Antique rare maps of Ukraine


1570 - Russiae, Moscoviae et Tartariae Descriptio Auctore Antonio Ienkensono Anglo edita Londini 1562 & dedicata illustriss D. Henrico Sydneo Wallie presidi.

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One of the Earliest Modern Maps of Russia Striking map of Russia, based upon Anthony Jenkinson's rare map of Russia drawn in 1562. The map covers the region from the Gulf of Finland, Lithuania and the Black Sea to the Sur River, Tashkent, the...


1720 - Tabula Geographica qua pars Russiae Magnae Pontus Euxinus seu mare Nigrum et Tartaria Minor cum finitimis Bulgariae, et Romaniae et Natoliae….

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Decorative map of the Black Sea Region, with a large decorative cartouche surmounted by the Russian Imperial Coat of Arms. The map extends north to Moscow and Smolensk from Constantinople in the south.


1825 - Europe No. 16. Partie De La Russie D'Europe [Tambow, Woroniege, Saratow and Territoire De La Milice De Don, etc.]

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Regional map of part of Russia and the Ukraine. Shows towns, roads, rivers, mountains, and a host of other details. From Vandermaelen's remarkable 6 volume atlas, which if combined as globe gores forms an immense globe.


1854 - Parade of the Scots Fusileer Guards at Buckingham Palace, (before her Majesty the Queen, & His Royal Highness, The Prince) on the Morning of their departure for the Seat of War, March 2nd, 1854

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Decorative view of the parade of the Scots Fusileer Guards, prior to their departure for the Crimean War. First established in 1805, the Scots Fusileer Guards were deployed in the Napoleonic Wars and later in the Crimean War. In 1854, the Crimean War...


1854 - Inniskilling Dragoons, 25th Octr. 1854

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View showing the Inniskilling Dragoons during the Battle of Balaclava. The 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, first raised in 1689. It saw service for three centuries, before being amalgamated into the 5th/6th...


1719 - Nouvelle Carte De La Hongrie Divisee Selon ses Differents Etats, Avec une Chronologie De Ses Ducs et de ses Rois . . .

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Detailed large format map of the Hungarian Empire, extending to Bosnia, Slovenia, Temeswar, and the Saw River in the south to Moravia, and the Frontiers of Poland in the north, centered on the course of the Danube from Vienna to Belgrade. Includes...


1478 - (Poland, Baltic, Russia, Ukraine) Octava Europe Tabula

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of the Poland, the Baltic, Russia & Ukraine Region Important early map of Northeastern Europe, from the Baltic to the Sea of Azoff and the Danube, which first appeared in the 1478 Rome edition of Ptolemy's Geography,...


1511 - Octava Europae Tabula [Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Baltic]

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Sylvanus' map of Poland, the Baltic, Russia and Ukraine, extending south to the Black Sea and west to the Vistula. Sylvanus's map is one of the earliest obtainable maps of the region and the first printed in two colors. The map appeared in Sylvanus'...


1513 - Octava Europe Tabula [Baltic, Scandinavia, Poland & Eastern Europe]

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Nice old color example of Waldseemuller's map of Eastern Europe, extending from the Black Sea to Scandinavia and the Baltic Regions, centered on Russia and the Ukraine. The map includes a number of written notes in a contemporary hand. The map is...


1525 - Baltic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia) Tabula VIII Europe (title on verso)

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A Rare Early Fries Edition Detailed map of the region between the Baltic and Caspian Seas, from the 1525 edition of Fries Geographia. Lorenz (Laurent) Fries was born in Alsace in about 1490. He studied medicine, apparently spending time at the...


1535 - (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Armenia) Tabula II Asiae

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Detailed map of the region north of Black Sea and west of the Caspian, from the 1535 edition of Fries Geographia. The publisher of this edition, Michael Villanovus (or Servetus), was tried by Calvin for heresy and burned at the stake with several of...


1542 - Polonia et Ungaria XV Nova Tabula

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, etc. Rare early state of Munster's map of Poland, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Moscovy and the Balkans, extending from Prussia, Vilna and Smolensky in the north to Bosnia, Bulgaria,...


1566 - [Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria] (La discrittione della Transylvania et parte del l'Ungaria, et il simil della Romania)

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Middle section of Paolo Forlani's rare 3-sheet map, covering South Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, with Transylvania in the center. Krakow appears in the north, with the Danube River crossing from the northwest...


1613 - Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae Caeterarumque Regionum Illi Adjacentium . . . Anno 1613

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The Most Important Map of Lithuania and Poland from the first part of the 17th century Fine example of this important wall map of Lithuania and parts of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, etc. extending to Cracow, Kiev, Warsaw, Riga, Konigsberg,...


1635 - Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Borois desumta . . . MDCXIIII

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Decorative hand-colored example of Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, with the large inset of Moscow and plan of Archangelsckagoroda. Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, first issued 1613, was published by Blaeu after he acquired the plate following...


1640 - Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris . . .

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Nice example of the Merian edition Hessel Gerritsz's map of Russia, with view of Archangelsckagoroda. The map was compiled from manuscript maps and work brought back by Isaac Massa. Includes a decorative birdseye view. Richly decorated a large title...