Antique rare maps of Poland


1635 - Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Borois desumta . . . MDCXIIII

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Decorative hand-colored example of Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, with the large inset of Moscow and plan of Archangelsckagoroda. Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, first issued 1613, was published by Blaeu after he acquired the plate following...


1636 - Wratislavia. Bresslaw.

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A detailed antique town plan of Wroclaw, once known as Breslau, in Poland. The map shows fortified walls, city gates, important public buildings, squares, and more. A key names thirty-eight important places in Worclaw. The coats of arms of the city of...


1636 - Polonia

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Fine early map of Poland, published by Henricus Hondius in Amsterdam. Originally issued by Mercator, the map depicts most of present-day Poland and Lithuania (including Vilna) and a the eastern part of Czechia. Among the major cities to appear are...


1636 - Poloniae Nova et Acurata Descriptio

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Striking antique engraved map of Poland and parts of Lithuania, Pomerania, and Prussia, published in Amsterdam by Jan Jansson. The map includes a large decorative cartouche and the Coat of Arms of Poland, with a crowned white eagle on a red field.


1638 - Poloniae Nova et Acurata Descriptio

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Striking example of Jansson's map of Poland and parts of Lithuania, Pomerania and Prussia. A scarce map of Poland extending from Stettin and Crossen to Cracow, to Lublin and Warsaw and north to the Baltic. Several imposing figures support the...


1638 - Pomeraniae Ducatus Tabula

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Decorative map of Pomerania and the Baltic Sea, from Merian's Neuwe Archontologica Cosmica . . .. Includes a decorative coat of arms and title cartouche. Based on earlier maps by Blaeu.


1640 - Polonia Regnum et Silesia Ducatus

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of Poland showing the region from the Oder east to Podlachia on the Bug. Also shows parts of Prussia and Brandenberg. A highly decorative map of Poland, including several coats of arms, cherubs and cartouches.


1640 - Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris . . .

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Nice example of the Merian edition Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, with view of Archangelsckagoroda. The map was compiled from manuscript maps and work brought back by Isaac Massa. Includes a decorative birdseye view. Richly decorated a large title...


1640 - Novissima Poloniae Regni Descriptio

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Striking map of Poland and the Baltic states, with two decorative cartouches. Extends east to Lithuania, North To Koningsperg, East to Rugia and South to Dresden, Olmutz, Radibor and Carcovia. Shows Danzig, Wladislaw and Warzovia.


1645 - Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae Caetrarumq Regionum illi Adiacentium exacta decrip . . .

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Nice old color example of this important map of Lithuania at its grandest scale (incuding Poland, Ukraine and part of Russia), including a large inset of the Dniepr River, based upon Hessel Gerritsz's four sheet map of the same title. Hessel Gerritsz...


1654 - Oost Zee door Arnold Colom . . . [Heightened with Gold!]

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Fine example of this rare sea chart of the Baltic Sea (Oost Zee), by Arnold Colom, from Colom's Zee Atlas Ofte Water-Wereldt. Colom's detailed sea chart of the Baltic Sea from Rügen and Denmark extending towards eastern Finland and Livland, is one of...


1655 - Estats de la Couronne de Pologne ou sont les Royaume de Pologne, Duchés et Provinces de Russia Cuiasie, Mazonie, Russia Noire, etc. Duchés de Lithuanie, Volhynie Podelie etc,.. . de l'Ukranie etc... 1655

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First state of Nicolas Sanson's 1655 double-page engraved map of Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic states, including modern-day Lithuania and Estonia. Sanson revised the map a number of times during its 50-year publication history.


1655 - Ducatus Osroiczensis et Zatoriensis descriptio

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An attractive antique map of the region around the headwaters of the Vistula, in south-central Poland. Accompanying text describes the outflow of another of the great rivers of Europe, the Danube. The towns of Zatoriensis [Zator] and Osroiczensis...


1660 - Poloniae et Silesiae Descriptio . . .

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Fine example of De Wit's rare map of Poland and Silesia, extending north to the Baltic Sea. This is the second state, with "fo. 16" at the top right corner. This the second example of the map we have offered in more than 20 years.


1662 - Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae et Regionum Adiacentium exacta Descriptio . . . D.Nicolai Christopheri Radziwil . . .

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Nice example of Blaeu's rare map of Poland, Lithuania, etc., which first appeared in the 1662 edition of Blaeu's Atlas Maior. This is Blaeu's second map based upon Radizwill's early map, originally engraved by Hessel Gerritsz. The Radziwill map is one...


1662 - Ducatus Oswieczensis et Zatoriensis

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An attractive antique map of southwestern Poland, which appeared in Blaeu's Atlas Maior. Focused on the border between the historical regions of Silesia and Lesser Poland, the map preserves a detailed layout of the area. While the map is named after...