a 13 x 9 inch sheet with English text, front and back.


1635 - Stiria Steyrmarck.

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Detailed map of Stiria, published by Willem Blaeu. The map tracks the region north of the Drava River. Major cities include Gratz, Voitsberg, Bruck an der Mur, Kapfenberg, Leoben, Kobenz, Knittelfeld, Obdach, Kreiglach,


1640 - Austria Archiducatus auctore Wolfgango Lazio

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Striking full color example of Blaeu' map of Austria. The map is centered on the Danube River, from the Bavarian border to Pressburg, centered on Wien (Vienna).


1640 - Salzburg

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Striking map of Salzburg, Austria, published by Merian. The map includes a large coat of arms and fine depiction of the fortified walls on either side of the river.


1644 - Austria Archiducatus Auctore Wolfgango Lazio

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Very rare Nicolas Berey map of Austria. While at first glance, the map appears very similar to the Henricus Hondius map and the Guillaume Blaeu map of Austria of the same title, these are 3 entirely different copper plates. The most obvious difference...