Antique rare maps of Poland


1592 - Poloniae finitimarumque locorum descriptio Auctore Wenceslau Godretcio . . .

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Striking example of Quad's map of Poland, reduced from Ortelius' map. The map is based upon the map of Godrecki, first published in 1558.


1595 - (Swiebodzin) Die Stat Swybuschin in Nider Schlesien

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Fine example of Braun & Hogenberg's map of Swiebodzin. The earliest historical records mentioning Swiebodzin dates to the beginning of the fourteenth century. The town grew around the confluence of old trade routes linking Silesia with Pomerania...


1595 - Poloniae Lituaniaeq. Descriptio. Auctore Wencelsao Godreccio; et cor:recgtore Andrea Pograbio Pilsnesi

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Nice example of Ortelius' second map of Poland and Lithuania which first appeared in the 1595 Latin edition of Ortelius' Theatrum. The map extends from the Dniepr River in the east to the Oder in the west and includes all of Poland, as well as...


1595 - Silesiae Typus A Martino Helwigio Sissense descriptus. Et Nobili doctoque viro Domino Nicolao Rhedingero ded.

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Fine old color example of the second of Ortelius' map of Silesia, which has been enlarged and embellished with a much more elaborate cartouche and military scale. Centered on Brelaw. The map is based upon the work of Martin Helwig. From Ortelius'...


1596 - Prussiae Descriptio ante aliquot annos ab Henrico Zellio edita, ab eoque D. Joanni Clur, Civi Gedanensi dedit

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An Early Map of Prussia Detailed map of the region centered on the southern Baltic Coast, reaching inland to the Bug River. Includes a detailed early coverage of the areas around Dantzig, Konnigsberg and the Lithuanian coastline. East is oriented...


1598 - Polonia Et Hungaria Nuova Tavola

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Striking dark impression of Ruscelli's map of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and parts of the region bounded by the Black Sea in the east and the Danube in the south. Ruscelli's Atlas is an expanded edition of Gastaldi's Atlas of 1548,...


1598 - Silesiae Typus Descriptus et editus Martino Heilwig Neissense, et Nobili viro Nicolao Rhedinger dedicatus Anno 1561

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The Abraham Ortelius edition of Martin Helwig's seminal map of Silesia. Important regional map of Silesia, from Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the World. Shows the region from Olomunz and Crackaw in the south to...


1610 - Polonia et Silesia

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Fine old color example Mercator's detailed map of a portion of Poland, including a number of its major cities (Warsaw, Krackow, Oppeln, Breslau, Gnezna, Graudenz, Lublin, etc.).


1612 - Oswieczimesis et Zatoriensis Duc.

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This is an early state of Barent Langenes's map of the region around the headwaters of the Vistula. The map of this historically significant part of Poland is detailed, with dozens of cities and towns labeled, and the many tributaries of Poland's most...


1613 - Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae Caeterarumque Regionum Illi Adjacentium . . . Anno 1613

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The Most Important Map of Lithuania and Poland from the first part of the 17th century Fine example of this important wall map of Lithuania and parts of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, etc. extending to Cracow, Kiev, Warsaw, Riga, Konigsberg,...


1617 - [Warsaw] Varsovia

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Fine old color example of this important early view of Warsaw, first published by Braun & Hogenberg in Theatri praecipuarum Totius Mundi Urbium Liber Sextus Anno MDCXVII, the rare 6th and final volume of their monumental work of City Views of the...


1618 - Oswieczimensis et Zatoriensis Ducat.

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Nice example of the scarce map of southern Poland, from the Hondius/Bertius Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum… Krakow is curiously depicted on the shore of a river, well south of the Vistula River.


1619 - Lithuania

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Nice old color map of Lithuania, with parts of Poland, Prussia, Ukraine and Belarus, published by Gerard Mercator. This is one of the maps which includes Gerhard Marcator's name as the map maker. Extends from the Baltic, including part of Prussia, to...


1621 - Silesiae Ducatus Nova De-scriptio. Auctore Petro Kaerio 1621.

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Scarce early Pieter van den Keere map of the Polish region of Silesia, published in Amsterdam in 1621. The map shows Silesia, bordered by the contemporary polities of Moravia, Bohemia, Lusatia, Brandenburg, and Polonia. At the center of the map is...


1627 - Abris Der Landschaeft Schlesien . . . 1620

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Scarce map of Southern Poland and a bit of Northern Moravia, published in Frankfurt by David Custodis (Custos).


1627 - [ Gdansk Environs ] Schweetsche Schans Auff Den Weyselstrom ongefehr neun Meilen von Dantzig gelegen Ao. 1626.

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Swedish fort constructed on the Vistula River near Danzig, dated 1626. At the bottom a cartouche with a map held up by two soldiers appears, with a key locating 11 places.