Antique rare maps of Russia


1525 - Baltic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia) Tabula VIII Europe (title on verso)

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A Rare Early Fries Edition Detailed map of the region between the Baltic and Caspian Seas, from the 1525 edition of Fries Geographia. Lorenz (Laurent) Fries was born in Alsace in about 1490. He studied medicine, apparently spending time at the...


1525 - [Poland, Russia & Hungary etc]

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One of the Earliest Obtainable Modern Maps of Poland, European Russia, Hungary & Eastern Europe Important early modern map of Poland, Russia, Hungary and Transylvania, from the 1525 edition of Fries' Geographia. The publisher of this edition,...


1535 - (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Armenia) Tabula II Asiae

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Detailed map of the region north of Black Sea and west of the Caspian, from the 1535 edition of Fries Geographia. The publisher of this edition, Michael Villanovus (or Servetus), was tried by Calvin for heresy and burned at the stake with several of...


1542 - Polonia et Ungaria XV Nova Tabula

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, etc. Rare early state of Munster's map of Poland, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Moscovy and the Balkans, extending from Prussia, Vilna and Smolensky in the north to Bosnia, Bulgaria,...


1613 - Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae Caeterarumque Regionum Illi Adjacentium . . . Anno 1613

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The Most Important Map of Lithuania and Poland from the first part of the 17th century Fine example of this important wall map of Lithuania and parts of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, etc. extending to Cracow, Kiev, Warsaw, Riga, Konigsberg,...


1635 - Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Borois desumta . . . MDCXIIII

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Decorative hand-colored example of Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, with the large inset of Moscow and plan of Archangelsckagoroda. Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, first issued 1613, was published by Blaeu after he acquired the plate following...


1640 - Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris . . .

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Nice example of the Merian edition Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, with view of Archangelsckagoroda. The map was compiled from manuscript maps and work brought back by Isaac Massa. Includes a decorative birdseye view. Richly decorated a large title...


1645 - Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae Caetrarumq Regionum illi Adiacentium exacta decrip . . .

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Nice old color example of this important map of Lithuania at its grandest scale (incuding Poland, Ukraine and part of Russia), including a large inset of the Dniepr River, based upon Hessel Gerritsz's four sheet map of the same title. Hessel Gerritsz...


1655 - Estats de la Couronne de Pologne ou sont les Royaume de Pologne, Duchés et Provinces de Russia Cuiasie, Mazonie, Russia Noire, etc. Duchés de Lithuanie, Volhynie Podelie etc,.. . de l'Ukranie etc... 1655

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First state of Nicolas Sanson's 1655 double-page engraved map of Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic states, including modern-day Lithuania and Estonia. Sanson revised the map a number of times during its 50-year publication history.


1682 - Russia Alba or Moscovia... | The Dominions of the Czar of Russia Alba or Great Duke of Moscovia in which ar the Dukedoms of Moscow, Wolodimer, Rezan, Worotin, Novogorod-Sewierski, Czernihow, Smolensko, Reschow, Twer, Novogorod-Weliki, Biele Jezora, Wologd

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First state. Impressive two-sheet engraved antique map of Russia, published by the 17th century London mapmaker William Berry in 1682. The map covers all of Russia to the Ural Mountains and also depicts a large Kingdom of Poland dominating most of...


1684 - Tartaria D Europa ouero Piccola Tartaria divisa da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ne Tartari Nogai e del Crim, o di Precop . . . ne Tartari di Budziack, D'Oczackow, e di Dobrus . . .Tartari Circassi . . . need Due Uckraine una abitata da Cosacchi . . .

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Rare map of the Ukraine, Georgia, Moscovy, Southeastern Poland / Lithuania and the Black Sea, by Cantelli da Vignola and published in Rome by Rossi. The map provides one of the most detailed and up to date treatments the area centered on the newly...


1690 - Moscovia Parte Orientale . . . [with] Parte Occidentale . . .

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Nice example of Coronelli's two sheet map of Russia, extending from the Baltic and the Black Sea in the west to Gran Tartaria in the east. Coronelli's map of Russia is one of the most detailed and elaborate maps of the 17th Century, providing...


1700 - Dese Nieuwe en Curieuze Paskaart van de Geheele Oost Zee. Werd aan wel Edlen. Gestrenge Manhaft Heer de Heer Christoffe Middagten Schout Benagt wegans het Edle. Mogde. Collgie. ter Admirateit. van Vriesland . . .

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Extremely rare over-sized sea chart of the Baltic, published by Johannes Loots. Loots chart of the Baltic Sea extends from Copenhagen and Rostock in the west, to Wyborg, Narva and Ryga in the east, showing the region in exceptional detail, including...


1730 - To His Most Serene and August Majesty Peter Alexovitz Absolute Lord of Russia &c. This map of Moscovy, Poland, Little Tartary, and ye Black Sea &c. is most Humbly Dedicated by H. Moll Geographer

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Striking large format map of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and the Baltic Countries and extending south to the Black Sea and the Balkans, with an ornate dedication cartouche to Peter the Great, including a portrait of the Czar near the bottom of the...


1737 - Carte Pour l'Intelligence des Affaires Presente Des Turcs, des Tartares, des Hongrois, des Polonois, des Suedois, et des Moscovites Aux Environs De La Mer Noire et de la Mer Baltique . . . 1737

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Scarce map of the region centered on the Black Sea and Russia, published by Nicolas De Fer in Paris. The map extends from Scandinavia and the Baltic in the west to the mouth of the Volga in the Caspian Sea. Elaborate cartouche includes 9 coats of...


1775 - Charte von Russisch Litauen, welche die von Polen an Russland abgetretene Woiewodschaften, Liefland, Witepsk, Msciflaw, unde einen Theil der Woiewodsdchaften Polock und Minsk enthalt . . . 1775

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Antique Map of Russian Lithuania After The First Partition Interesting regional map of Russian Lithuania, showing remarkable detail along the upper Dniepr and Dwina River regions, from Liefland to Mscislaw and Woiwodschaft. This 1775 map depicts...