Antique rare maps of Romania


1853 - Teatro de la Guerre Presente Entre Rusos y Turcos. 1828

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Rare separately issued map illustrating the Theater of War between the Russians and the Ottoman Empire, dated 1828 and issued by the Fermin, with a later imprint for the Direccion Hidrographia. Includes a large inset plan of Istanbul.


1910 - [Bukovina] Harta Etnografica a Bucovinei Intocmita Pe TEmeiul Recenzamantului Oficial Din 1910 De I. Nistor

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Detailed Ethnographic map of Bucovina, identifying the ethnic make up of the cities and towns in the region. An explanation of the color coding is shown at the left, including 8 different ethnic groups, including: Roma Ruthenians (Eastern Slavic...


1954 - Етнографічна Карта Буковини | Carte Ethnographique de la Bucovine | Ethnographical Map of Bukovina

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This fascinating map is a rare look into the distributions of various ethnicities through the historical region of Bukovina, prior to the world wars, with insights regarding Jewish history in the region. The map was based on work by the famed Ukrainian...


1690 - Corso Del Danubio da Vienna Sina a Nicopoli, e Paesi Adiacenti . . . .

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Monumental Six Sheet Map of the Danube Region Nice example of Vincenzo Maria Coronell's magnificent 6-sheet map of the course of the Danube River from Vienna to Nikopolje, published in Venice. The map is a remarkable compendium of information...


1703 - Carte de la Hongrie et des Pays qui en dependoient autresois dressée sur un grand nombre de memoire. . . 1703

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Detailed map of Southern Europe published by Guillaume De L'Isle. Shows Hungary, along with part of Dalmatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Constantinople, the Black Sea, Crimea, the Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Transylvania, Moravia, Moldovia, the...


1717 - Carte Particuliere de la Hongrie de la Transilvanie de la Croatie et de la Sclavonie . . . 1717

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Scarce regional map of the region north of the Danube, published by Guillaume De L'Isle in Paris. Includes all or part of Hungary, Romania, Transylvania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, and Poland.


1729 - Theater Des Oorlogs in Hongarye Tussen De Keyserlyke en de Turken | Theatre de la Guerre en Hongrie entre les Imperiaux & Les Turcs.

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Gerrit van Schagen's hand-colored engraved map of the Balkans, showing Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. Attractive cartouche in the lower left.


1732 - Hungary and Transylvania Agreeable to Modern History

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Scarce map of Hungary and Transylvania, published in London by Herman Moll.


1740 - Nuova Carta del Regno di Ungheria e della Transilvania secondo l'ultime Osservazioni . . .

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Scare map of Hungary, Slovenia, Transylvania, and parts of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, from an Italian edition of Thomas Salmon's , Modern History: or, the present state of all Nations. . . entitled Lo Stato Presente... published in...


1776 - Tabula Bannatus Temesiensis a Geometris S.S.M.M.I.I. et .R.A. confecta; quam in minorem formam deucit gradusque logitudinis, et latitudinis adecit Franciscus Griselini Anno R.S. MDCCLXXVI

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A Map of the Banat of Timisoara by One of its Most Important Historians Rare separately published map of the Banat of Timișoara, created by Francesco Griselini, following his travels to Timișoara with Count Giuseppe Brigido in 1774 and published in...


1784 - Royaume de Hongrie Divisee Dans Ces Cercles et Comtes . . . 1784

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Finely detailed map of Hungary and adjoining regions, published in Venice by Santini. The map follows the course of the Danube from Vienna in the west to Nicopel (Nikopol, Bulgaria), and to the southwest, the Dalmatian Coastline. Includes large parts...


1789 - Karte von dem Banat Temeswar und einigen Districten auf Servischer seit Geographu aufgenomen von Castulus Reidl. K. Paltz. Bayr. Ingen Capit.

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An Early Map of the Banat of Timisoara Rare separately published map of the Banat of Timișoara, published in Munich by Castulus Reidl, The map is centered on Timișoara, and bounded by Zeged in the northwest, the Maros (Mures) River in the north,...


1794 - Hungary and Transilvania; with Croatia and Sclavonia: also Moldovia and Valakia with Bukovina & Bessarabia By Samuel Dunn . . .

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Detailed engraved map of the Balkans and Hungary, by one of the most important mapmaking firms of the end of the 18th century: Laurie & Whittle. The map shows Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia and the region extending east to Romania and the Black...


1799 - Allgemeine Postkarte von Ungarn, Kroatien, Sklavonien und Sibenburgen zur Uebersicht / Mappa Generalis Cursus Publicos Per Hungariam, Croatiam, Sclavoniam, Transilvaniam, Repraesentans

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Rare postal map of Eastern Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Transilvania, and parts of Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Galitzia and Bukowina, which appeared in Von Reilly and Kuhn's Atlas Universae rei veredariae bilinguis ... Allgemeiner Postatlas von der ganzen...


1851 - Hungary

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Gorgeous full color example of Tallis's map of Hungary, with vignettes showing Hungarian Nobles, Budapest, Hungarian Peasants and a scene on the Danube. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great decorative...