Antique rare maps of Poland


1666 - Les Royaumes du Nort ou Sont principalement Les Estats de la Couronne de Pologne . . .

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Rare map of Poland and the neighboring regions, published in Paris by Du Val. The map extends to include the Ukraine and western Russia. With decorative tittle cartouche lower left with a dedication to Jean-Jacques de Mesmes, comte d'Avaux (1640 - 9...


1666 - Haute, ou Petite Pologne; ou sont les Palatinats de Cracow, Sandomirie, et Lublin . . . 1666

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Nice example of Sanson's regional map of a portion of Poland, including the Palatinats of Cracow, Sandomirie, and Lublin. A nice example, with excellent detail.


1669 - Craccovia Assediata dall Armi Imperiali et Polacche presa nel mese d'Agosto l'anno 1657.

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Rare map of the area around Krakow, showing the siege of August 1657. The map shows the positions of the combatants in and around the walled city of Krakow and neighboring Casimiria on the opposite side of the river. After 2 years of Swedish and...


1676 - A Newe Mape of Poland Done into English by I. Speede

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The First Map of Poland Published in England Decorative example of John Speed's highly sought after map of Poland, the first map of Poland to appear in an English Atlas. The map includes birdseye views of Cracow, Dantzick, Posna, Crossen, Sandomiria...


1678 - Stati Della Corona Di Polonia Divisa nelle sue Principali Provincie, e Palatinati Da Guglielmo Sansone Geografo del Re Christmo. E di nuovo data in luce da Gio: Giacomo Rossi, in Roma, alla Pace, l'Anno 1678

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Rare separately issued map of Poland, published by Giacomo Rossi. Rossi's maps are often based on the cartography of Nicolas Sanson, although the present example gives credit to Nicolas's son, Guillaume Sanson. This map was followed by a similar map...


1680 - Silesiae Ducatus Accurata et vera delineatio . . .

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Scarce Moses Pitt map map of Silesia, centered on Breslau. Shows Cracow in the southeast, Prague in the southwest, and Posen in the North. Follows the course of the Oder from Ratisbone to beyond Frankfurt am Oder. Two cartouches and coat of arms....


1680 - Regnum Bohemia eique Annexae Provinciae ut Ducatus Silesia, Marchionatus Moravia et Lusatia: quae sunt Terrae Haereditariae Imperiatoris

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Fine old color example of Frederick De Wit's map of Bohemia, Silesia, Moravia and Lusatia. Includes several coats of arms and a decorative cartouche.


1682 - Russia Alba or Moscovia... | The Dominions of the Czar of Russia Alba or Great Duke of Moscovia in which ar the Dukedoms of Moscow, Wolodimer, Rezan, Worotin, Novogorod-Sewierski, Czernihow, Smolensko, Reschow, Twer, Novogorod-Weliki, Biele Jezora, Wologd

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First state. Impressive two-sheet engraved antique map of Russia, published by the 17th century London mapmaker William Berry in 1682. The map covers all of Russia to the Ural Mountains and also depicts a large Kingdom of Poland dominating most of...


1684 - Tartaria D Europa ouero Piccola Tartaria divisa da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ne Tartari Nogai e del Crim, o di Precop . . . ne Tartari di Budziack, D'Oczackow, e di Dobrus . . .Tartari Circassi . . . need Due Uckraine una abitata da Cosacchi . . .

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Rare map of the Ukraine, Georgia, Moscovy, Southeastern Poland / Lithuania and the Black Sea, by Cantelli da Vignola and published in Rome by Rossi. The map provides one of the most detailed and up to date treatments the area centered on the newly...


1685 - Regnum Bohemiae eique Annexae Provinciae ut Ducatus Silesiase Marchionatus Moraviae et Lustia Vulgo Die Erb-Landeren . . .

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Rare Johannes De Ram map of Bohemia, Silesia, Moravia and Lusatia. Highly detailed map from one of the rarest Dutch map makers of the late 17th Century.


1690 - Moscovia Parte Orientale . . . [with] Parte Occidentale . . .

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Nice example of Coronelli's two sheet map of Russia, extending from the Baltic and the Black Sea in the west to Gran Tartaria in the east. Coronelli's map of Russia is one of the most detailed and elaborate maps of the 17th Century, providing...


1693 - Poland

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Rare early English map of Poland. Maximum Poland, extending from the Baltic to the Ukraine and beyond the Dniepr River.


1695 - Regni Poloniae Ducatus Mazoviae et Province Cjuaviae, Descriptio Emendata . . .

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Fine old color example of this rare map of Poland Lithuania and Ukraine, etc., published in Amsterdam by Cornelis Danckerts and engraved by A. Schut. The map was later issued by Reiner & Josua Ottens during the first part of the 18th Century. The...


1700 - Dese Nieuwe en Curieuze Paskaart van de Geheele Oost Zee. Werd aan wel Edlen. Gestrenge Manhaft Heer de Heer Christoffe Middagten Schout Benagt wegans het Edle. Mogde. Collgie. ter Admirateit. van Vriesland . . .

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Extremely rare over-sized sea chart of the Baltic, published by Johannes Loots. Loots chart of the Baltic Sea extends from Copenhagen and Rostock in the west, to Wyborg, Narva and Ryga in the east, showing the region in exceptional detail, including...


1700 - Mappa Geographica Exactissima Continens Imperatoris Haereditarium Dominium Silesiam, nec non eiusdem Provincias interiores Ducatus, Comitatus, Baronatus etc. . . .

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Scarce map of Silesia, in Poland, engraved in Amsterdam by Peter Schenk. The map shows Silesia at the end of the 17th century under Habsburg Rule.


1700 - Estats De Pologne Subdivises suivant l'estendue des Palatinats Parle Sr. Sanson. G. du R.

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Nice example of the Pierre Mortier edition of this large format map of Poland, Lithuania, the Ukraine and part of Russia, first published by Hubert Jaillot in Paris, in 1679. One of the largest atlas maps of the late 17th Century to focus on Poland,...