Czech Republic & Slovakia

Antique rare maps of Czech Republic & Slovakia


1753 - Bohmen

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Rare second edition of this small map of Bohemia, which apeared in the 11th edition of Kurtze, erlauterung . . . published in Berlin in 1795.


1758 - [Austrian Army Positions in Moravia, May 1758] . Plan du Campe de L'Armee Imperiale dans les Environs de Chotze le 4me May 1758.

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Chocen, Hemze and Bestovice, Czechia -- May 1758 -- Positions of the Austrian Army Under The Command of Count von Daun Finely executed map illustrating the Austrian military positions, likely under the Command of Field Marshall Count Leopole Josef von...


1759 - (Vejprnice, Czechia) Manoeuvers Der in dem Laagern beij Pilsen Stehenden Kaiserlich auc Kayeserlich Koenigl. Infanterie Regimenter Zur Attaque eines beij Weipernitz Sauponirten Feindlichen Corps

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Manuscript Battle Plan of the area around Vejprnice, Czechia. Finely executed battle plan showing the troop positions to the west of the town of Weipernitz (Vejprnice), about 4 miles west of Pilsen (Plzen) in the northern part of the Czech Republic....


1760 - Pianta della Battaglia de 18 Giugnu 1757 seguita a Chozemitz presso Kollino fra l'Armata Austriaca sotto gli ordini del MarescialloLe Daun e l'Armata Prussiana comandata dal Re in persona

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Detailed Italian language battle plan of the Battle of Kolin, fought to the east of Prague on July 18, 1757, during the Seven Years War. The Battle of Kolín saw 44,000 Austrians under Count von Daun, defeat 32,000 Prussians under Frederick the...


1778 - Carte von Boehmen Maehren Schlesien und Lausitz

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Rare separately published map showing a description of Marche and the position of the imperial Prussian and Sachis armies in Bohemia in 1778.


1796 - La Parte Orientale Del Regno Di Boemia delineata Sulle Ultime Osservazzioni. . .1797

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Rare and highly decorative regional map of the Eastern part of Bohemia. The map shows Prague in the west and extends to the Moravian and Silesian borders. Includes an ornate cartouche.


1802 - Provincia Kaurzimensis

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Rare Separately Published Map of Prachatice District From The First Atlas of Bohemia Rare regional map of the Prachatice District, covering the southwestern portion of the modern Czech Republic. The atlas contained 13 maps, and was based upon...


1802 - Prachiner Kreis

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Rare Separately Published Map of Kauzim Province From The First Atlas of Bohemia Rare regional map of the Kaurzim Province, including Prag in the northwest, covering the central portion of the modern Czech Republic. The atlas contained 13 maps and...


1840 - Panorama von Prag Nach der Natur im Volksgarten aufgenommen

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Rare panoramic view of Prague, showing the town from the Chotkovy hillside. The view is based upon a drawing by Morstat and engraved by F. Geissler.


1860 - General-Karte der Markgrafschaft Mahren und des Herzogthums Schleisen mit Benutzund der neuesten und besten Aufnahrnen und Messungen entworfen u gezeichnet . . .

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Rare map of the Moravia and Schliesen, depicting the region in remarkable and exacting detail. Includes tables, coats of arms and graphic details.


1939 - Checoeslovaquia

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Award winning pair of manuscript cards, prepared by Antonio Raggio for the 11th Congreso de la Union Postal Universal (World Postal Congress) Exposition Filatelica Internacional, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1939. The map shows a finely...


1945 - (Second World War - Triumphal Map) Operational Movement of the 575th Motor Ambulance Company in the European Theatre of Operations Showing Routes and Command Post Locations

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Czech-Published Map Celebrating the Victories of the 575th Motor Ambulance Company, Published in Pilsen in 1945. Fascinating separately issued map of Western Europe focusing on the movements and exploits of the American 575th Motor Ambulance Company,...


1964 - Poznejte Krasy Stredoceskeho Kraje Vyuzijte Sluzeb Pohostinstvi Lidovych Spotrebnich Druzstev

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Fine example of this scarce pictorial map of the Central Bohemian regions, published by the People's Consumer Cooperatives. The title translates as: Discover the beauties of the Central Bohemian Region. Take advantage of the Hospitality Services of...


1586 - Posonium [Bratislava]

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An attractive antique view of Posonium [Bratislava] showing the city from the east, from across the Danube. The city is small, with a handful of churches, several neighborhoods, and a castle overlooking the city. The map is delicately colored....