Antique rare maps of Poland


1700 - Jägerndorf en Silesie

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Fine Manuscript Plan of the Walled City of Krnov Striking, finely drawn map of Old City of Krnov, now in the Czech Republic, and previously a part of Austrian Silesia. It shows the walled portion of the city, which sits at the conjunction of two...


1700 - Estats de Pologne Subdiveses suivant l'estendue des Palatinats . . .

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A scarce Pieter Schenk map of Poland, which is attributed to an earlier map published by Sanson. The map extends to the Black Sea and Vienna in the south and to Estonia in the north. The work is a prime example of Schenk's strong engraving style,...


1703 - Estats De La Couronne De Pologne ou sont les Royaume de Pologne, Duches et Provinces De Prusse, Cuiave, Mazovie, Russie Noire Yc Duches De Lithuanie, Volynie Podolie &c. De L'Ukraine &c . . . 1703

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Rare late edition of Sanson's second map of the Polish Empire, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc. Sanson created this scarce map of modern day Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, etc. in 1655 and revised several times over the next 50 years. The date 1679...


1706 - La Russie Rouge ou Polonoise, qui Comprend les Provinces de la Russie Rouge, de Volhynie, et de Podolie, divisées en leur Palatinats; Vulgairement Connües Sous le Nom d'Ukraine ou Pays des Cosaques.

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Very rare Sanson map of Ukraine and so-called Russie Rouge, stretching from Lublin in the west to Kherson Oblast in the east (here called "Confin de La Petite Tartarie"). "Russie Rouge" or Red Ruthenia or Red Rus' is a term dating back to the Middle...


1717 - Regnum Poloniae ejusque confinia

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Decorative map of Poland and Lithuania in their grandest configurations, published by Weigel. The map extends from the Baltic to the Black Sea, capturing the details and reach of these then powerful countries at the beginning of the 18th Century. The...


1719 - Les Estats de la Couronne de Pologne . . . 1719

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Fine example of Chiquet's map of Poland, from his Le Nouveau et Curieux… Includes a finely engraved cartouche.


1719 - Poland and other the Countries belonging to the Crowne According to the Newest Observation 1719

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Detailed map of the Polish Empire, published by John Senex. This is the second edition of the map, which was first published by Morden & Browne in 1710. The remnants of the earlier printing , which have been burnished out of the cartouche, are...


1720 - Poland. . . .

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Detailed map of Poland and Lithuania, published in London by Herman Moll.


1721 - Lublin

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Rare engraved view of the city of Lubin in southwest Poland, published in Amsterdam, about 1721, by Covens & Mortier. The view was originally engraved for Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum in 1617. The plate was eventually acquired...


1730 - Prospect, Grundris und Gegend der Polnischen velen Reichs und Handels=Stat Dantzig . . .

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Striking example of Homann's map of Dantzig (Gdansk) and neighboring regions and striking birdseye view, major port to the Baltic Ocean, which for centuries was an important trading center for the Polish, Prussian, German and Baltic regions whose...


1730 - Dantiscum s. Gedanum celeberrimum, spatiosum et munitum Emporium ac Hanseatica Civitas ad Ostia Vistulae, in Polonia Borussia in Provincia Pomerellia sita . . .

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Fine example of Seutter's plan and birdseye view of Dantzig. The plan shows the fortifications of the town, streets, buildings and other points of interest. At the bottom is a fantastic view of the city.


1730 - To His Most Serene and August Majesty Peter Alexovitz Absolute Lord of Russia &c. This map of Moscovy, Poland, Little Tartary, and ye Black Sea &c. is most Humbly Dedicated by H. Moll Geographer

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Striking large format map of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and the Baltic Countries and extending south to the Black Sea and the Balkans, with an ornate dedication cartouche to Peter the Great, including a portrait of the Czar near the bottom of the...


1735 - Potentissimo Borussorum Regi Friderico Wilhelmo Majeestate, Fortitudine Clementia Augustissimo Hancce Lithuaniam Borussicam in qua loca colonijs Salisburg ad incolendum Regio nutu concesa chorographice exhibentur . . . A. M D CC XXXV

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Fine large map of the Baltic and Poland, published by the Homann Heirs. The map illustrates what was then 'Lithuania Minor', the most easterly province of the Kingdom of Prussia, given the name because of the large number of Lithuanian speakers. The...


1736 - Nuova Carta Del Regno Di Polonia Diviso nei suoi Palatinati . . .

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Detailed map of the Kingdom of Poland, extending to Ukrainia and the Black Sea. The present example is the first edition of the map, pre-dating the use of the map in the Italian edition of Salmon's Geography. The two states can be differentiated by...


1736 - Principatus Silesiae Wolani in suos Circulos, Wholav, Wintgzig, Herrn-Stadt, Rutzen, Seinav und Rauden divisi a I.W. Wieland . . . .MDCCXXXVI

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Fine large map of part of Wohlau, Parchwitz, Lüben and Herrnstad, the northwestern part of Breslau, originally drawn by Johann Wolfgang Wieland (?-1736) and Mattheus von Schubarth (1723-1758). The map is dissected by the Oder River, The Atlas...


1736 - Principatus Silesiae Bregensis exactissima Tabula Geographica exhibens Circulos Brieg, Ohlav, Strehlen, Nimptsch, Creutzburg et Pitschen una cum adjacente Districtu Nambslaviensi ad Principatum Wratislaviensem . . .MDCCXXXVI

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Fine large map of part of the Northern part of Silesia, originally drawn by Johann Wolfgang Wieland (?-1736) and Mattheus von Schubarth (1723-1758). The map is dissected by the Oder River, The Atlas Silesiae, was a large scale atlas of Silesia,...