Antique rare maps of Hungary


1789 - Karte von dem Banat Temeswar und einigen Districten auf Servischer seit Geographu aufgenomen von Castulus Reidl. K. Paltz. Bayr. Ingen Capit.

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An Early Map of the Banat of Timisoara Rare separately published map of the Banat of Timișoara, published in Munich by Castulus Reidl, The map is centered on Timișoara, and bounded by Zeged in the northwest, the Maros (Mures) River in the north,...


1794 - Hungary and Transilvania; with Croatia and Sclavonia: also Moldovia and Valakia with Bukovina & Bessarabia By Samuel Dunn . . .

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Detailed engraved map of the Balkans and Hungary, by one of the most important mapmaking firms of the end of the 18th century: Laurie & Whittle. The map shows Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia and the region extending east to Romania and the Black...


1799 - Postkarte von Ober Ungarn und Siebenburgen / Mappa Geographica Veredariorum Hungariae Superioris et Transilvanie

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Rare postal map of Hungary, which appeared in Von Reilly and Kuhn's Atlas Universae rei veredariae bilinguis ... Allgemeiner Postatlas von der ganzen Welt . . . , published in Vienna in 1799. Von Reilly & Kuhn's atlas is the first postal atlas of...


1799 - Allgemeine Postkarte von Ungarn, Kroatien, Sklavonien und Sibenburgen zur Uebersicht / Mappa Generalis Cursus Publicos Per Hungariam, Croatiam, Sclavoniam, Transilvaniam, Repraesentans

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Rare postal map of Eastern Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Transilvania, and parts of Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Galitzia and Bukowina, which appeared in Von Reilly and Kuhn's Atlas Universae rei veredariae bilinguis ... Allgemeiner Postatlas von der ganzen...


1800 - [Part of Hungary]

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One sheet from a larger map, covering Hungary in remarkable detail. The map bears the stamp of a German Jesuit Library and may have been from a map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


1800 - (Southern Hungary, between Tisza River and Danube River, South of Budapest)

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Lower sheet of this rare 2 (?) sheet map focusing on the navigable rivers, post roads and geology of Southern Hungary. The map primarily covers the regions between the Tisza River and Danube River,, to the south of Budapest. The map extends along the...


1819 - Mappa Dioecesis Alba-Regalensis, Per Inclytos Comitatus Albensem et Pilsiensem extensae ac in duos Archi Diaconatus divisae. Delineata per Joan: Pongratz Anno MDCCCXIX

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Rare two sheet map of Albensis (Fejér) in Hungary by Janor Pongratz. The map is centered on Székesfehérvár with the Danube River at the right, intersecting the towns of Buda and Pest. The name Stuhlweißenburg appears in pencil in the title....


1828 - [Budapest] Buda s Pesth szabad kiralyi varosoknak s kornyekeiknek Planuma Pesthen, kiada Tomala Ferdinand A Piatzok es Utszak neveik Budan | Plan der koniglichen freyen Staedte Ofen u: Pesth sammt ihren Umgebungen. Pesth im Verlage bey Ferdinand Tomal

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Rare large lithographic plan of Buda and Pest by Jozsef Csintalan published by Ludvig von Landerer in Pesth (Budapest). A rare early lithographic plan and an unusually large lithographic stone. The plan is oriented with west at the top, extending...


1851 - Hungary

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Gorgeous full color example of Tallis's map of Hungary, with vignettes showing Hungarian Nobles, Budapest, Hungarian Peasants and a scene on the Danube. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great decorative...


1862 - Johnson's Austria Turkey in Europe and Greece

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Marvelous map showing Greece, Turkey and a very large Austrian Empire, including all of Hungary, Transylvania, Galitzia, Bohemia, Moravia, etc. Excellent delineation of the Balkans states, at a time when they all had their current names. Plus, a few...


1586 - Posonium [Bratislava]

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An attractive antique view of Posonium [Bratislava] showing the city from the east, from across the Danube. The city is small, with a handful of churches, several neighborhoods, and a castle overlooking the city. The map is delicately colored....