Antique rare maps of Russia


1665 - De Zee Custen van Ruslant, Laplant, Finmarcken, Spitsbergen en Nova Zemla [Heightened in Gold]

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Detailed sea chart of the coasts of Russia, Finland, and Spitsbegen in old color. Includes an inset map of "De Reviere Dwina opte Reviere van Archangel". The chart includes a detailed plan of the coastlines, soundings, anchorages, coastal details,...


1669 - A Mapp of the Estates of the The Great Duke of Russia Blanch, or Moscovia . . . 1669

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One of the Earliest Maps of Russia published in England. Old color example of Richard Blome's scarce map of Russia, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England. The map reaches to the Caspian Sea and Ukraine in the South....


1670 - Pascaarte vande Witte Zee begrypende de custen van Laplant van Warsiga tota Kandalox en de cust van Corelia tota aen de Riviere Dwina . . .

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Rare sea chart of a part of the White Sea, published by Jacob Theunisz (Lootsman). At first Jacob adopted his father Anthonie's name, being known as Jacob Theunisz. Later with his brother, Caspar, in association, they added the name Lootsman to their...


1680 - Russiae, vulgo Moscovia dictae, Partes Septentrionalis et Orientalis Auctore Isaaco Massa

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Fine example of the Moses Pitt re-issue of Blaeu's map of Russia, from Blaeu's Atlas Maior.


1680 - Taurica Chersonesus, Hodie Przecopsca, at Gazara dicitur.

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Detailed map of the Ukraine and surrounding regions between the northern coast of the Black Sea and Moscow. Shows ports, fortified cities and the mouths of the Danube. Two decorative cartouches.


1685 - Typus Generalis Ukrainae sive Palatinatuum Podoliae, Kioviensis et Braczlaviensis terras nova delineatione exhibens

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Finely colored example of Moses Pitt's map of Ukraine, divided into provinces, which appeared in a composite atlas by Abraham Wolfgang. Pitt's map, first issued by Jan Jansson in about 1657, is one of the earliest maps to include the name Ukraine in...


1690 - Russiae, vulgo Moscovia dictae, Partes Septentrionalis et Orientalis . . .

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Nice example of the Valk & Schenk's map of the European part of Russia. Includes a Russian Imperial coat of arms and 2 cartouches.


1692 - La Russie Blanche ou Moscovie Divisee Suivant l'Estendue Des Royaumes Duches. . . qui sont Presentement Sous la Domination Du Czar De La Russie . . . 1717

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Striking large format map of Russia, extending from the Baltic and Black Seas to Grande Tartarie and the Grande Desert or Desert De Karkkathay, published by Hubert Jaillot. This map of Russia provides a highly detailed picture of European Russia and...


1695 - Tab. II. Asiae Sarmatiam, Asiaticum repraesentans . . .

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Colored example of Mercator's map of Armenia, Georgia, eastern Turkey, and parts of Ukraine and Southern Russia, from Mercator's Geographia, first published in 1578 and republished in Amsterdam beginning in 1695. Includes decorative cartouche and sea...


1698 - Novissima Russiae Vulgo Moscoviae Tabula . . .

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Nice example of Carol Allard's map of Russia and much of Northern Europe. Embellished with a decorative cartouche and coat of arms, plus sailing ships and sea monsters. Based on the cartography of Isaac Massa. The map is an updated version of Hugo...


1700 - Baltia, quae et Scandia, Finningia, Cimbrica Chersonesus &c. . .

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Scarce map of Scandinavia, the Baltic Region and contiguous parts of Finland and Russia. The map appeared in Mortier's Atlas Antiquus, based upon the work of Nicolas Sanson.


1700 - La Moscovie Septentrionale Suivant les Nouvelles Observations

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Decorative example of Vander Aa's map of the northern part of European Russia. Nice example, with the picture frame border, which appeared in Vander Aa's Nouvelle Theatre Du Monde, published in 1713.


1700 - La Russie Blanche ou Moscovie Divisee Suivant l'Estendue Des Royaumes, Duches, Principautes, Provin.ces et Peuples qui sont Presentement soubs la Domination Du Czar de La Russie Cogneu Soubs le Nom de Grand Duc de Moscovie . . .

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Scarce map of White Russia or Moscovy, published in Amsterdam by Schenk. The map shows the extent of the Czar's Russian Empire in Europe. The political divisions are delineated and the forested areas are graphically shown. Cherubs hang from the...


1700 - Russia Alba, sive Moscovia, regio valde extensa, divisaque in Regna, Ducatus, Principatus, et Provincias, cum adjacentibus Regnis

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Scarce map of Russia and Ukraine, hand colored by political subdivisions, by Gerard and Leonard Valk. The map extends far to the east, showing some portion of the Tartar and Mongol regions.


1700 - A New Map of Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Moscovy, Shewing their Present General Divisions, Chief Cities or Towns, Rivers, Mountains, &c.

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Decorative map of Scandinavia and Russia at the beginning of the 18th Century. This map was part of an atlas dedicated to the Duke of Glocester, who was then attending school in Oxford. English coat of arms and decorative cartouche.


1710 - Carte de Moscovie dresse par G. de L'Isle . . .

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Important early map of Russia and the Ukraine, drawn by Guillaume De L'Isle, the leading French mapmaker at the beginning of the 18th Century.