Antique rare maps of Poland


1737 - Carte Pour l'Intelligence des Affaires Presente Des Turcs, des Tartares, des Hongrois, des Polonois, des Suedois, et des Moscovites Aux Environs De La Mer Noire et de la Mer Baltique . . . 1737

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Scarce map of the region centered on the Black Sea and Russia, published by Nicolas De Fer in Paris. The map extends from Scandinavia and the Baltic in the west to the mouth of the Volga in the Caspian Sea. Elaborate cartouche includes 9 coats of...


1740 - Regno di Polonia

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Rare map of Poland, published by an unnamed Italian mapmaker.


1742 - Le Royaume de Prusse Suivant les Nouvelles Observations . . . 1742 (rare separately issued example)

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Fine separately issued example of Le Rouge's map of the Kingdom of Prussia, incorporating Poland and the Baltic countries. The map was published two years into the reign of Frederick II (1712-1786) as 'king in Prussia." Includes a fine elegant...


1746 - Ducatus Silesiae Tabula Geographiica Prima Inferiorem Silesiam Eius Partem seu Novem Principatus quorum insignia hic ajenta sunt secundum statum recentissimum complectens . . . Ao. MDCCXXXXV

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From The First Official Survey of Silesia Detailed map of Lower Silesia, with title cartouche including coat-of-arms of Schweidniz, Iaver, Glogau, Breslau, Lignitz, Brieg, Wolau, Oels and Sagan, with early pencil notes next to each coat of arms. The...


1746 - A Map of Poland Prussia and Courland.

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Antique engraved map of the area covering modern-day Poland, the Baltics, and Belarus, by John L. Cowley from “A New and easy introduction to the study of geography”. The map includes Lithuania as the dominating polity in the region. Along with...


1749 - Royaume de Pologne divisee en Haute et Base Pologne, et Subdivise en Palatinats. . . 1749

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Striking example of De Vaugondy's map of the Kindgom of Poland, from his Atlas Portatif, Universel et Militaire. . . , first published in Paris in 1748.


1750 - Plan en Profil der beroemde stadt Dantzig desrselver Werders en omleggend Landen, na 't leven gemeeten en geteekent Uytgegeeven door Hendrik de Leth te Amsterdam in de Visser

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Rare plan and view of Dantzig (Gdansk) and neighboring regions, published in Amsterdam by Hendrik de Leth. Provides a final image of the town, including a coat of arms and key locating 9 places on the view. The view is quite rare, this being the...


1750 - Etats de la Couronne de Pologne, out sont les Royes de Pologne, le GD Duce de Lithuanie, la Russie Noire, la Volhinie.

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An attractive antique map of Poland showing the cities, rivers, lakes, and forests of the region during the commonwealth with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The various regions are demarcated and named, including Black Russia, Podolia, Volhynia, Greater...


1751 - [Wroclaw] Carte du Diocese de Breslau, avec ses IV. Archidiaconats, subdivses en ses Cercles Archiprebyteriales desineee sous la Directiondu bien reverend Sieur Felbiger . . . MDCCLI

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From The First Official Survey of Silesia Detailed regional map of the Diocese of Breslau (Wroclaw), published in Nuremberg. The map was originally published separately in about 1736 and was later issued in the Homann Heirs Atlas Silesiae Id Est...


1757 - Le Duche De Silesie Tel quil est Suivant l'Etat presaent Part Tob. Maier A Nuremberg 1757 . . . .

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Rare and decorative map of Silesia region, based upon the map of Tobias Mayer. Published by Jean-Francois Daumont, who was active in Paris between approximately 1750 and 1760, where he engraved prints, playing cards, and a hand full of maps.


1758 - Nova Mappa Geographica Totius Ducatus Silesiae Tam Superioris quam Inferiois, exhibens XVII. Minores Principatus et VI. Libera Dominia. Accuratissime difterminata et excusa Cura et sumptibus . . . 1758

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Detailed map of the region of Silesia, centered on Breslau (Wroclaw). Includes a large view of the town of Breslau (Wroclaw) in the lower left corner.


1758 - Polonia Secondo le Osservazioni dell' Accademia di Parigi

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A map of Poland and the Baltic States, extending from Pomerania into Russia as far as Moscovia. Forests, rivers, mountains, settlements, and more are all shown. The four principal winds of the Mediterranean are shown at the edges of the map as a...


1760 - Grundriss der Stadt Bresslau mit der Konigl: Preuss. Attaque von 8 biz zum 20 Dec. Ao. 1757

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Detailed view of the Battle fought at Breslau during the 7 years war. The city fell to Austria in November 1757, before being retaken by PRussian forces the following month.


1760 - Regno Di Polonia e Suoi Confini

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Rare map of Poland, with 5 coats of arms and 7 more blank escutcheons.


1762 - A Map of the Kingdom of Poland. Drawn from the Best Authorities . . .

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Scarce English map of the Kingdom of Poland (and Lithuania) on the eve of its initial dismemberment. The map appeared in Busching's A new system of geography: in which is given, a general account of the situation and limits... of the several kingdoms...


1764 - Royaume de Pologne Gd.Duche De Lithuanie et Royaume de Prusse . . .

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Scarce map of the Kingdom of Poland and Duchy of Lithuania, published by Pierre Bourgoin in Paris. The map is subdivided into Palatinates and includes topographical details, towns, rivers, lakes, etc. According to Niewodniczanski, this map first...