Antique rare maps of Russia


1714 - Nouvelle Carte Des Etats Du Grand Duc De Moscovie En Europe Partie Sertentrionale

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Striking regional map of the northern parts of European Russia. The map appeared in Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1720 - Carte Nouvelle De Moscovie Represente la partie Sepentrionale . . . (and) Partie Meridionale De Moscovie . . .

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Attractive and detailed map of Russia and part of Ukraine, including decorative cartouche.


1720 - Generalis Totius Imperii Russorum Novissima Tabula Magnam Orbis terrarum partem a Polo Arctico uso ad mare Iaponicum et Chinae Septentrionalis confinia exhibens . . .

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Striking large format map of Imperial Russia, at the beginning of the period when Russia was aggressively exploring the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Seas. Highly detailed map of the Russian Empire and northern China covering the region from Finland and...


1720 - Moscow des Grossen Zaars Residenz

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Finely detailed plan of Moscow, with extensive keys on either side of the map, identifying important places. Includes title cartouche and coat of arms.


1720 - Le Cours de la Riviere de Wolga Anciennement appellee RHA. Selon la Relation D'Olearius . . .

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Nice example of Olearius' map of the Volga River, which first appeared in of Olearius' Relation du voyage d'Oléarius Adam en Moscovie, Tartarie, et Perse avec celui de I.A. De Mandelslo aux Indes Orientales - traduit de l'Allemand et augmenté par A....


1721 - Moscovey in Europe from the latest Observations

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Fine example of Senex's scarce map of European Russia. The map extends to the "Cosaque" regions in the south, including the "Country of the Cosaques " and "Cosaques Donski or Czercasses". Highly detailed and colored by regions, with a small...


1722 - Les Etats Du Czar ou Empereur Des Russes en Europe et en Asie, Avec Les Routes Q'uon Tient Ordinairement de Moscow a Pekim Dresse sur lesMemoires de. N. Witzen; Evart Esbrand, le P. Avril et autres . . . 1722

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Rare large format map of Imperial Russia, extending from the Baltic and the Black Sea to China, prepared by Nicolas De Fer. De Fer's map is based upon the reports of Nicholas Witsen, Evart Esbrand (Evert Ysbrandzoon Ides) and Philippe Avril. Adam...


1728 - Generalis Totius Imperii Moscovitici Novissima Tabula . . .

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Decorative map of Russia and Central Asia, showing the Northeast Passage. Extends from the Black Sea and th Baltic to Kamchatka, China, Northern India and the mouth of the Indus River. Includes remarkable detail in areas still then not yet explored....


1729 - La Ville de Moscou, Capitale de la Moscovie.

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Fine view of Moscow, after Nicolas Witsen's view. The view includes a key identifying 24 locations.


1730 - Nova Mappa Geographica Maris Assoviensis Vel De Zabache Et Paludis Maeotidis accurate aeri incis et in luce edita . . .

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Striking map of the Sea of Azov and the surrounding regions, with a decorative allegorical cartouche, showing the costumes of the indigenous people of the region.


1730 - Imperii Moscovitici pars Australis in lucem edita . . .

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Centered on Moscow Detailed map of Southern Russia, including the Ukraine, Cosack Regions and the Southern part of Moscovie. Includes towns, roads, rivers, lakes, mountains, castles, forests and other details.


0 - [Book with map] Nova Descriptio Geographica Tattariae Magnae tam orientalis (with Das Nord =und Ostliche Theil von Europa und Asia . . . )

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First Edition of Strahlenberg's Seminal Work on Russia, bound with an English Edition of the Map Nice example of the London edition of Strahlenberg's map of Russia, one of the most important maps of Russia published in the 18th century, bound with the...


1734 - Ingermanlandiae seu Ingriae novissima Tabula luci tradita MDCCXXXIV [Includes inset view of St. Petersberg]

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Highly detailed regional map of Russia, showing the area around St. Petersburg. Includes a large birdseye view of the harbor and two decorative cartouches.


1734 - Charta Ofwer Siberiseae Bruuks Grufe dehlar, Som och Toboloska Werkaturska, Lagsaga . . . Uktuska, Kamenska, Ala Paiewska och Faedkowsak Iernbruk . . .

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Rare Swedish map of part of Russia, showing Siberia, Ufymskoy Uyaesdu, Uctuskoy, Alapaiskoy Sawod, Kamensk Sawod, Toboloski, Newianskoy Sawod, etc. The map is apparently very rare. The notation at the bottom of the cartouche is Dresdae in Officina...


1735 - Nova Maris Caspii Et Regionis Usbeck Cum Provincis Adjecentibus vera Delineatio . . . 1735

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Antique Map of Usbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Northern Iran, Turkmenistan and the Caspian Sea Region - The First Map to Name Usbekistan in the Title Decorative and detailed map of Usbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Northern Iran, Turkmenistan...


1738 - Provinciarum Turcico Tartaricarum inter Tanaim Borysthenem et Bogum sitarum quas decobus anis viz. 1736 et 1737. Anna Augustissima Russorum Autocratrix Subegit exprototypo Petropolitano concinata accuratissima Delineatio in qua simul occupatio Peninsula

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Rare Russian-Austrian Turkish War Map Fine map of the Theater of war in the south part of Ukraine and the contiguous coatlines of the Black Sea. According to an article in Neue Zeitungen von gelehrten Sachen auf das Jahr ...., Volume 33 (1738) at...