Antique rare maps of Ukraine


1794 - Russia, Divided into Governments . . .

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Finely colored map of Russia and its political divisions. Includes towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. From Dunn's New Atlas or Mundane System of Geography.


1795 - European Dominions of the Ottomans or Turkey in Europe . . . 1795

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Large detailed Faden map of the region bounded by Greece and the Ionian Sea, the Ukraine, the Gulf of Venice, Asia Minor and the northern coast of Cyprus. Extremely detailed. The map shows the Ottoman Empire, circa 1720 and includes an ornate...


1799 - Postkarte von Sud Russland / Repraesentatio Cursuum Veredarioruum Per Imperium Russicum Meridionale

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Rare postal map of Ukraine and Southern Russia, which appeared in Von Reilly and Kuhn's Atlas Universae rei veredariae bilinguis ... Allgemeiner Postatlas von der ganzen Welt . . . , published in Vienna in 1799. Von Reilly & Kuhn's atlas is the...


1825 - Europe No. 17 Partie De La Russie [Orenbourg & Petitehorde]

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Regional map of part of Russia. Shows towns, roads, rivers, mountains, and a host of other details. From Vandermaelen's remarkable 6 volume atlas, which if combined as globe gores forms an immense globe.


1828 - Russian Empire [with] Chart of the Communication Between The Archipelago And Black Sea

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Unusual pair of maps of Russia and the water route from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, published in Edinburgh by Thomson. Striking regional map, showing all of Russia, the Arctic Ocean, Northeast Passage, and Chinese Tartary, along with Japan,...


1829 - [Black Sea Map in Russian] Карта Чернаго Моря Составленная и Гравированная въ Гидрографическомъ Депо 1829 Годa. [Map of the Black Sea Compiled and Engraved in the Hydrographic Depot 1829.

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Rare Russian-language chart of the Black Sea, issued by the Hydrographic Depot in St. Petersburg in 1829. The map was published in 1829, in which year the Russians took control of the most of the eastern edge of the Black Sea and the mouth of the...


1850 - The Crimea

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Nice full color example of Rapkin' map of The Crimea, in the style of the maps of John Tallis Vignettes includes Sebastopol (2), Balaklava Harbor, Bank of the Alma River and Eupatoria.


1853 - Physical Map of the Crimea With enlarged Maps of the Sat of War, And Views of Sebastapol & Balaklava, From the best Authorities by Ernest Sandoz.

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Rare separately issued map of showing the status of the War in the Crimea, published by John P. Jewett & Co. in Boston and Lithographed by S.W. Chandler & Bro. in Boston. The map includes inset maps entitled "General Map of Crimea" and...


1854 - The Battle of the Alma, From The French Position, Septr. 20th, 1854. From Sketches Made on the Spot.

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Fine view of the battle of Alma, lithographed by Andrew Maclure from contemporary drawings. The Battle of Alma (September 20, 1854) is generally considered the first battle of the Crimean War. An Anglo-French force under Jacques Leroy de Saint Arnaud...


1854 - Carte de la Crimee pour suivre les operations de la Guerre D'Orient . . . Voyage dans la Russie Meridionale et la Crimee par le Prince Demidoff . . . 1854 (With Extra Inset -- Battle of Alma)

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Large map showing the Crimea region, published to follow the Crimean war, published by Ernest Bourdin in Voyagé dans la Russie Méridionale et la Crimée, par le Prince de Deminoff. The map includes Post Roads, Great Roads, Railroads, etc. Includes...


1855 - A Panoramic View of the Town, Harbour, Forts & Defences of Sebastopol & The Siege Works of the Allied Armies of England & France, Shewing The Trenches, Approaches, Batteries & The Present Position of the French & English Armies from Balaklavia to Sebastap

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A large panoramic plan of the town, harbour, forts and defenses of Sevastopol in Ukraine. Chromolithographed and designed by Thomas Packer, and published by Stannard and Dixon, 7, Poland Street in London. Full Title: A panoramic view of the town,...


1855 - A Birds-Eye View of the Town, Harbours & Forts of Odessa. Taken From The Illustrations of the Imperial Survey of the Ports of the Black Sea. . . .

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Fine early view of Odessa, published by Lloyd Brothers & Co. in New York and Lithographed by Edmund Walker for Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen. The view include a key locating 30 points of interest, and is based upon a drawing by...


1860 - Carte Des Colonies etablies dans la partie sud-ouest de la Russie

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Detailed map of the Crimea and northern part of the Black Sea and Sea of Azof, locating colonial settlement in the region. The map is divided by Governments as created by the Imperial Russian Government in 1802 (and abolished in 1925). The...


1942 - The Russian Front

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Map of the Russian Front Published in the British Empire Fascinating WWII broadside propaganda map, published in India, in order to keep the local populous informed about the War. The map illustrates the Russian Front, from the Caucus Mountains and...


1538 - Typus Graeciae (with Turkey, Cyprus & Black Sea))

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Rare early modern map Greece, Turkey, the Black Sea and Cyprus, from Solinus' Polyhistor, rerum toto orbe memorabilium thesaurus locupletissimus. Huic ob argumenti similitudinem Pomponii Melae de situ orbis libros tres adiunximus. This fine early map...


1542 - Tabula Asiae II

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Rare first edition of Munster's Ptolemaic map of part of the Ukraine and the region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea extending south to include all of Armenia Maior and part of Armenia Minoris. Shows Noahs Arc in the Caspian Sea, believed to have...