Antique rare maps of Poland


1689 - La Pomerania divisa in citeriore o reale, che spetta alla corona di Suezia et in ulteriore o ducale che appartiene all'elettore di Brandeburgo e subdivisa nelle parti principali che la compongono

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"Why would you not live without your joyous protector, O Pomerania, region that justly mourns the loss of its Palatine?" A scarce map of Pomerania, stretching along the coast from present-day eastern Germany to the outskirts of Gdansk in modern...


1690 - Nova Totius Germaniae Descriptio

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Interesting map of the Holy Roman Empire, including Germany, Poland, Lithuania, the Low Countries, Austria, Hungary, etc. From Cluverius' Introductio in Universam Geographiam (first issued in 1629) and re-issued many times over the next 100 years,...


1690 - Marchionatus Brandenburgensis in quo Sunt Vetus, Media et Nova Marchia et Ducatus Pomeraniae Tabula Quae est pars Septentrionalis Ciruculi Saxoniae Superioris . . .

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Fine old color example of Theodore Danckerts rare map the Brandenburg and Pomerania regions, published in Amsterdam. Extends east to Dantzig (Gdansk) and Chelm in Poland, to Donneberg and Magdeburg in the west. Cartouches depict coat of arms...


1697 - Hanc Ger[maniae et P]oloniae de[s ... ]em Serenissim [P]otentissimi Poloniae Regi August offert et inscribit Petrus Schenck

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With Portrait of the King of Poland and Lithuania Large engraved antique map of Poland, Lithuania and the Holy Roman Empire, by one of Amsterdam's most important mapmakers, Peter Schenk. The map includes a portrait of King Augustus II the Strong,...


1702 - Regnum Borussiae Gloriosis auspicijs Serenissimi e Potentissimi Princip Friderici III. Primi Borussiae Regis March et. Elect. Brandenburg inaugartum die 18 Jan A. 1701 . . .

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Fine map of Bohemia, celebrating the inauguration of Fredrick I as King of Prussia on January 1, 1713. Gorgeous map of the Baltic region, from Memel to Pomerania, extending south to Poland. Centered on Dantzig, Konigsberg, Heilsperg, etc. Magnificent...


1705 - Estats Des Couronnes De Dannemark, Suede, Et Pologne, sur la Mer Baltique . . . 1705

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Scarce two sheet map of the Poland, the Baltic Sea and contiguous regions. The map includes a number of sea routes throughout the North Sea, Danish Sea and Baltic, ultimately connecting Finland and Latvia with Rotterdam, Friedrichstadt, Dantzig,...


1718 - Germania Ptolemaei

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Decorative and highly detailed map of Ptolemaic Germany, extending east to the Vistula and South to the Danube River.


1730 - Charta des Elbingischen, gros, und klein Marienburgischen wie auch des Danzinger Werders . . .

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Scarce regional map of the area including Danzig, Elbang and Marienburg (Malbork), published in Amsterdam by Peter Schenk.


1751 - La Prusse divisee en Prusse Royale, et Prusse Ducale laquelle a ete erigee en Royaume par l'Empereur Leopold . . . 1751

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Detailed map of Prussia, including much of Poland and the Baltic Countries, published by De Vaugondy in Paris.


1757 - Duche de Pomeranie Contenant les Duches de Stettin, de Wolgats, de Bardt, de Cassubie, de Vandalie, la Princpaute et Isle de Rugen, le Comte de Gutzko les Seigneeuries de Lowenbroch et Butow . . . 1757

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Scarce large format map of Pomerania and Szczecin, including the northwestern part of Poland, published by Le Rouge in Paris. Includes several roads, as well as towns, rivers, woods and lakes and other local details. The map is based on early maps by...


1759 - Dresden, on the Elbe, Capital of Saxony, Residence of the Elector of Saxony King of Poland

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Fine early plan of Dresden was published in the supplement to the December 1759 issue of Universal Magazine, and accompanied an article on the city, with a focus on the treasures held within the Grünes Gewölb (Green Vault), a museum that holds the...


1759 - A Map of Pomerania and Brandenburg with the Frontiers of Poland

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An attractive map of Poland and Northeastern Germany, with great detail of the small villages, forests, rivers, lakes and roads. Covers most of northern Poland with a bit of Germany, including Berlin and Frankfurt on the Oder River.


1760 - Ducatus Pomeraniae Citerioris et Ulterioris Principatibus, Comitatitubs Urbibus Suis Definiater Nova et Ampla Descriptio geographica Aere express a Alb. Carolo Seuttero . . .

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Fine example of the first state of Albrecht Carl Seutter's 6-sheet map of Pomerania, first published in about 1760. Seutter's map was based upon the so-called 'Lubin Map' and was created by the Rostock scholar, Eilhard Lubin, on behalf of the Duke...


1794 - A New Map of Prussia from the best Authorities

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Detailed map of the dismembered parts of Poland and the Baltic Region, extending from Prussia in the West to Smolensk in the East. Divided by regions. Highly detailed.


1815 - Prussian Dominions

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Detailed map of the Prussian Dominions, including parts of the former Kingdom of Poland. Colored by provinces. Excellent detail. One of the best large format English atlas maps of the period. Pinkerton's maps reflect the fine copperplate engraving...


1836 - [Map of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Kingdom of Poland] Карта Королевства Прусского и Царства Польского

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Shows the Free, Independent, and Strictly Neutral City of Cracow with its Territory! Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of Poland, Prussia, and the Free City of Krakow, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. This map shows Krakow as the Free...