Antique rare maps of Russia


1739 - [Plan of the Emperor's Capital of Moscow] Plan Imperatorskago Stolichnago Goroda Moskvy. Sochinennoi pod smotreniem arkhitektora Ivana Michurina v 1739 godu.

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Fine example of the first plan of Moscow made to scientific specifications, by the architect Ivan Fyodorovich Michurin, published in St. Petersburg in 1739. Michurin's plan of Moscow is a scientific milestone in the modern history of Moscow,...


1740 - Verus Chersonesi Tauricae Seu Crimea Conspectus adjacentium item Regionem itinerisq ab Exercitu Ruthemo Ao MDCCXXXVI et MDCCXXXVII adversus Tattaros Susceptis . . .

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Fine Old Color Example Rare map of part of the Ukraine and the Black Sea region, showing the route of the Russian Army in its expedition against the Tartars in 1736 and 1737. Includes sailing ships, cartouche, compass rose and detailed movements of...


1741 - Plan de la Ville Faubourg et Environs De St. Petersbourg apresent Capitale & residence des Emereurs & Imeratrice de la Russie | Carte Particuliere des Environs de St. Peters-bourg, du Cours de la R. de Neva, depuis cette Ville jusqu'au Lac de Ladoga .

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Rare early plan of St. Petersburg, engraved by Durand and published in Paris by Jean de Beaurain. This fine plan shows St. Petersburg as it was planned to be built while it was still in the process of construction. In 1703, the site, at the head of...


1741 - Carte Generale de L'Empire De Russie

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Impressive two-sheet engraved map of Russia, published by the famous Amsterdam mapmaking pair of Covens & Mortier, circa 1741. Probably based on the efforts of Joseph Nicholas de L'Isle, who revolutionized the mapping of Russia in the 1730s and...


1743 - [St. Petersburg, Russia]. Grond-Tekening van de Russische Hoosdstadt St. Petersburg, door Czaer Pieter de Eerstre In't Jaer 1703 aengelegt. . . . .

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A rare and detailed separately-issued early plan of St. Petersburg by Johann Matthias Hase, printed in Utrecht by Johannes Broedelet. This fine plan shows St. Petersburg shortly after the initial phases of its construction had been completed. In...


1744 - A Correct Chart of the Baltick or East Sea from ye Sound to Petersburg From the latest and best Observations . . .

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Detailed coastal chart of the Baltic Sea, Bay of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland and contiguous coastlines, with a large inst map o the Harbour at St. Petersburg. Includes a compass rose and rhumblines, with a decorative title cartouche.


1744 - Theatrum Belli Ao. MDCCXXXVII a milite Augustae Russorum Imperatricis adversus Turcas Tattarosque gesti Ex autographis in Acad: Scient: Petropol. . . .

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Fine old color example of this rare map depicting the theater of the Russo-Turkish War in the Ukraine in 1737. The map provides excellent detail of the fortifications including the Ukrainian line - a system of defenses from the Dnipro to the Donetz...


1745 - Carte Des Courones Du Nord . . .

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Large format 2-sheet map of the region from Scandinavia to the Baltic and part of Poland, originally issued by De L'Isle in 1708.


1745 - Territorium Archangelopolin inter Petroburgum et Vologdam (Translated from Cyrillic).

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Fine example of the rare map of the region of Petroburgum, from the Russian Academy of Science's Russischer Atlas : Welcher in einer General-Charte und neunzehen Special-Charten das gesamte Russische Reich . . . , first pubished in St. Petersburg in...


1745 - Ducatuum Estoniae et Livoniae Tabula cum cursu Fluvii Dwinae

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Rare separately issued map of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and contiguous parts of Russia and Belarus, published by the Akademiia nauk SSR (Russian Academy of Science) in St. Petersburg. The map extends south to Wilna and Minsk, showing remarkable...


1745 - Tabula Geographica Gubernium Smolenscense Cum Parlibus Kioviensis Belgorordensis Voronicensis Gubernii Complectens

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Fine separately issued example of JN De L'Isle's map extending from Moscow to the Ukraine, from the Atlas Russicus (Atlas Rossiiskoi). The first atlas of Russia, published by the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, expanding on the cartographic...


1745 - [The Course of the Neva River from Lake Lagoda to St. Petersburg] Теченїе Невы рѣки изъ-ладожского озера къ Ст: Петербургу.

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Russian-Language Map of the Neva River, Running Between Lake Lagoda and St. Petersburg. Engraved map of the Neva River from the 1745 Atlas Russicus. The cartouche includes allegorical figures and the coats of arms of St. Petersburg and the Russian...


1746 - La Moscovie . . .

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Decrorative map of Russia and Ukraine.


1750 - Moscow des Grossen Zaars Residenz

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Finely detailed plan of Moscow, with extensive keys on either side of the map, identifying important places. Includes title cartouche and coat of arms.


1750 - Partie Occidentale De L'Empire De Russie, ou se trouve distinguee La Russie Europeenne, Divisee par ses Gouvernens ou Province . . . La Partie Asiatique . . . 1750

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Highly detailed map of the Western Part of Russia, extending South to the Caspian and East to Irkurkoy and Ilimskoy.


1753 - Partie Septentrionale De La Russie Europeenne ou sont distinguees exactement toutes les Provinces, d'apre le detail de l'Atlas Russien . . . 1753

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Highly detailed map of the Northwestern part of Russia, from the Gulf of Finland and Poland, to the western part of Asian Russia. Decorative cartouche.