Antique rare maps of Russia


1792 - [Eastern Siberia and Alaska]. ‘Vostochnaya Chast Irtkutskoi Gubernii s prilezhashhimi ostrovami i zapadnom beregom Ameriki’ (‘The Eastern Part of the Irkutsk Province with the adjacent islands and the West Coast of America’).

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Fine example of this rare Russian map of the northwest coast of America and northeastern parts of Russia, published by Wilbrecht in his rare 1792 atlas entitled Ross'iiskoi Atlas iz soroka chetyrekh kart sostaiashch'ii I na sorok na dva...


1839 - Russland zur Uebersicht dieses Staates von Julius Loewenberg

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Interesting map of Russia, including Russian America, published in Freiburg in 1839. Includes historical text below the map, covering the history of Russia.


1690 - Polo Settentrionale, o Boreale, et Artico

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Rare north polar section of Coronelli's remarkable globe gores, first published in 1690. The present gore section is the upper calotte for Coronelli's large (110cm) globe showing the north pole and surrounding areas. The section includes extensive...


1939 - Intourist Map of The Soviet Union and Europe Showing Principal Transportation Connections

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Interesting pictorial map of Europe an the Soviet Union, published by Intourist, promoting tourism in the Russia. The map shows major transit lines and charming monochromatic photos, with the verso giving different travel itineraries and general...


1944 - (Second World War - Eastern Front) [Strikes by the Red Army on the Enemy in 1944] Удары Красной Армии По Противнику в 1944г.

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Extremely rare Red Army-published map of the progress of the Second World War on the Eastern Front during 1944. The map shows the extensive gains of the U.S.S.R. throughout late 1943 and 1944, from their nadir, with the Germans at the outskirts of...


1951 - [Stop The Fake News!] Halte au Menteurs! Les Colo Bacilles Sement La Haine!

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Halt The Liars! Stop The Fake News! Rare separately published political broadside, decrying the channeling of Stalinist Russia's lies, fake news and disinformation campaigns via the French Communist Party, after World War II. As described in greater...


1854 - Parade of the Scots Fusileer Guards at Buckingham Palace, (before her Majesty the Queen, & His Royal Highness, The Prince) on the Morning of their departure for the Seat of War, March 2nd, 1854

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Decorative view of the parade of the Scots Fusileer Guards, prior to their departure for the Crimean War. First established in 1805, the Scots Fusileer Guards were deployed in the Napoleonic Wars and later in the Crimean War. In 1854, the Crimean War...


1854 - Inniskilling Dragoons, 25th Octr. 1854

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View showing the Inniskilling Dragoons during the Battle of Balaclava. The 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, first raised in 1689. It saw service for three centuries, before being amalgamated into the 5th/6th...


1936 - [Uniforms and Insignia of the German Army] Форма Обмундирования и Знаки Различия Германской Армии

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A very rare pre-World War II Soviet poster of Nazi-era German military uniforms. Underneath the title is an elaboration of colors used on the strap edging and buttonholes of troop uniforms, depending on their area of service. From left to right:...


1936 - [Fascist Organizations of Germany] Фашистские Организации Германии

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One of the Most Dramatic Soviet Cartographic Appraisals of Nazi Germany. A fascinating Soviet poster map documenting the "Fascist Organizations of Germany", recording their structures, uniforms, and locations within the country, prior to the Second...


1945 - [Battle of Berlin] План г. Берлин 1:25000

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"The Victory Map". The Official Soviet Map Used in the Battle of Berlin, April 1945. This is a color-printed folding map of Berlin, issued by the Soviet Union in 1945, shortly before the Fall of Berlin. Many examples of this map were used by...


1945 - (Second World War - NVKD SMERSH) Übersicht der Verkehrsverbindungen mit Sonntagsrückfahrkarte von Berlin. Gültig während des Winterfahrplans 1938/39 [Overview of the Transport Links with Sunday return ticket from Berlin. Valid During the Winter Timetable

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A fascinating relic of mapmaking on the Eastern Front of World War II, being a field-printed map of Berlin and the surrounding area produced for one of the most infamous groups involved in the Second World War, the Отдел Контрразведки...


1785 - [Ottman Empire] Partes confines Trium Magnorum Imperiorum Austriaci Russici et Osmanici Foliis VI compreshensa ex novissimis observationibus, dimensionibus optimisque tabulis geographicus descripta . . . Anno MDCCLXXXV

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Three Empires At War -- Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Fine 6 sheet map published in Berlin in the midst of the Austro-Turkish and Russo-Turkish wars, between the Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Empires. Centered on the Black Sea, the map shows the...


1478 - (Poland, Baltic, Russia, Ukraine) Octava Europe Tabula

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of the Poland, the Baltic, Russia & Ukraine Region Important early map of Northeastern Europe, from the Baltic to the Sea of Azoff and the Danube, which first appeared in the 1478 Rome edition of Ptolemy's Geography,...


1511 - Octava Europae Tabula [Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Baltic]

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Sylvanus' map of Poland, the Baltic, Russia and Ukraine, extending south to the Black Sea and west to the Vistula. Sylvanus's map is one of the earliest obtainable maps of the region and the first printed in two colors. The map appeared in Sylvanus'...


1513 - Octava Europe Tabula [Baltic, Scandinavia, Poland & Eastern Europe]

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Nice old color example of Waldseemuller's map of Eastern Europe, extending from the Black Sea to Scandinavia and the Baltic Regions, centered on Russia and the Ukraine. The map includes a number of written notes in a contemporary hand. The map is...