Czech Republic & Slovakia

Antique rare maps of Czech Republic & Slovakia


1596 - Bohemia

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Fine example of Johan Bussemacher's map of Bohemia, engraved by Henricus Nagel. One of the few separate maps of Bohemia published in the 16th Century.


1630 - . . . Hochgebornen Fürsten und Herrn Herrn Julii Heinrici Hertzogen zu Sachsen Engern undt Westphalen Residentschlosses und erbaueten Lustgartens zue Sclaccowerdt im Könichreich Behmen

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Rare separately published view of Ostrov nad Ohrí (German Schlackenwerth), in northwest Bohemia. We have not been able to locate an example of this view, but we have identified a smaller contemporary view by Merian, which suggests that a portion of...


1642 - Regni Bohemiae Nova Descriptio

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Fine example of the Evert Cloppenberg edition of Pieter Karius' map of Bohemia, with the additional view of Kaiserhof. Engraved by P. Kaerius, after E. Lubin. Insets: View of Prague; view of "Kaisers Hof".


1642 - Description De La Ville De Prague Siege et Metropolitaine Du Royaume De Bohesme . . . 1642

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Rare early view of Prague, published in Paris by Jean Boisseau. Fine large perspective view centered on the Charles Bridge with 122 key locations identified in French in the lower margin. The view was published in Jean Boisseau's extremely rare...


1667 - Prague

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Fine view of Prague, drawn and engraved by Jean Sauve and possibly copied from either Jollain or de Jonghe. The view depicts the city with its grand hilltop castles and has a key identifying 46 important sites. The title is contained in a ribbon-style...


1676 - Bohemia Newly Described . . . Anno Dom: 1626

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Decorative map of Bohemia, from Speed's Prospect of the World. Includes 7 cities across the top and costumed figures on either side of the map.


1690 - Marcomania, hoggidi Marchesato De Moravia; detto uolgarmente Marnhem . . .

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Finely engraved map of Moravia, published by Vincenzo Coronelli. Includes decorative cartouche and multiple coats of arms. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, a Venetian scholar and Minorite Friar, was one of the most celebrated map and globe makers of his era....


1730 - Praga celeberrima et maxima totius Bohemiae Metropolis et Universitas florentissima ad Muldam Fl.

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Fine example of Seutter's decorative and highly detailed plan of Prague, with a striking view of the city below. The map shows the city divided into three neighborhoods, the "small," "old," and "new" cities. Fields and Vysehard Cemetary surround the...


1742 - Plan de Prag Capitale du Royaume de Boheme Escalade et prise par l'Arme de France de Vavierre et de Saxe la nuit du 25 au 26 Decmb. 1741

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Striking plan of Prague, published in Paris by Jean Baillieul. The map shows French Army taking Prague in December 1741, during the War of Austrian Succession.


1742 - [Bohemia / Czechia] Le Royaume De Boheme Divise en 17 Cercles ou Prectures avec Partie Misnie de Silesie et de Moravie . . . 1742

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Detailed map of Bohemia, centered on Prague. Includes towns, roads, rivers, lakes and a number of other details. A rare late state of the map.


1743 - (Prague) Kriegs-Expeditions-Karte in Bohmen I. Blat, in welchem die Haubtstadt Prag mid der Franzossischen und Saechsischen Belagerug und Eroberung So Den 26 November 1741 . . .

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Plan of the fortifications of Prague, published by Homann Heirs in Nuremberg. The plan shows a region extending up and down the Moldava River and illustrating a battle fought between the French and Saxon Troops in November 1741. Shows battle plans,...


1744 - [Prague] Wahrhaffter und Accurater entworffener Plan und Grund-Riss der Hauptstadt Prag in dem Königreiche Böhmen; wie Solche von dem Kayserlichen Königlichen Preussischen Auxiliar Trouppen im Monath September A. 1744 belagert und erobert worden.

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A finely drafted manuscript plan of Prague, depicting Frederick the Great's 1744 siege of the city, executed by the Danish engineer Gregers Daa Trellund. This magnificent plan shows Prague and its environs as they appeared in 1744, after the Prussian...


1745 - Praga, in Bohmen

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A Fine Large View of Prague Striking large format view of Prague, published by Johann Friedrich Probst (Heirs of Jeremiah Wolff), including 4 decorative coats of arms. Includes a key locating 76 places on the view. The view is based upon the...


1746 - Le Marquisat De Moravie . . .

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Decorative map of Moravia, published by George Louis Le Rouge, one of the most important French mapmakers of his generation. Includes a coat of arms.


1748 - Plan de L'Attaque et de la Defense de Prag Dresse Sur les derniers lans de Monseigneur le Prince de Soubise . . .

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Finely executed battle plan, showing the Siege of Prague in 1742. French forces first under the command of de Broglie were surrounded by a large Austrian army in June 1742. A French relief column forced the Austrians to partially lift the siege in...


1748 - Royaume de Boheme Marquisat de Moravie, et Silesie Autrichienne . . . 1748

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Detailed map of the Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia, published in De Vaugondy's first atlas.