Antique rare maps of Poland


1548 - Tabula Moderna Poloniae Ungariae Boemiae Germaniae Russiae Lithuae

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First State of one of the Earliest Modern Maps of Central and Eastern Europe A fine example of this rare and important map of Central and Eastern Europe, published by Antonio Salamanca in Rome. The map is derived from the iconic manuscript map of...


1581 - Pomeraniae, Wandalicae Regionis Typ [with] Livoniae Nova Descriptio [with] Ducatus Oswieczensis, et Zatoriensis, Descriptio

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Finely colored example of Ortelius' maps of Pomerania, Latvia and part of Southern Poland above the Carpathian Mountains, from Ortelius Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.


1581 - Thietmarsiae, Holsaticae Regionis Partis Typus Auctore Petro Boeckel [with] Prussia Descriptio ante aliquot annos ab Henrico Zellio ab coque D. Ioanni Clur. civi Gedanesi Ded:

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Ortelius’ Maps of Prussia and Holstein, from the First Modern Atlas Fine maps of Prussia and Holstein, printed on the same plate, that featured in Ortelius’ famous and groundbreaking atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The map on the right shows...


1592 - Saxonum regionis quatenus eius gentis imperium nomenque olim patebat, recens germanaque delineatio, Christiano Schrotenio authore . . .

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Detailed map of the north part of Germany from Westfalia to Poland. The map is centered on Saxonia Superior. Evidence of an old plate break. The present map was produced by two of the primary Cologne School mapmakers, Johann Bussemacher and...


1592 - Marca Brandburgensis & Pomerania

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Detailed map of the north part of Germany, incluiding Brandenburg and Pomerania. Includes a portrait of Johan Georg of Brandenburg (1525 – 1598) Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg (1571–1598) and a Duke of Prussia. The present map...


1593 - Germania

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Nice example of this scarce map of the Holy Roman Empire, published in Cologne. The present map was produced by two of the primary Cologne School mapmakers, Johann Bussemacher and Matthias Quad. The Cologne School of cartography, was perhaps the only...


1593 - Saxonum Regionis Quatenus Eius Gentis Imperium Nomenque olim patebat, recens germanaque deleatio, Christiano Schrotenio authore . . .

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Fine old color example of Gerard de Jode's map of Northern Germany and Western Poland. The North Sea is adorned by a fish and the Baltic Sea by a sailing ship, and the borders of Schleswig-Posen-Dresden-Groningen are featured. The map is based on...


1598 - Tavola Nuova Di Prussia Et Di Livonia

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Nice example of the scarce third state Ruscelli's map of Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Region. The map is bounded by the Vistula River and Prussia in the west, Livonia in the east, and Lithuania in the southeast. Centered on Riga and Vilna....


1612 - Prussia

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Nice example of this early state of Barent Langenes's map of Prussia, which first appeared in the 1598 edition of Langenes's Caert-Thresoor, published in Middelburg. The present map is one of the earliest obtainable maps to focus on Prussia....


1620 - Accurata Prussiae Descriptio

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Scarce map of Prussia, published by Gerard Mercator in Amsterdam. Covers most of the North of Poland and parts of Kalingrad and Southern Lithuania.


1640 - Saxonia Superior, Cum Lusatia Et Misnia

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Detailed map of the region of northeastern Germany and Western Poland, showing rivers, towns, woods, mountains, ports, etc. Dresden, Leipzig, Wittenberg, Torgaw, Hall, Glogaw, Crossen, and Meissen shown. Decorative banner cartouche.


1640 - Silesiae Ducatus . . .

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Nice example of Blaeu's map of Silesia, centered on Breslau. The map extends to Cracow in the southeast, and includes Racibórz, Glogaw, and Krosno. Follows the course of the Oder. Two cartouches and coat of arms.


1640 - De Custen van Schoonen en Swede van Valsterboen tot Christianopolis Bornholm en de Custen van Pomeren van't Eylant Rugen tot Rygs-hooft

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Rare early Dutch sea chart, pubished in Amsterdam by Jacob Colom. The map covers the coastlines of western Poland, Pomerania and part of southern Sweden. The chart appeared in one of the earliest Dutch Sea Atlases. The only example of the map we...


1644 - Daniae Nova Descriptio - Description du Royme. de Danemarck et des costes de la mer Baltiq. . . . 1644

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Rare separately issued map of Scandinavia and the Baltic Regions, published by Jean Boisseau. The map would later be issued by Langlois in Paris, circa 1660, with name "Mare Balticum" revised to "Mer Balticque." Not in Pastereau or Nordenskiold. We...


1667 - A Generall Mapp Of The Empire of Germany. With its severall Estates . . .

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A striking dark impression of Richard Blome's scarce map of the German Empire, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England. The map features an elaborate heraldic cartouche and a dedication to Prince Rupert, Count Palatine of...