Antique rare maps of Austria


1657 - Ertz-Hertzogthumb Oesterrich -- Archiduche D'Anstriche Haute, et Basse... 1657

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Nicolas Sanons' double-page engraved map of part of Austria, centered on the course of the Donau River. The map was published in Paris in 1657.


1660 - Vienne en Austriche

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Fine early view of Vienna, published by Jollain in Paris. The view shows Vienna from across the Danube, looking westward. All Jollain views are rare on the market.


1663 - Carte de Haute et Basse Hongrie Transilvanie Sclavonie, Croatie, et Dalmatie Dessigneee sur les lieux par un Gentilhome Hongrois . . . 1663

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Rare map of Upper and Lower Hungary, Transylvania, Slovenia, Croatia and Dalmatia, published by Nicolas Berey in Paris. The map tracks the course of the Danube from Vienna to beyond Belgrad. The map includes several small vignettes depicting...


1669 - Vienne en Autriche 1669

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Rare separately publshed view of Vienna by Hubert Jaillot, published in Paris in 1669. This is a very early work for Jaillot. Rarity We located no other examples of the view in OCLC or any auction records or dealer catalogs.


1680 - Regnum Hungariae in Omnes suos Comitatus Accurate Divisum Editum Per I. de Ram.

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Striking example of Johannes De Ram's rare map of the Hungarian Empire, extending to Belgrad in the east. Includes decorative cartouche, coat of arms, etc.


1684 - Arciducato d' Austria che compone parte Circulo de Medo: nome diviso . . . 1684

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Scarce Cantelli-Rossi map of Austria, first published by Rossi in 1684. The map tracks the Danube from Passau to Pressburg (Bratislava), and from Moravia in the north to Stiria in the south.


1695 - Circuli Austriaci Orientalior Pars; in qua Austria Properia et abea Dependentes, Tum Ducatus, Stiriae, Carintiae, Carniola Tum Comitatus Hisce Inclusi, Cillensis et Goritiae Singuli Subdivisi . . .

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Fine example of Gerard Valk's map of Austria, the Gulf of Venice and part of Croatia and Istria. Highly detailed map of the region bounded by the Gulf of Venice and the Golfo Carnero, Stiria and Cherso Island in the South, and extending to north of the...


1697 - Vindeliciae et Norici Conterminarum op terrarum antiqua descriptio

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Decorative 18th Century Map of the region north of the Adriatic, from Cluver's Introductionis en Universum Geographicus…., one of the most prolific 17th and 18th Century Geography books.


1719 - Nouvelle Carte De La Hongrie Divisee Selon ses Differents Etats, Avec une Chronologie De Ses Ducs et de ses Rois . . .

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Detailed large format map of the Hungarian Empire, extending to Bosnia, Slovenia, Temeswar, and the Saw River in the south to Moravia, and the Frontiers of Poland in the north, centered on the course of the Danube from Vienna to Belgrade. Includes...


1720 - Regnorum Hungariae Dalmatiae, Croatiae, Sclavoniae Bosniae et Serviae cum Principatu Transylvanie, maxima que Parte Valachiae nova et exacta tabula ex Archetypo Mulleriano . . .

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Fine Example of J.B. Homann's Wall Map of Hungary, Detailed early 18th century map of the region between Dalmatia, Serbia, Transylvania and Poland, centered on the Kingdom of Hungary Includes two decorative cartouches, the one at the right showing...


1730 - Holmia Stockholm

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Rare view of Stockholm published by J.F. Leopold, in Augsburg, in 1730. The view includes a coat of arms and extensive description of the city in Latin and German. This is the first example we have offered in over 20 years.


1740 - Exactissima Ducatus Carniolae Vinidorum Marchia et Histria delineatio cura et caelo . . . .

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Detailed map of the region from Obercrain and Southern Carinthia in the west to Croatia in the east, centered on Istria, Chres and Krk Islands and the Dalmatian Coastline. Ljubjana (Laybach or Laubach) appears prominently to the north of the Czirnizer...


1740 - Plan de Vienne et de ses Environs Dedie au Roy . . .

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Finely colored plan of Vienna, published in Paris by George Louis Le Rouge and dedicated to the King of France. Shows the fortified walls both in the environs of Vienna, the Esplanade surrounding the old city and the fortified walls of the Old City,...


1755 - Partie Meridionale Du Cercle D'Autriche, qui comprend La Basse Partie Du Duche De Stirie, Le Duche Carinthie...Le Duche De Carniole . . . et L'Istrie Imperiale . . .

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Detailed regional map of the region north of the Gulf of Venice, Istria, etc.. Shows the Southern portion of the Austrian Empire, from the Republic of Venice and the Gulf of Venice in the west to the Croatian Border. Shows Salzburg, Graz, Rijeka,...


1760 - [Austria] Nova Mappa Archiducatus Austriae Superioris Ditiones in suos Quadrantes divisas conspectui sistens . . . .

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Highly detailed regional map, centered on the course of the Danube River, from Ips to Braunau. Also shows Salzburg, Rachstats, Rottenman, Loeben, Waiddhofen, Zwetl, Weitra and Passau. Ornate cartouche.


1777 - Partie Septentrionale Du Cercle D'Autriche, qui comprend L'Archiduche D Autrice divise en ses huit Quariers et La Haute Partie du Duche de Stirie . . .

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Detailed map of the northern part of Austria, published in Venice by Paolo Santini. The map is centered on the Course of the Danube River, from Passau, Germany to Vienna.